13 Nov 2011

SUAREZ: 'If it wasn't for the slight back pain I could've scored 8 goals..."

Liverpool striker Luis Suarez was the star of the show for Uruguay on Friday as they demolished Chile 4-0, with 'El Pistolero' scoring all four goals. After the game, Suarez gave his thoughts on a momentous achievement, and explained why he felt a little sad despite scoring 4 goals.

After dedicating his goals to his wife and daughter, Suarez enthused:

"I just found out that nobody has ever scored four goals in a playoff before. I value that a lot and I know that it made the fans really happy"

"You always dream about scoring goals and scoring four in a game is not easy, but if it wasn't for the efforts of my team mates, I would not have scored the goals".

Suarez played some of the game with some slight discomfort in his back, but it clearly didn't make any difference whatsoever:

"The important thing is that I could keep playing, but I did not over-extend myself in some plays. One of my team-mates joked that if it wasn't for the slight back pain I could've scored eight!"

Suarez was eventually taken off in the 76th minute as a precautionary measure, but despite scoring 4 goals and suffering from a slight injury, he was still disappointed to go off!

"I love playing, so whenever I'm taken off I mourn a little, and get a sick feeling in my stomach, but it's all about the team, and I always appreciate everyone's efforts"

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. He just loves playing football, he is a throw back to years ago when money wasn't everything!!!!...............I hope he stays that way, he is a credit to Liverpool and himself!!!!..............he is worth the attendance fee alone!!!

  2. Jamie, is this the same Suarez that you desperately didn't want Liverpool to buy?


  3. Bravo! You've outed me. How great for you. Perhaps you should work on your comprehension skills; my objection to Suarez's signing had nothing to do with his ability; it was to do with his cheating, and my view hasn't changed. Suarez cheated at the world cup. However, he's a Liverpool player now so I'll support him.
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  4. To quote your article Jamie, 

    "In my view, any fan who supports the signing of Suarez is complicit in the collective and continued acceptance of cheating in modern football."

    So you will support him as a Liverpool player, but continue to not support his signing? And you don't see any conflict in that?

  5. I also initially opposed the proposed move for Suarez, but for different reasons to Jaimie

    I feared that he was too volatile, as suggested by the biting incident, he has showed small flashes of that volatility, hair pull on Rafael for example, but has not been red carded yet with us thankfully and it seems that Kenny has quickly settled him down so he should be fine

    I totally disagree with Jaimie's definition of cheating however

    It's a long running discussion here, if Suarez is a cheat for handling a football deliberately, then anyone who deliberately handles a ball, fouls an opponent etc is a cheat. Then EVERY footballer that ever played is a cheat, therefore the word cheat has been rendered irrelevant

    Suarez merely infringed the rules, committed a foul and was punished accordingly

    Cheating, in my mind, is when a player attempts to covertly subvert or undermine the rules and escape censure, such as

    - Simulation to earn a free kick / penalty
    - Simulation of an injury in an attempt to get the opposition to put the ball into touch (Scott Parker yesterday v Spain, Drogba etc)
    - Rolling back onto the pitch when injured to force the referee to stop the game (Drogba again)
    - Handling the ball to score a goal (Maradonna, Henry etc)
    - Deliberately trying injure an opponent, both while committing a foul and while winning the ball then deliberately following through (John Terry, De Jong etc)

    Am i deluded in making such a distinction?

    Is it because Suarez handled the ball on the goal line instead of halfway line that people are so obsessed with it?

  6. Luis is not a cheat, he is just desparate to win. The same as Phil Neville was when he handballed Lucas' shot on the line in the Kuyt (2xpens) derby. Players do this as their desparation to won/not lose spils over. I wish that we had 10 more Luis' in our team, or at least 10 players of his desire!

  7. Do the same for Liverpool, Suarez but Lucas aren't contributing to the team.

  8. 'Supports', i.e present tense for that moment in time. We hadn't signed Suarez when I wrote that, and when we did sign him, I protested (in my own small way) by not writing about LFC for 9 months. Suarez is here; there's nothing I can do about it; he's a Liverpool player so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and support him, hoping that he'll learn about fair play from being around the likes of Kenny Dalglish.

  9. Jaimie: Take responsability for your words. After reading your article is obvious you dont understand anything about football. Suarez did not cheat, and your article is a shame for this sport. You should write about golf or tennis. The only one to blame is Gyan, if this happens to my team we will never focus on the guy who did the penalty, we will focus in the one who missed it.... I am from Uruguay and Liverpool has 3 million new fans. 

  10. Jaimie: Take responsability for your words. After reading your article is obvious you dont understand anything about football. Suarez did not cheat, and your article is a shame for this sport. You should write about golf or tennis. The only one to blame is Gyan, if this happens to my team we will never focus on the guy who did the penalty, we will focus in the one who missed it.... I am from Uruguay and Liverpool has 3 million new fans. 

  11. Possibly the most tragically ironic post I've ever read.

  12. How can you call making a foul cheating ?? It was a foul and he got punished for it by being sent off and Ghana getting a penalty .... just because they couldn't score, doesn't mean that Suarez has cheated in any way !!!!

    If you think, this is cheating, then every team is full of cheaters you moron ...... what about last ditch tackles from defenders, who bring the attacker down when they would have been through on goal ..... this type of fouls prevent a lot of goals and gets the defender in most cases a yellow card only a free kick for the oppositon ..... so how can you say, Suarez was cheating against Ghana and not complaining about other players cheating all the time by committing last ditch tackles, which fail and the attacker also being robbed the opportunity to score, but getting a free kick as consolation only ......

    You are just ignorant like all others, who insult Suarez and label him a cheat for being clever and knowing the football rules .....

    He sacrificed himself (committing a foul, which made him miss the next match and Ghana been given the chance to still score a goal ....) to give his country the chance to go on and try winning the tournament.

    Because you wouldn't have done it, doesn't make it cheating actually .....

  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=IuWD-w8ASsA
    Is Suarez a cheat or was something else going on???
    Great bit of last ditch defending by Suarez like his life depended onit shame about the handball but he was sent off so his cheating was paid for it on the day.   

  14. Lucas is n't contributing to the team, not aren't contributing to the team!
    Unless you mean Suarez as well! 

  15. Cheating is winning a World Cup with a goal that was not. This was making a penalty and receiving the punishment for it. 

  16. Something might be wrong with me in your refined English understanding of purity of the game. 
    I first noticed Suarez at Ajax, (I have a few favorite clubs around Europe, Ajax is one of them) and then at the World Cup where he was instrumental in getting his team  through to the semi-finals. I clearly remember having thought then "This is the player we need at LFC!!! A fighter! Someone who will risk everything, including his reputation, to get the win for his country or his club!" and I didn't take his handball as critically as many people did. I admired his fighting spirit and willing to win. I took it not as a cheating. I took it as a great passion for a game and for his country and for his team. At any cost. No matter what some whingers in the press may say about him later.
    And the fact that he didn't hide his happiness about his country going through the semi's only says that he's an open person and says what he thinks instead of being nausetically politically correct and hypocrtitically shake his head and say - oh, of course, it was something unacceptable to do and I'll never do it again... I have full respect for what he did and how he spoke about it later, and even for his reaction when Ghana missed the penalty.
    He laughed and celebrated! Shock, horror!!! he should have cried, apologised and said - we didn't win it fair and square! the semi-final is Ghana's not ours????? what a hypocritical b/s!!!

    So I was really happy when the news on LFC signing Suarez hit the headlines. I was happy and I thought - this is going to be a great partnership with Torres, this is the one who is going to make Torres play to his full capacity again. Of course, a couple of days later I was totally shocked and heartbroken with the news that Torres handed in a transfer request. I am largely over it now, but still convinced that we would have finished the season in the top 4 if he stayed with LFC and played with Suarez.

  17. Right, so using your logic, if I deliberately kill someone and receive the punishment for it, it means I'm not a murderer, right? I get it now.

  18. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=u0zjx4MAHzk
    This is shameless cheating from a handball Jaimie!

  19. It amazes me that you still think he cheated at the world cup. Just shows how ignorant you are. Anyway, not sure where you get your info from. The score was actually 4-0 and he had a niggle in his leg not his back. Mistakes and all Google translator is still smarter than you.

  20. He isn't the first, and won't be the last player to cheat, so, what was really your problem, at the time, with signing the (great) Suarez?

  21. Almost every player does it, from time to time, and that is a fact JK,  so your protest JK should have lasted for ever!.

  22. This comparison only works if you define the offence as cheating..  ie. you are a murderer when you murdered and also when you are sentenced.  Therefore, if  you believe Suarez was cheating when he handled the ball, he was a cheater when he was penalised and suspended.  But, if you consider him merely a rule breaker for this offence, then he was a rule breaker when he handled, and a rule breaker when penalised and suspended!! 
    Denny's definition of what Suarez did has not changed throughout, this differs from what your metaphor outlines.

  23. Suarez didnt killed anyone so dont use childish analogies. Suarez did a penalty like most football players have done in their careers. So with YOUR LOGIC every single football player is a cheater... Uruguay won by the rules. If your problem are the rules, blame FIFA, not Suarez... and probably playing football will help you too, for the non sense of your writing im sure you can only do it in the playstation

  24. Goal.com announced Luis Suarez as their world player of the week..

  25. Pointless, water-muddying semantics, indicative of the lengths fans will go to when defending their idols.

  26. Please please JK,..........Go on a VERY LONG protest  AGAIN!, will be very much appreciated!!!.

  27. What is it, with you and Lucas?, every where you go, you keep on about Lucas. Grow up, and come back in about 40 years time!. You might have learned something about football, by then......or maybe not.

  28. Far from pointlss semantics in my opinion, would you care to elaborate?
    Also, I happen to find Suarez's actions reprehensible and worthy of much harsher sanction than was handed down.  It takes a really dirty streak in a footballer to do such a thing and I would never condone, much less support it; I fail to say how I have defended Suarez in my comment. 
    I was simply taking an objective viewpoint on the argument, something I would presume your website would welcome and encourage, as opposed to the presumptious reply I received.

  29. Calling Suarez a cheat might be correct.
    I watch football every week.
    I am sickened by the continual cheating by most of the players in the premier league.
    They will do anything to get a penalty, a free lick just outside the box,
    or have a fellow pro sent off to gain a numerical advantage.
    This is also true for the boffins sitting on the side line coaching.
    Where does the "FAIR PLAY" scenario fit in to football.
    What a sickening joke.