19 Nov 2011

ALAN HANSEN: "Chelsea are there to be beaten", and here's how...

According to Liverpool legend Alan Hansen, Chelsea were 'lucky to survive' in their recent game against Blackburn, and he believes that Kenny Dalglish's team can beat the London side by exploiting Andre Villas-Boas's preference for playing a high defensive line.

Hansen played in a Liverpool defence that 'would be as far up the pitch as any team' there's ever been' and he told LFC Magazine that this could be the key to beating Chelsea later today:

"Chelsea are there to be beaten. Arsenal scored 5 goals at Stamford Bridge by ruthlessly exploiting their weaknesses.

"AVB's side were really open that day. Defensively, they were too far up the pitch and didn't put any pressure on the ball.

"They did the same at Old Trafford, and paid the penalty for it, so if Chelsea keep a high line against Liverpool we can, and will, exploit them.

"Luis Suarez is good at getting in behind defences like that; We've got pace down either side, and players like Charlie Adam who can pass through a side.

"If Chelsea don't put pressure on the ball we'll have chances to win the game"

Whether Liverpool take those chances is another matter though...

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. i think Shelvey is still a better option at this level

  2. Hendo has a good technical skill, no doubt. One thing that he is missing, and that's the key - is a winning spirit that Stevie has.

    Besides, after Stevie's famous "Joe Cole is almost like Messi" I tend to take his judgement of players with a pinch of salt.

  3. still think it's hard to judge him.
    he has played out of position from day one.when he has got a chance like against utd in a central role he looks a good player.can't understand why he isn't getting a chance in the middle especially when we played the likes of norwich and swanseas.

  4. Need to give the lad time to settle as he has some glimpses.  If he'd scored those two chances against Man Utd, people would have started to worship him and start comparing him to all sorts.  Its a huge price tag on the lad,  I reckon he will come good and if we sign some WORLD CLASS players over the next 12-18 months, it will help his Jordan's game.  I think gerrard will help this lad as we desperately need someone to replace gerrard in the coming years.

    I know alot of liverpool fans expect us to be up there, but its to soon for liverpool to turn things round considering where we were, for certain players we have brought in I'm afraid its work in progress.

  5. Jaimie, Is it true you promised to give £500 to Hillsborough charity but are now refusing??


  6. Jaimie, Is it true you promised to give £500 to Hillsborough charity but are now refusing??