24 Dec 2011

Alan Kennedy: Roy Hodgson couldn't handle it at Liverpool, so he had to go...

A lot of things have changed at Liverpool over the last year and a half, and despite the club currently being embroiled in controversy over the Luis Suarez-Patrice Evra situation, Liverpool legend Alan Kennedy is confident that things will continue to move in the right direction.

Speaking at the ex-players Christmas party this week, Kennedy highlighted the things that have changed for the better at Liverpool:

"Roy Hodgson unfortunately couldn't quite cut it at Liverpool at the time; that's no disrespect to him. We've lost Hicks and Gillett, which is a probably good thing.

"We've now got good owners and a good manager. Results have gone reasonably well, but we know it's going to get better. We've got some excellent players, and that's the key to it".

Liverpool have a very strong squad at the moment, with arguably greater strength in depth than at any point in the last five years, but Kennedy insists that the club should strengthen the squad if the right player becomes available:

"If you can strengthen the team in any way, shape or form, then you do it, whether it's a forward, a midfield player, or a defender.

"There are people that say we need a centre-half, or a creative midielder, or someont to play off Suarez or Andy Carroll, and we might do.

"If Kenny has the money, and the right player wants to come to Liverpool, then go out and get him; it will only be good for the club in the long run".

Jaimie Kanwar

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  1. Well said Alan Kennedy, you are the pioneer of Newcastle players to migrate to Liverpool and find success at the club. If I am not mistaken Bill Shankly signed you just after the 1974 FA Cup Final when we beat you 3-0. I was at Wembely then.