23 Dec 2011

DALGLISH admits: "It's really sad that it's come to this..."

Blackburn Rovers come to Anfield on Boxing Day, and there's the very real possibility that a victory for Liverpool could lead to Steve Kean being sacked. Kenny Dalglish won the league with Blackburn in 1995, and earlier today, he expressed his dismay at how things have gone for his old club.

Speaking in his press conference this morning, Dalglish was clearly upset at Blackburn's current plight:

"I have sympathy for Blackburn because I was there for three or four years.

"It was a great place for me to go and work; there were some smashing people there, and I would never have foreseen the situation they're in now".

Dalglish also expressed his sympathy for Steve Kean:

"I think it's unfortunate. In the manager's position you know it's results that are going to count, and if you don't get them, you're running the risk of getting your P45

"Results aren't purely down to what the manager does; you need support from the players, the owners, and the crowd.

"The frustration is understandable, but I don't think it's helpful, and it's sad really that it's come to that, but that's the way it is".

I fully expect Liverpool to win on Monday, and I think we can all agree that anything less than a win would be unacceptable, especially at home.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Kenny, I told you the England FA is run by Mafia headed by fergie. The FA is rotten to the core.

  2. Blackburn was a great place while Uncle Jack was writing the cheques....not so now

  3. Reason why king k is feeling sorry is because he knows he will be in the same boat by end of season. he is deflecting attention from the mess he has created. that's why its blame it on the refs blame it on weather blame the fixtures and now blame the fa .

    King kenny you are dead man walking. the writing is on the wall. no money to spend because you spent it on buying British. didn't anyone tell you that YES buy British but BUY GOOD BRITISH. not crappy British who nobody else wanted and you still paid over the odds.

    You deserving sack and i for one will be happy cos you have ruined my beloved lfc .

    Come Frank Rijkard the new king your kingdom is waiting and a real king not a plastic one who is living off reputation