20 Dec 2011

Kenny DALGLISH warns midfield star to 'calm down and get on with it...'

Liverpool midfielder Jonjo Shelvey had a great game against Aston Villa at the weekend, but his comments after the game have led to a minor public rebuke from Kenny Dalglish.

Shelvey - who recently returned from a successful loan spell at Blackpool - showed impressive self-confidence after the game with his forthright views about staying in the first team, an approach that is not always the best way to curry favour with the manager.

Clearly carried away by the euphoria of his first senior start for Liverpool, Shelvey argued:

"I feel I've deserved the chance to start a Premier League game, and I feel I took the chance. Kenny said I did well so hopefully I can start on Wednesday [Against Wigan].

"It was good to get the shout to play and hopefully I repaid the gaffer with the performance and I hope I'm worthy of starting the next game.

"There is nothing worse than training all week and not playing on a Saturday or a Sunday. I didn't want to come back and just play reserve football.

"I'm nearly 20, I want to play football and there's nothing better than to do it for Liverpool".

Dalglish was not amused with Shelvey's comments, and in his press conference this morning, he made it clear that the former Charlton man only started because other players were not available:

"He [Shelvey] was quite fortunate that he got in because Lucas is out; Jay got suspended; Gerrard is injured, so it's quite fortunate that the opportunity was there for him.

"He played really well at Villa, but he's only 19 - he just needs to calm down a wee bit, get on with his career, and we'll develp him as best we can.

"If he's half-sensible, he's got a really good chance of having a great career as a professional footballer".

Dalglish clearly feels that Shelvey needed to be taken down a peg or two here. Should the youngster start the next game?

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. We can't afford not to start him. He is young and he will learn to be more tactful in what he says in future. What he said isnt criminal! It's just adreneline and excitement! Who wouldn't be at that age? Keep the good work Jonjo.

  2. I agree, he's young and just trying to say he wants to play and dalglish did the right thing for him to help his development YNWA keep fighting Suarez show them all!

  3. You accidentally missed "But it was even more fortunate for us with the level of the performance he put in." This reverses your whole argument, but Kenny indeed said this following what you didn't miss. This does indicate Shelvey is worthy of another start!

  4. think both him and bellers should've started , why change the side that won  away the previous game , if that was your best side sunday , what changed , seems we just changed it to give kuyt and maxi a run out , thats just wrong , seems we rotate just to keep people happy , pick a team that wins and stick with it , people will get knocks and injuries then the squad comes into its own , but just chopping and changing every game is,nt working we are 12 and 14 pts behind the 2 manc sides , and thats not good enough is it ? i mean were them 2 lads more tired/jaded than the other 9 lads of course not , we keep the same back 4 as much as we can to promote understandings why change other areas


  5. think both him and bellers should've played , if the side was good enough to win the previous away  game what changed ? seems like we change it just to keep people happy kuyt / maxi , we keep the same back four as much as we can to promote understandings why not other areas  , people will get knocks and injuries then the squad will come into its own but changing the team every other game is not working is it ? we are 12 and 14 pts behind the two manc sides not good enough , and we are as good as both of them  sides as the two draws with them proves in fact we prob should have beaten both , were bellamy and shelvey more tired / jaded than the other nine lads , lets just pick our best team and stick with it and keep the most important people the fans happy  , if players lose form change them  ,  but as ive said what we are doing is not working is it ?