1 Dec 2011

LFC Coach blasts: "He's been rushed into too many bad loan moves..."

Sending young players out on loan to build experience is standard practice at top Premier League clubs, and Liverpool is no exception. However, Reserve team coach Rodolfo Borrell is worried that some loan moves can be counter-productive, and he argues that this has been the case for promising young striker Nathan Eccleston.

Eccleston has been sent on loan three times in the last two years: In January 2010, Rafa Benitez sent him to Huddersfield for five months; in January 2011, Kenny Dalglish sent him to Charlton Athletic, and then to Rochdale in October 2011.

Speaking to LFC TV, Borrell suggests that these loan deals may not have been in Eccleston's best interest:

"My opinion is that he is someone who has been rushed into too many loan moves that were not so good or so productive for him as a player".

Borrell may have a point: Eccleston made only two senior appearances before being farmed out on loan for the first time, and when he returned, he was sent on loan again within a matter of months.

Five goals in 37 loan appearances suggests that Eccleston wasn't really that consistent, but Borrell still seems to have great belief in the player:

"Nathan is a great player, and everyone knows about his quality. I am one of many people who has a great belief in him".

Perhaps Eccleston's development would be better served by staying at Liverpool and playing in the Reserves? The youngster scored two great goals in the recent 5-1 hammering of Sunderland, which pleased Borrell very much:

"I'm really pleased because he showed his quality in this game, and scored two great goals. I'm very happy with his performance".

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Just nurture him well and you'll get results from him.

  2. do you have a source for these quotes?

  3. this is bullshyt!
    I am not buying these news...

  4. Post-match interview after the Sunderland win.

  5. Watch the skies Nathan!! The next car with tinted windows might contain  some goons sent by the Illuminati to send you on loan to Peterborough....

  6. eccleston claimed the illuminati were responsible for the us 9/11 attacks......keep up this happened monthes ago....a very bad comment by eccleston that won him no fans

  7. as far as eccleston as a player is concerned, i do rate him but i am not sure that he will ever make the grade. AC is only 22 and will be at the club for many years, despite the people writing him off i believe andy is a real good player with alot of potential and will be an integral part of the liverpool side for years to come. We also have a very promising young striker in adam morgan in the youth set up who i think is far more promising than eccleston.

  8. from what i've seen of eccleston i think he would be better on the wing rather than striker great speed and skill not sure bout natural finishin tho but defo deserves a chance also i would be givin morgan a chance on the bench we need a natural finisher and i think he is, he's calm and collected when up front even when he's bein closed down i know he's young but most of these games this season that we've drawn has been cryin out for a fowler or owen or rush and i think he is in a similar mould so him on the bench to come on for the last ten minutes or so a half chance may fall his way watch the reserves to see him finish 

  9. Nathan won quite a few fans with his 9/11 remarks! If you do the research you'll discover that the US Govt's Official report is a fairytale! Well done Nathan for saying it as it is! As for a footballer he's damn good and I hope Kenny will give him a few games soon!

  10. if you truely believe that then you are an idiot. not only that but u also insult every person who lost their life on that tragic day and since in the war against terror. Nathan won no fans with his comments and only pleased idiotic conspiracy therists like yourself