1 Nov 2011

STEVEN GERRARD: Liverpool do fine without him, and here's the proof...

One of the biggest recurring myths about Liverpool FC is that the team struggles without Steven Gerrard in the side. The media has been notorious in the past for perpetuating this myth, but as I will illustrated with cold hard facts, Liverpool actually do very well when Gerrard is not available.

Gerrard is massively important to Liverpool, and we would all prefer to have him in the side than not; however, when his absence is forced by injury, history proves that the club survives pretty well without him.

To illustrate this, I've looked at every competitive game Gerrard has missed since the 2000-2001 season.

LFC without Steven Gerrard: 2000/01 - 31 October 2011


As you can see, these results are very encouraging:

* Unbeaten in almost 8 out of 10 games without Gerrard in the side.
* Close to 2 goals per game scored
* Less than 1 goal per game conceded
* Unbeaten in 75% of games overall

I don't dispute that Gerrard is important to the side - of course he is - but as the figures above prove, Liverpool can survive without him and have done so many times in the past.

With Gerrard currently injured again, let's hope the club's good form without him continues this weekend against Swansea.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. hey there jamie.thats encouraging, good to know we still can cope despite what just about every 'pundit' says. just a thought though, what do you think gerrards effect is on games where we have been losing or drawing? i really cant recall, and i dont have the time to do the research,or a website, so if you can come up with an article if its worth your time, it would be brilliant!

  2. Have to agree. We miss him though.

  3. Hi Shuren - Re your question: do you mean how many games do Liverpool lose/draw with Gerrard in the team?

  4. Agree - It's always better to have Gerrard in the team.

  5. tha'ts one stupid article the man will always be a liv icon.

  6. just shows you how stats are not woth a toss when it comes to football

  7. no no. basically how many times he has dragged our asses out of trouble, with goals and assist. i know,plentiful, but figures would be nice.

  8. The main reason why, is that players like Adam can excel into their true position.  Alonso suffered the same too until Stevie moved to RW that year.

    I think we'll bve fine without him too.  Always say it.
    He should've been hauled off the last couple of games anyway for tiredness.  Man Utd game at the end especially.

  9. I have always said that now we have enough cover and now Charlie Adams is doing fine as a playmaker and make up for Gerrard's absence.

  10. I read an article at hte begining of the season stating Gerrard would have to retire . As good a player as he is you need continuity for a good team . It is time for one of the other midfielders to stamp there authority on the game , Lucas ?

  11. Life would be easier with him in the side but obviously we can cope without him

    Why do your stats only start from 2000/2001 season, he made more than 10 appearences in 1998 / 99 and was virtual first choice 1999 / 2000?

    What types of games did he miss when not injured? Was he rested for "easy" or umimportant games at all

  12. At least we have Charlie Adam even if Stevie G isn't around.