7 Dec 2011

LUIS SUAREZ charged by the FA over Fulham gesture...

Liverpool striker has received his second FA charge of the season for his alleged one-fingers salute to Fulham fans at the end of the recent Premier League defeat.

The club put out the following statement:

"Liverpool FC today received notification from the Football Association of their decision to charge both the Club and Luis Suarez following the game against Fulham.

"The Club will take the appropriate time to properly review the documentation sent to us before making any further comment".

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. YNWA Lucas...i was probably one of the only non-doubters of Lucas back in the days..,anyone good enough to captain the U21 Brazil squad is good enough for me..You the man Lucas!!...In the king we trust!..LFC 4 Eva..

  2. Where is the news that the club were also charged because of the players' reaction towards the ref following the red-card for Spearing? Effin shocking. As inconsistent as you could imagine from the FA.

    If this was applied to Terry and Ferdinand, Man U and Chelsea would get charges at least every three months by the FA for the same thing.

    Witch hunt indeed.