12 Nov 2011

VIDEO: Liverpool FC's LUIS SUAREZ scores 4 goals for Uruguay

Luis Suarez may have an indifferent conversion rate for Liverpool but he clearly has no such problems when he's playing for Uruguay! Suarez was seemingly liberated against Chile, and smashed in 4 goals for his national team.





Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Suarez would score hell of alot more goals for Uruguay if he had Carroll, Adam Henderson ,and downing playing with him.

    Suarez has said he only signed for Liverpool when kk assured him that he was also going to sign Andy Carroll as well . he has repeated many times that his dream was to play with Charlie Adam and it came true this summer.

  2. He is magnificent and does it every game he plays in, scoring or creating, amazing player. I agree we should play a number 10 behind him and feed him, Gerrard for me is the man!!!. He needs space to run teams ragged, a big man with no ability does him no favours at all....................Im sorry for keep banging on but Carroll needs to be sold and a player bought that can help Gerrard feed him............this could be amazing for Liverpool...............????

  3. Perfect - Left foot, Right Foot and Headers - good to know he is in good form before next weeks game at the Bridge, lets hope he can reproduce it in a LFC shirt against Chelsea and then City

  4. He damaged a thigh or hamstring in the first half, and scored all four limping around. I hope his injury is not serious and he is available for the Liverpool fixtures.
    It was great game to watch, and a huge difference with the Argentina's disjointed stars struggling against Bolivia.

    Cavani was massively unlucky not to score, as was Suarez himself a few times in the first half when he made a few amazing dribbles past defence.  But then the keptchup bottle opened and the goals followed one after the other.

    I have a big suspition that if any country can beat Spain, it's going to be Uruguay.
    Maestro Oscar Tabarez knows exaclty what he is doing, there is a unity and unbelievable understanding between all the team players, as if they play together every week. Something that is not quite there in the Liverpool team, as Suarez and the English players are clearly on the different wavelengths. Hopefully it can be cured with time...

  5. Playing for Uruguay gives him less pressure because he doesn't have to do it all unlike at Liverpool where he is his own principal chance maker sometimes leaving him too much to do and less time to really release his shots when he is well placed.
    From his goals you can also see he thrives on the movement Uruguay players like Cavani bring to the team something he has when played alongside Maxi. 
    I believe this can be replicated if places are found on the same pitch for Suarez, Maxi, Bellamy and Kuyt. 
    Henderson is clearly no right winger but his performances for the under 21 show he does very well in central midfield. 
    I do feel the goals are there in the team but it is not set up to get the best out of the players by picking the wrong combinations. Defensively Lucas is a bit cleaner than Adam who gives away too many fouls and leaves me somewhat worried he is a red card waiting to happen. However my point is not that Adam is not good enough but rather he would be more effective when he polishes up his tackling given he already has a good passing range and therefore can become the complete midfielder he can easily be. 
    Lucas on his part needs to know when to sit in front of the defenders and spot opportunities to run at opponents in their own half but still be mindful he is not very quick so he does'nt get caught out.
    Given KD is has deemed Henderson an automatic starter, I would like to see him more in his natural position in central midfield. I have seen him play rightback so he does defend a bit meaning Adam could be pushed further forward and pair Lucas and Henderson then flank these central midfielders with the movement of Maxi and Bellamy on the wings and Suarez at the apex of the attack. the wingers are all very interchangeable because Kuyt and Downing can come in and do an effective job but given they have had chances, maybe trying Maxi and Bellamy could bring the best out of the already brilliant Suarez.

  6. Very well said, I totally agree!!!

  7. Once upon a time there was an international goal scoring monster called peter Crouch, however when he returned to the premiership commentators up and down would attribute the words "OH so close!" with the majority of his shots. 

    I love Suarez to bits he is easily the best player we have had for a while and definitely one of the best in the world.  I don't think I have ever seen any player who is so complete, Strength, back to goal, in the hole, plays wide, can be a target man, dribbles the LOT!  I just think the pace of the premier league forces him to rush his shooting a little.  I'm not sure how is going to overcome come this but I hope it happens soon. As hank posted once Suarez gets the ball into feet HE does the rest himself. 

    When will we learn? We need four players in our team who shoulder the attacking responsibility collectively and effectively. This is the reason Tottenham, Arsenal, Man U, City and Chelsea are front runners for the top four.