17 Dec 2011

Martin Jol on Luis Suarez: "If it is true, I can't believe it..."

Current Fulham boss Martin Jol managed Luis Suarez for 18 months at Ajax, and in his weekly press conference yesterday, he dismissed the possibility that the Uruguayan could be guilty of racially abusing Patrice Evra.

Jol, whose Fulham side beat Liverpool 1-0 last week, argued:

"At Ajax we had players from all over the world, with all the continents involved and he was good with them all. If it is true, I certainly would be surprised.

"He was my captain and you can imagine I told him it was his job to make them feel comfortable.

"He didn't speak a lot of Dutch but he did it in his way and for me he was a real leader. A real leader would never do things like that. If it is true, I can't believe it"

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Agree.  If it were not for SAF's influence, the Suarez case would have never happened.

  2. It's a nonsense. The FA are racists themselves towards the South American,Suarez. When is the English born John Terry going to be paraded at a show trial ?

  3. John Terry is being dealt with by the Police, it's out of the F.A.s control. He will get a sentence if found guilty, not a three week rest.

  4. Evra will be charged for lying in a dramatic turnaround

  5. I don't think so as Suarez admitted to use the word "negrito" although not in an abusive manner...

  6. Martin Jol knew better of Suarez tahn the England FA.