12 Nov 2011

STEVEN GERRARD: "I think he would make things interesting at the table..."

Who would Steven Gerrard invite to his ideal dinner party, and what food would be served? Liverpool FC's captain recently revealed all...

Dinner guests?

"I think Michael Jackson would be one; I'd ask him what was going on his life"

Perhaps someone should let Gerrard know that Jackson is no longer of this earth...?Gerrard also chose:

"Paul Gascoigne for the banter; I've read his book, and I think he'd make things interesting at the table. We'd definitely have to have some females there for a bit of eye candy, so probably Rihanna".

What about Music?

"If we were eating we'd have to chill it out a bit and go with Kings of Leon; Oasis, that type of stuff".

Since when has Oasis been chill-out music? I don't know how anyone could stomach that Manc racket when they're eating, but each to their own.

What food would Gerrard serve up for his guests?

"Butternut Squash soup to start. Fillet of beef for the main, with an option of Seabass for those who didn't like steak.

"For dessert: Eton Mess. I shouldn't be saying that though because my fat levels are a little but up at the minute!"

Dishes? That's women's work, surely? ;-)

"I'd have to do the dishes if I was entertaining, but they'd probably get left for the wife the next day".

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. ....and then off to a nightclub.

  2. Jackson??is it a joke.Or stevie is taking the piss to you guys

  3. think he is joking about the kiddie fiddler. gazza was a good choice. ive read his book, will take you through all the emotions. he was one of englands finest ever.
    jaimie are you into that hill billy country stuff you yanks like????????lool

  4. oh ...you mean Gazza the wife beater...yeah lets get him round the table.

  5. How about Lucas?

  6. since michael jackson is coming back from the dead for this party,maybe gazza can see if raul moat is up for it?