19 Nov 2011

Is VILLAS-BOAS' surprising opinion about Liverpool FC right?

According to Chelsea manager Andre Villas-Boas, Liverpool FC are genuine title contenders this season. Given the club's patchy home form and continuing problems in front of goal, this doesn't seem very likely, but you never know in football. Is AVB right?

Villas-Boas made his surprising admission during a press conference on Friday, arguing:

"I think Daglish has made the necessary changes for Liverpool to be considered title contenders this year.

"The 7 players that he's brought in represents the level of commitment the ownership and Kenny have to putting Liverpool back on title-winning ways.

"They're one of the biggest clubs in England, ad I always assume they are challenging for the title, and I always sees them like that".

Classy comments from from the former Porto boss, but is he being totally sincere? Perhaps it's a lame attempt at mind games ahead of crunch clash on Sunday?

It's great to think of Liverpool as title contenders for this season but I don't think any objective fan really believes that.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. I don't think he is right, and I'm a Liverpool fan. lol

    He is just trying to flatter his coming opponents and play down his own team as then it won't be such a surprise if they are beaten by 'title contenders'.

  2. Let's see after the next 2 games!!!

  3. The question is not whether AVB "is" right; it is more a view that he "should" be right. We have spent enough and we should be challenging. We can make allowances here and there about new players "bedding-in" etc., but you could say the same about a couple of clubs above us who have drafted in new players.  So....we should storm the Bridge tomorrow -- albeit on the counter ;-)

  4. Lame attempt at gamesmanship, but he is afraid of us. Terry will fear Suarez

  5. He's just being polite, maybe a little sycophantic. If we, as supporters, can never glean any information of worth from player interviews, then I don't understand why we should expect anything of substance from managers. Especially the top managers who understand the need to be cagey given the 24/7 nature of modern football media.

    Unless you're Mourinho, of course...

  6. If we win our next two games then we will be 9 points off the top and well in the battle for CL football - If we lose these games then we are 18 points from the top of the table and can potentially be sitting 7th and maybe 9 points from 4th spot.

    These two games are massive for us, yes we can make up ground later but they look like they will define our season and also answer if we are title contenders....  
     (all the above is assuming Man Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal, Man City, Tottenham win their next two fixtures which they all look favourites to do through either home advantage or opponent)

  7. Every manager goes out before the match and pays compliments to the opponent.  To cover his ar$e if the things don't go well, and if they do, to say later - wow, we beat a VERY serious opposition. So I guess it was a little 'mind game' from AVB.
    But IF he was genuine in his suggestion, I think it was wrong. We are going to be lucky to finish in the top 4 this season.
    That being said, Chelsea has not been in the best form for some reason... I thought they were going to be stronger.. but their problems did not completely go away with arrival of AVB, Mata and Meireles. Perhaps, like Liverpool new team, they are gelling, finding their ways, making mistakes, being unlucky, etc.  
    Hope we give them some beating tomorrow.

  8. Pointless topic, we dont need other manages to tell us what we need to achieve, he's only covering his a***.  I dont know why we pay attention for encouraging words from people outside liverpool....sad!! 

  9. Jaimie, Is it true you promised to give £500 to Hillsborough charity but are now refusing??


  10. obviously he is just worried incase we tonk them. top 4 this year would be a great achievement and maybe a cup even better. we can only get better year by year.

  11. The way we're throwing points away at present we aren't even looking like getting into europe next year. Next 2 games could confirm that fear or make a mockery of it.