22 Dec 2011

"If a club like Liverpool wants you, it's LIFE-CHANGING..."

Wycombe Wanderers manager Gary Waddock believes that new Liverpool signing Jordan Ibe will be a massive success at Anfield.

Speaking to the Bucks Free Press, Waddock enthused:

"He'll be a success. If a club of Liverpool's size show an interest and want you, who knows what he can achieve?

"It's not only a career changing decision, it's a life changing one as well.

"He had to make a massive decision to go up to Liverpool, but you can't turn that opportunity down.

"It's a fantastic opportunity for him and one where we couldn't stand in his way. I'm absolutely delighted for him and his family.

"It's up to him, he's got the ability and the talent. It's up to him now how far he wants to go. I'm sure Liverpool will get the best out of him".

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Not bad at all, now is the time to produce!

    Sterling, Suso, Ibe, Coady, Wisdom, Morgan, Robinson, Flanagan, Wilson all thanks to Rafa! (Academy input wise )

  2. Come to Liverpool boy and dont be distracted over the FA ban on Suarez. The FA is rotten to the core just like UMNO in Malaysia.

  3. Well, I hope he is  a massive success at Anfield because it is about time someone was. Downing, Adam, Carroll and Henderson certainly never will be, that's for sure. Five goals between them and it's Xmas! What a bloody disgrace.

  4. agree with Carroll but the other were brought in to provide goals, not score them you numpty. Bit of patience - I think Hendo has really started to step up the last 3 or 4 games having seen 2 of them live and the other 2 on the tele. He will prove his worth. As for Adam and Downing, they are doing exactly what was expected of them and will continue to improve over the next couple of seasons once they have bedded into the team and their respective roles. 
    I just wish things had worked out better for Carroll but have seen the odds on him returning to Newcastle have come right in so maybe it would be for the best if he were to leave and we replaced him with the other flop of the season Torres - we could end up maybe a few bob out of it all. Every cloud!
    It was always going to be a few years for Kenny to get the team back to where it should be in the top 3 of English football - and we are only 2 points off 4th at xmas in probably the most competitive Champions League places competition the prem league has ever seen. Its not all bad! We just need to start scoring goals and I hope we can bring in someone with a bit more finishing quality up front to provide them next week.
    Got a few winnable games coming up so we need to stop moaning, get behind the team and get into that top 4 by jan.