21 Dec 2011

BAYERN CHIEF admits: Star-striker would FAIL if he moved to Liverpool...

FC Cologne star Lukas Podolski recently revealed that he was considering 'many offers' to leave Germany in the next transfer window, but Bayern Munich head-honcho Uli Hoeness believes that the German International wouldn't cut it in a different league.

Last week, CalcioMercato reported that Arsenal and Liverpool were linked with a move for the striker, and I'm sure Liverpool fans would love to see that happen.

Hoeness, however, doesn't think it would be a good idea, and speaking to LIGA total!, he delivered the following withering assessment of Podolski's chances of making it abroad:

"He's not a player for abroad.

"Lukas is a player who must have the coach behind him, one who needs an arm around the shoulder at times,” he claimed.

"That seems to work well [with him] as both [Germany coach Joachim] Low and Jupp Heynckes have done it [in the past].

"I cannot imagine Lukas in Manchester, Liverpool or at a Spanish club, he only knows Germany.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. i  think he'll find the perfect manager for that 
    in King Kenny...never really  considered him as an option before but he wouldnt be too bad come to think of 
    it...can play upfront and out wide and he's got a sweet left foot...anyone know how much he'd cost?? 

  2. Another Lukas! Why it it that most Lucases like to come to Liverpool? Dont they get the phobia like what FA treated Suarez.

  3. Ashfah you are a legend in the making...

  4. Where is the article that *PROVES* Liverpool are keen on Podolski??

    One with quotes from someone at the club, or from his agent saying we have put in an inquiry, or anything like that.

    I don't think it is allowed to comment on made-up transfer stories here.

  5. Are you blind? Read the article - I quot the source for the LFC interest: Calciomercato; and I posted an article recently that contained quotes from podolski's agent, and the man himself.

  6. No need for the personal insult!

    I don't know, maybe I am blind... the link to the Calciomercato story has zero quotes from anyone - player, agent, either of the clubs.
    So there is nothing to trust there (as you keep saying yourself).

    Your previous article quoted Podolski talking about a possible move away from Cologne - but makes ABSOLUTELY ZERO reference to Liverpool in any way.

    I can't find any story on here with quotes from his agent.

    So like I said, please feel free to link to a story where there are solid quotes to back up the original claim that Liverpool are interested on which this entire article is based.

  7. Did you really just delete my comment simply because I asked for the actual link to any article where there are QUOTES that PROVE that Liverpool are interested in Podolski?

    If there isn't any such article then why not argue your case, rather than just wipe out any comments that question the validity of the original statement.

    You are the person who bangs on and on about not believing transfer stories without quotes & facts.

  8. I think he would need a combination of a manager like Kenny with a playing system like Man U's where they rely alot on wide players to complement the striker, but he sounds like a striker who would lack the grit to cut it in the premier league.

  9. i was in cologne the other week and went to watch the cologne v freibourg match. podolski was absolute class. he is very similar to bellamy in so many ways, he may not have the pace of bellamy but his running is extremely intelligent, his awareness, his touch, his finishing were all absolutely class. this is a local boy to cologne, he's their fowler, they adore him, he adores them but i think he has outgrown them, languishing mid table isnt enough for him. i'd take a gamble on him any day of the week.

  10. plus he banged in two goals

  11. I really do think you should consider 'supporting' another team 1

  12. Lucas Podolski has the strongest left foot in the world and one of the fastest runners in football history.

    he has matured and now has tactical abilities as well.

    you're comparing him to bellamy ? lol