23 Dec 2011

MAGATH slams former Liverpool star Sotiris Kyrgiakos

Wolfsburg manager Felix Magath has launched an extraordinarily unprofessional public attack on former Liverpool defender Sotirios Kyrgiakos.

In an interview with German newspaper Wolfsburger Allgemeine Zeitung, Magath - who won the European Cup with Hamburg in 1983 - revealed that he was unhappy with the standard of the Greek centre-back's performances since he joined the German club the summer. He scathed:

"I had signed Sotirios Kyrgiakos with great hope, but he never fulfilled expectations.

"Quite simply, he wasn't a leader, and he was never ready to fulfil the role of a leader in the group, which is something I thought he would be looking forward to.

"The squad suffers from the fact that there has been no hierarchy in the team. There is no steadiness in the group [of players].

"Sami Hyypia is 35, and he fills that [leadership] role perfectly at Leverkusen. The problem with Kyrgiakos is he only to come here to play, and that did not fit with my expectations"

Magath may be right but that's no excuse to publicly character assassinate one of your club's players.

Wolfsburg are hovering near the relegation zone at the moment, and Magath concedes that mistakes are being made:

"Everyone is making mistakes. I have also made mistakes".

Yes, and slagging off one of your players in public like this is yet *another* mistake.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Problem is that Sami Hyypia can play football and is world class whereas Soto is more of a warrior and not a footballer.

  2. Soto is gifted at making rash challenges and giving away penalties

    But he was a real threat for us from corners

    He must really have pissed off Magath

  3. Don't see this as a problem at all.  These guys are paid millions to play and when they don't meet expectations why shouldn't they be chastised.

  4. You should know that kind of player Soto is and the fee justifies his performance.

  5. He is reacting as if they payed record fee for Soto. What an idiot. You get what you pay and you didn't really pay a lot to get him, did you?