11 Nov 2011

FABIO AURELIO: It's frustrating, but my faith gets me through...

Liverpool left-back Fabio Aurelio is fit again after his latest injury blow, and despite the frustration of having to deal with regular injury setbacks, the Brazilian is raring to go, and can't wait to get back into the first team.

Since arriving at Anfield in 2006, Aurelio injuries have kept him on the sidelines for an astonishing 23 months, but right now, he's fit, strong and ready for action:

"I feel strong, but when you don't have many minutes on the pitch then match fitness is not the same.

"I've been available more of less since the Man United game. I've been training and waiting for the opportunity to have minutes on the pitch, and when you're at a big club, you have to be ready to take the opportunity".

Dealing with constant injuries can be draining and demotivating for players, but Aurelio reveals that his Christian faith has helped him through:

"It's not easy to stay positive as I have history of injuries and lots of problems. With time, you get a bit frustrated as well; sometimes it puts you down a little bit. Being a Christian helps me a lot to go through it, and the support of my family has been very important for me".

Aurelio has shown remarkable resilience to keep his spirits up during the tough times, but with the great form of Jose Enrique, getting back into the team could prove to be difficult:

"Every time I come back I feel like I'm able to do it again, which encourages me to keep fighting and kep looking for what I want, which is to keep playing matches and enjoying football.

"It's in Kenny's hands whether he decides if he wants to use me or not, but my desire is to always be available".

Aurelio may not get in at left-back, but perhaps he could come in for Stewart Downing on the left for a couple of games?

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. I honestly feel Aurelio's time is up at the club. His injuries have not helped him along the way either. Come January or the following transfer window he will be gone. Doubt he is going to get ahead of Enrique and can't see him being selected on the left wing either.

  2. Maybe Fabio can be used as a winger or he could also play as central midfielder. Fabio is a really talented player but its a shame he is injury prone. I think his time at Liverpool is up and i don't think he will be offered a new contract. 

    Fabio needs to go to a different league which is less physical because English league is not for him.

  3. I miss Fabio and his silky smooth style of playing. I think we will see him either against City or against Chelsea in the coming weeks. Even if as a sub. And Maxi Rodriguez too.
    Really, Kenny should give them more playing time and make it less predictable for the opposition. Something that Fergie does with his squad - always rotating, you never know who will he play and who will he leave out.
    First, it helps keeping everyone in a good match fitness, and then it helps players to realise that they really have to perform to be chosen for the next game.
    And third - it doesn't leave the players like Maxi, Kuyt, Aurelio frustrated because they see that those who play instead of them do not get the right result, but nevertheless they remain the first team selection every time. THAT may rather spoil the dressing room atmosphere, and not what Agger said "we were headless chickens".

  4. Massively under-rated player (when fit) and a very decent human being. Push him up to left mid-field for a few games.

  5. May be Aurelio could find Carrolls head like he use to find Crouchs?

  6. Good player but we got enrique who is much better, maybe if Downing does not improve then we could ry to play fabio and enrique in front of him however I dont see that likely. I will kep him till we get a young left back as if enriue gets injured then we are in trouble in that area