30 Dec 2011

Mark Lawrenson: Liverpool's Andy Carroll has 'lost his edge...'

Liverpool legend Mark Lawrenson expects struggling Liverpool striker Andy Carroll to play against his old club tonight, but suggests that if he doesn't make the first XI, it could mean his days are numbered at Anfield.

Writing in his column for the BBC, Lawro - who admitted it was like 'Groundhog Day' watching Liverpool - argued:

"Luis Suarez's suspension for his gesture to fans at Fulham means Andy Carroll plays against his old club - or, if he doesn't, then his non-appearance would tell its own story".

Indeed it would, but I just can't see Kenny Dalglish leaving Carroll out. Lawrenson went on to highlight the qualities he thinks Carroll has lost since he's been at Liverpool:

"I just think Carroll has lost some of the edge which made people afraid of him when he played for the Magpies and used to knock defenders all over the place.

"He put a lot of fear into people when they came to St James' Park, and I don't think he does that anymore. Maybe it's because he doesn't play that regularly - he could be one of these players who needs that - but he definitely needs a goal.

"Still, it would be typical of the way football goes if Suarez doesn't play and then Liverpool go out and score more than one goal without him, whether or not it is Carroll who gets them".

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. daglish has to keep defending Carroll and rigtly so,he's paid 35M for him.  Carroll will never make it at LFC. He's just hasn't got the technical skil set to play the liverpool way. He's not conducive to pass and move football.  Panic buy of epic proportions

  2. Carroll or kuyt hmm. in the absence of luis, one of these 2 is going to have to step up. Dirk is useless without luis so really it only leaves ee-aw to trundle out. he probably has more affinity with newcastle than us, so not sure how his motivation will be geared up. here's hoping its not another cumbersome stroll in the park for AC.

  3. Harry don't hold your breath Jaimie is very selective in what he chooses to reply to he wont say anything unless he feels that he can score cheap points rather than address serious issues.
    I have already challenged him to answer my question in a previous post but he'll probably pretend he hasn't seen it.

  4. Losing Suarez to a ban will be a good thing to happen. Now I like Suarez and think he is a great player but like Torres we are starting to put to much faith in a fantastic player who cant really seem to find the net. And with regards to Lawro STOP LISTENING TO THE HYPCRITE he is a has been and becoming more anti Liverpool by the day.

    Carroll like all players need time and to keep throwing that in is a shame, Henderson came in Later is the same age and is preforming aND GETTING IN the first team, Carrol needs a good kick up the rectum and told to shape up and ship them in or PO to the next club

    We are in a transition year and looking for a 4th spot but guys hello we are still far away from Chelski let alone Manuere and stinky


    I AM A RED AND BELIEVE WITHIN THE NEXT 3/4 YEARS WE Will bE dominating again


  5. After all the rain during the last few days the conditions might just favour Carroll. He has looked out of his depth when the ball has been zipping around and has seem totally unable to keep up with the fast flowing play. Brilliant though the Anfield pitch is, it will be a very heavy going tonight and it might just enable him to put in a decent performance. Here's hoping that he takes advantage of the opportunity.

  6. Let's see the fun tonight. Me. Ashfah loves Caroll.

  7. crouch and heskey they done okay??
    wat is the liverpool way? i cant really remember that well 20 years ago

  8. you pr\eople are sad seriusly.....look at his attack rate...how many times has he hit the bar??.....how many times was it a sure goal bar a super save??...take that into count...if only half of that made it....he would have been liverpool's saviour today.....you condemned lucas and today he is great, today you condemn carrol....one day he will be great....i hope you learn your lessons then....but i doubt it.......useless fans....

  9. Carroll will prove himself in 2012 he will be getting pin point accurate passes now from Stevie like tonight.
    A run of games will help him.
    We need to get behind the lad as long as hes playing for Liverpool.We did the same with Lucas and look at him now.In Carroll we trust!

  10. He wasnt a panic buy, we told Chelsea if you want Torres give us £15m and Carroll, they panic bought and negotiated poorly with Newcastle and thus the huge figure

  11. Yesterday we saw how Carroll is starting to show promise when Gerrard comes on. The type of delivery Gerrard provided was unparalleled, and we have missed seeing that even with Downing and Adam. Hopefully, Gerrard's return will have a knockon effect for Carroll's form.

  12. Its hardly a surprise to see Carroll have his best game last night when, a) he started, b) he started to get proper delivery from Gerrard and c) he got support from the midfielder. It's far to easy and ignorant to blame Carrol alone, the problem is much deeper routed in the middle and width. The average players bought in, are, well playing average and the end delivery all to often is not good enough, similie to the support from the middle. People need to remember, at times our football is sensational and unplayable, sometimes it doesn't work. We are unquestionably in transition. New owners, new coaching \ management staff, new back line, new MF, new strikers - these are wholesale changes, expecting them to click first and every game is a stretch too far. Jamie - keep up the good work mate. Show faith in the team, next season will be the one to really judge them on and that includes Kenny.

  13. well said getting on players backs just put preasure on he is a liverpool player so support him regardless until he no longer is have a great new year to all genuine lfc fans come kk 

  14. Carroll will start converting his chances and then he will make every one eat their words. Give him a chance and he will be world class . banging them in for ENGLAND.