10 Dec 2011

FA HYPOCRITES: Redknapp backs Dalglish over Rooney appeal...

Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp has shown his support for Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish by blasting the FA for its blatant double standards over Wayne Rooney's ban appeal.

The Man United striker received a straight red card for kicking Miodrag Dzudovic during England's recent 2-2 draw with Montenegro, and in his press conference on Thursday, Dalglish slammed the FA for appealing against the three match ban Rooney received as a result:

"I don't think it sets a very good standard that they [the FA] appeal against Wayne's three match ban. I don't know how they can justify it. If it's a straight red it's three games, and I don't know how they justify diluting it.

"If they can justify diluting Wayne's red card, then everybody else that appeals for a similar sending of in a Premier League game would expect to have their ban reduced.

In his weekly press conference, Redknapp joined the growing chorus of dissent, and backed Dalglish's stance:

"If you cuff someone, you get a three-match ban. Those are the rules. If you appealed it [domestically], it would be a frivolous appeal and you would probably get four games if you went to the FA."

"For them [The FA] to get it from three to two, it opens up a can of worms. There will be clubs appealing against bans and they will want to know why they aren't getting it cut from three to two for similar situations.

"People will look at it and think: 'hang on, the FA have gone and appealed against his red, why can't we?"

Great stuff from Redknapp, but such public criticism of the FA can't be good for his England chances!

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. oh for god's sake, what is wrong with you people. You can't appeal  to have a three match ban reduced in england, because that is an agreement reached by the FA and clubs to simplify the disciplinary process. This only applies in england.  you can appeal a 3 match ban in uefa all you want, and this is what the FA are doing with wayne rooney. there is no hypocrisy, just different rules. 
    Redknapp is just sore because he has finally realised that he is more likely to spend time behind bars than manage england, and is just having a dig. what is dalglish's excuse for ignorance of the rules before he opened his mouth?


  3. Great credit to HR for his genuine support of Kenny's claims against  FA

  4. if you go by the rules.. a clean tackle should not have been given a red.. and head butt should have been given a straight red.. so lets now talk about rules here..

    the hypocrisy is very much evident in their attitudes..  that they tried to get the ban reduced.. although they know that it was the players fault.

    and the charge Liverpool players for reacting to a stupid decision.. they are two different things.. but it shows that the folks running this business  just do things for their own convenience.

  5. oh' please, the only way you can argue that spearing didn't deserve a straight red is if you don't understand the rules. he was flying through the air, with both feet off the ground, and planted his studs on dembele's shin. 

    That is as red a red card as you can get. it is reckless, dangerous play. it doesn't matter if you get the ball, it doesn't matter if you don't mean to hurt the opponent. You can't do this, and it is a straight red card. 

    denying this just makes people look mental, and seeing a hypocrisy between this and an appeal for a red card in an international match, is the sort of insane distraction that has ensured that liverpool haven't won a title in 20 years. 

  6. Both Rooney and Spearing deserved straight red cards; just hope referees are consistent in their approach.

    Various reasons why we have not won the Premiership and highlighting the hypocracy of FA is not one of them.  FA is run by SAF, who logically has managed to win so many local tropheys and so few international ones :)

  7. Rooney delibratley kicked a player could you imagine any club in this country even thinking about appealing no matter the rules!
    The FA would most probably give him another 3 game ban for KICKING a player the FA talk about RESPECT and then try and get a players ban lifted for a dirty kick out at an opposing player.  
    That is the hipocrisy the managers are talking about the offence.

  8. The managers aren't talking your standard sending offs where a player gets a straight red for a foul but red cards were players are sent off for unsporting behaviour, the FA challanged a red card by a player who kicked a player for no reason!!!! 

  9. I have come to hate the Fa very much. Suarez is unfairly being for flicking the fulham fans off and racially abusing evra. Evra is an a ss hole who has nothing better to do than to get liverpool players banned. No evidence he abused evra. The flicking off of the fulham fans is another matter he does deserve a fine or 1 match ban but in all fairness to luis the worthless b **tards that the fulham fans were they provoked him and the club should be fined for that or docked some points. Fa a joke and english football becoming a joke.

  10. I think that Fulham deserves thefine (a large one in fact) for not keeping their fans under control not Suarez, he just did what anyone else would do in a similar situation 

  11. To me it looked like Spearling lost his footing after he won the ball. I can't come up for any excuses for Rooney's "challenge".