1 Dec 2011

LUCAS on his season-ending injury: "I'm really sad...but I'll be back"

In a major blow to Liverpool FC, midfielder Lucas Leiva has been ruled out for the rest of the season with cruciate ligament injury, but the Brazilian is determined to come back stronger than ever.

Lucas, who was playing the best football of his career before his injury against Chelsea, was upbeat about the future:

"Just to confirm that I will be out until the rest of season.

"I am really sad with the news because I was enjoying a lot on the pitch.

"I am sure I will come back stronger and I will achieve everything that I dream with the LFC shirt.

"I am sure I'll NEVER WALK ALONE".

Luis Suarez posted a message of support for Lucas on his Twitter page:

"With all my heart, be strong Lucas! We are with you!!"

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Gutted for the lad!!!!, now Spearing, Henderson and Gerrard will need to step up to the plate!!!!!

  2. Any particular reason you feel this site has to release 4 different titled versions of the exact same story just to get more clicks?

  3. Jevon, I'm getting sick and tired of your pathetic sniping. I presume you saw the Lucas story on LFC Live? I did not release 4 different versions of the same story - Once I'd posted it, I played around with title a bit. Unfortunately, on LFC live, every time you make a title change, it reposts the story. That's not my fault. Publishers all over the net change the titles of stories all the time. Plus, it makes no difference to click through rate at all because only about 0.00003% of visitors come through that site.

    I've given you plenty of leeway in the last but this is your final warning: if you post any more sniping, inaccurate posts, I will ban you. If you don't like this site, which clearly seems to be the case, then go elsewhere.

  4. All the well-wishes and vocal disappointment in Lucas missing the rest of the season is testament to the lad's hard work, tireless dedication and self-belief. From a player slated by many (myself included), he is now the one we most miss when not in the starting eleven. Lucas, that very self-belief and determination will get you through this. Stay strong. Anxiously awaiting your return. As mentioned by Gano1, time for the other's to step up!

  5. Agreed Jaimie, do what ya like mate if ya wanna change the headline, fill ya boots. I may not always agree with ya but Keep up the good work mate. An Lucas YNWA hope your back to fitness soon mate.

  6. i thought that everyone has a right to free speech