6 Nov 2011

MACCA: "It's not acceptable for Liverpool FC..."

Former Liverpool defender Jason McAteer has expressed his disappointment over Liverpool's home draw with Swansea City.

McAteer, who was commentating on the game for LFC TV, was clearly frustrated with Liverpool's inability to convert the chances created during the game:

"It's becoming quite predictable - Liverpool creating chances and not being clinical in front of goal and coming away with a 0-0 draw.

"It's 4 draws in the last 6 games at home...and it's not points dropped against Chelsea or Man United, it's points swapped against Swansea who've just been promoted.

"You'd expect Liverpool to win, and you'd have to say, it's not acceptable".

Kenny Dalglish started with the same team the beat West Brom a week earlier, and Macca argued that it was the right decision to do so, but he was quick to heap praise on Swansea for their performance:

"I think it's easy to criticise liverpool and say what they did do or didn't do, but you have to give credit where it's due sometimes.

"Swansea came here with a game plan; they were very disciplined when they didn't have the ball, and at times, they were excellent when they were in possession.

"Their movement was good, and they created chances, and it could've been a lot worse for Liverpool"

He's absolutely right - Liverpool could quite easily have lost the game, but that thankfully didn't happen.

On the plus side, it's another game unbeaten, and another clean sheet, and if results pick up in the next couple of months then it's conceivable that Liverpool could be in the top 4 - or very close to it - in January.

Granted, we play Chelsea and Man City in the next two games, which could derail our season even further (!) but let's hope for the best!

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. I agree that Swansea did put together one good move & they opened us up toward the end of the second half bu only a sensationalist media Wh*re would attempt to claim they out played us .

    Our heads did drop for a period between the 60'th minute & the 75'th minute & I can only blame that on established players at the club who have lost or failed to win on far too many occasions in the past simply accepting a situation they have become accustomed to .

    While avoiding disaster we did regroup & played some very composed high pressure attacking percentage football from about the 80'th minute on , a lesser team than Swansea would have buckled under that same pressure & perhaps in 10 games time stronger teams will buckle from our pressure because as the saying goes , "We win together , We Draw together & We Lose together " ... yesterday we Drew together & while it was disapointing we stuck together & I take heart from that .

    It was a poor result but in my eyes we looked like a very strong team , definitely not one cracking & falling apart like we have done in recent years .

    Truly its a game I have come away from looking at the heavens asking ...

    "How didnt we win that ? ... What the Hell have we gotta do to get the results our game deserves ? "

    Then I rationalize it & look at it without emotion & conclude that it is IMPOSSIBLE for us not to hit a running streak as long as we keep on doing al the right things like we have been doing .

    It can only be a matter of time .

    Kuyt had a perfectly good goal disallowed for offside even though it was a defender who played it into his path .

    Suarez should have been awarded a penalty .

    Carroll hit the bar at the end of a wonderful bit of play between Adam & Downing .

    Their Keeper pulled off brilliant saves from Suarez twice & Johnson & Agger was very unlucky with a header .

    Suarez wasnt as magical as he has been but his shooting was much more composed & his link play with his team mates was much better , Carroll also played like a man worthy of his place in our squad .

    We done more than enough to win the game we just didnt do enough to beat the opposition .... there is a difference .

    I said before this that if we collected at least 5 points & were still in the League Cup after our next 4 games against Swansea , City & Chelski twice that it would set us up very well for a strong push in December which could define our season ... I stand by that .

    We have made it more difficult for ourselves than it already was but we are still alive .

    There isnt much wrong with us that experience together isnt going to improve & as far as I can see even though I am still upset about yesterdays result , we genuinely arent far away from being one of the best sides in the Premier League .

    I am worried about the lack of depth in our squad though & we need to make some very strong signings in January .

    I think its fair to say we have a nice strong foundation in place now & adding to it strategically will only strengthen us .

  2. Interesting how selective you are with your game analysis. You may also have seen it like this: Disallowed goal was the correct decision as was indeed offside. Suarez should have been booked for diving. Swansea should have been awarded a penalty as the foul was inside not outside the box. Gower should have scored with a great chance in front of goal with just the keeper to beat. Chances for both sides and I'd say a draw was the fair result.

  3.  When did I ever claim to be an impartial observer ?

    I never did !

    How you can find my comment "Interesting" givin the circumstances & the location of where you are posting is a mystery to me .

    If I were some kinda sick perverted masochist , clinically depressed & plagued by inverted , harsh self analysis I could perhaps bring myself to take your comment seriously , however I am none of those things so I shall give it all the disdain it deserves .

    Firstly the guy ran into Agger & prevented him from making a challenge , it should have been a free out .

    Secondly , a player can only be offside if one of his team mates plays the ball forward , Barbie on the sideline musta been thinking about how big her bum looked in her outfit or how her shorts clashed with her make up coz she got that one 100% wrong .

    Thirdly , Suarez did not , does not , never did & never will dive & anyone who says anything to the contrary is a liar .

    Fourthly  , although I didnt mention the half chances we expertly restricted them to simply because I didnt want to appear to be gloating I did acknowledge the single chance they created , whats yer problem ?

    Finally , Swansea had their day in the sun , they got to play in the League at Anfield , they got a result & they can all die happy now .

    It was an awful result for us , we have fans traveling from all over Europe if not the world to be at games like that , for some its the highlight of their year & If our players cant beat newly promoted teams on their behalf as they quite fairly expect them to then that simply isnt good enough for LFC .

    Unlike SFC we are not a regional or provincial side & we have standards & expectations to live up to on behalf of all our fans , not just the local ones .

    That is no insult to Swansea , that is just a fact of life .

    Deal with it .

  4. I thought a draw with Swansea was a fair result.
    Both teams had their chances.
    I am however dreading our next two games.
    On current form I can see us lose both.

    We all laughed at ManU, but our game with City has the potential to be far worse.
    I just hope we get our act together before then.

  5. I only really agree with the fact that we need to stay in the league cup...
    for me 4th is a must simply because a club this size cannot be without CL football for three years in a row without consequences- not being able to attract big name signings and also losing players for not securing CL football. With the money spent by FSG this should have justified  a top four finish this year but in case we miss out... a League cup win (or FA cup) will provide some hope and justification for the not only this squad but also the manager at the helm.

    I do not agree with people calling for Kennys head at the moment, it is not right after 11 games but he needs to justify the money that has been spent and should not be given further funds untill he can do so... 

    I am a massive Rafa Benitez fan - I believe in a few years a lot of fans will reflect on his era and then truly realise how great we where under him and our regression after he left... but I dont support a lot of the criticism KD is facing either... fans need to bear in mind that Rafa did not finish in the top four in his first season, but his CL victory overshadowed that. He did not have the money that KD had to spend so IMO we need good cup runs this year which will give us a slight taste of progression.

    I was disgusted with the way Rafa was treated by fans towards the end, I may be wrong but lets wait and see if we are title contenders, Europes number one, CL winners and finalist, or even a top four club again in the next few years... we need to give KD a chance this year and even the following... IMO if he doesnt make 4th this year give him another season but no transfer funds (should be forced to sell to buy)... if we dont break into the top four again after two seasons then KD shouldnt be sacked... he should resign.

  6.  What regression after he left would that be ?

    As soon as Rafa left our League position improved .

    This season so far we have gone further in the League Cup than we have done in 5 years previous .

    I was saddened to see how things fell apart for Rafa too but lets face the facts , he had to go , he lost the dressing room he himself had put together & then he lost the fans .

    I'd love to see Rafa turn his back on his media image & get back to what he is best at , coaching .

    Benetiz is an excellent tactician & if or when he gets employed by the right European club I wouldnt be surprised to see him back in the Champions League final .

    Liverpool FC is not about Benitez V Dalglish , it is about what is best for the club .

    That said you seem to think that Rafa spent little or no money & that simply isnt true .

    Why wouldnt we give our manager funds if funds are available ?

    Would you like to see us relegated ?

    Kenny Dalglish was ASKED to come out of managerial retirement to lead the club once again in one of its most turbulant times of its entire history .

    Kenny Dalglish isnt just the last man to win the Title for us he is the only man alive to have won the Title for two different English Clubs .

    Kenny Dalglish is the only manager living or dead wo has a better head to head to head record than Alex Ferguson .

    While at similar sized clubs with similar sized ambitions & budgets this is the 8'th time they have gone head to head .

    Out of the 7 previous Fergie has won 1 League + 1 FA Cup , Kenny has won 4 Leagues + 2 FA Cups .

    Fergie has never won a League from a Dalglish team , Dalglish has won a League from a Ferguson led team .

    Kenny Dalglish is , if not the very best , definitely one of the very best managers in the world & we have employed him to do a job , not to keep the managerial seat warm while you get to kno him better .

    Not giving the manager the money needed to do his job !!!???

    Jesus !!!

  7. like I said I rated Rafa but I am not one of the blind Rafa brigade that fail to higlight his flaws or the obvious differences between the challenge he faced to deliver silverware and what Kenny faces. KD is in a much tougher position than rafa ever was, back in 2004 the fight for 4th was simply not as challenging as it is now and that said nor was the fight for the league title...

    IMO the league cup run is essential this year, especially if we dont make 4th, im pissed they have scheduled it 2 days after the clash with City as silverware in that competition will mark some progress, bit hopefully we will get through against chelsea and into the semis and then onto wembley

    I am 100% in agreement with you that it is not about Rafa or Dalglish.. its the club - my point regarding the spending was KD has been backed considerably over two transfer windows in 2011 - to me with the amount spent he should be able to work with it to get 4th spot (especially since we where one of europes largest spenders this year) 

    regarding the regression .... lets agree to disgaree... that is a question a few years from now that I am answering early on a pessimistic hunch...

  8. Listen man , this is probably the richest game on earth & the Premier League is the richest league in the Game , if ya dont spend money ya dont win silverware , simple as that .

    Dalglish, just like Hodgson before him , is opperating with only 19 senior players when we are permitted 25 so I wouldnt say he has been backed I'd say he has been given replacements , not reinforcements , he has signed 8 players for under £100 million so far & that is thrifty in any mans language .

    Like it or not we arent going to have to equal the spending of those above us , as we have always done , we are going to have to outspend them if we want to compete , otherwise we are going to have to content ourselves with mid table which is where we have been for this past 2 seasons .

    Regardless of who we play when ?... we have to beat the best out there to lift trophys , I know Kenny fears no one & I believe our owners are as ambitious as we are & they are prepared to do whatever it takes to get us to where we want to be .

    They have acted superbly so far & they have put in place a magnificent boardroom & management team .

    A League Cup run isnt essential this season any more than any other season .

    We should enter no competition unless we intend to win it & our revenues support my demand that we should be competing for all 3 Domestic trophys & whichever European trophy available to us not just this season but each & every season .

    We have been run like an impoverished  struggling mid table side for far too long & its time we stopped robbing the fans & once again spent the money we are raking in hand over fist , improved our squad &  played to our true potential , again as our revenue streams  dictate we should be .

  9. Brehon Law..... this is exactly why people hate Liverpool fans like you with your attitude. You seem to think you have the god given right to beat everyone because of your long gone history. It's not about what you've done in the past, the reputation of once being the best in Europe, the best in the league. Those days have long gone and it's all about NOW. And right now Liverpool are just not good enough and KK is probably not quite the right manager.  Because a fan travels thousands of miles doesn't mean his team has to win for him. There are 2 teams on that pitch of equal standing, both start the season as equals and it's all about being the best over the next 38 games, not the last 100 seasons. If a team can't score they wont win, if a team doesn't concede they wont lose. Some simple facts you'll have to get used too as a Liverpool fan.  If the fans really wanted Liverpool to beat Swansea then they certainly didn't show it in the stands. I didn't once hear any singing or chanting to encourage the team. There was no passion in the stands, on the Kop. If the team didn't turn up then the fans certainly didn't either so don't complain. Only one team turned up and one set of fans turned up and not once did Swansea sit back and play for a draw, quite the opposite. Reina made a good double save from Dyer and Graham, cleared another one from Graham on the line after losing the ball, was lucky Gower miss hit the ball over the bar, a foul on Britton just inside the box that should have been a penalty and a couple of wide shots and a half chance all in the second half, so quite lucky to get a result at the end of the day. Could have been very different.

  10. Listen up Greenhorn ,

    LFC are one of the worlds 10 richest clubs , we take millions of pound from every country on earth from sponsorship & merchandise sales , image rights etc etc we are bigger & richer now than at any time in our history , clearly you & your drug induced over simplifications are living in the past , not I .

    S'cuse me for acknowledging those facts & demanding that the fans are treated fairer .

    This is not a Swansea City Appreciation forum & I am not a Swansea City Supporter & I dont know what your problem could possibly be with me supporting LFC vocally in of all places , a LFC Supporters Site !

    If any other of the worlds 10 richest clubs drew two successive home games against newly promoted sides there would be an uproar but in this perverted Mammys Boy Sh!thole Police State its LFC fans expressing their dismay that causes uproar .

    As for LFC fans being hated , if they are hated at all it is because of the status of our club & nothing more . We are among the most friendly hospitable fans on earth & we are one of the friendliest citys in the world to visit , How dare you claim we are hated ?

    I am a sportsman , I am a sports fan , I want to see my club compete at its true level , I dont want to see them make all Swanseas dreams come true .

     I pay my money to see a fair competition between grown men & my money is of no less value than yours , you arrogant PR!CK !

    If Swansea who up until 3 or 4 seasons ago were just another provincial club with one of the worst hooligan records in Britain dont like the spirit of fair competition in the Premier League then that isnt my problem .

    Besides not patronizing them & giving them a pat on the head for daring to be cheeky upstarts who dared to come to Anfield & not have the good grace to lose I didnt insult them, their players or their style of football even once & if its a hug & a kiss ya want for yer efforts I suggest that its yer mother ya should be cryin to & not me , a complete stranger & rival supporter who owes you absolutely nothing .

    As for us having a divine right to win every competition we enter ?

    I make no apology for it .

    What the hell do you want to see ?

    A Scripted soulless soap opera or a fair sporting contest between highly paid expert professionals ?

    Again if our ambitious competitive spirit is too much for you to handle then that is your problem , not mine & I am going to tell you now that I get upset even when we dont win the toss of the coin at the start of a match let alone fail to win any game & every trophy .

    Thats Mens Sport for ya , so sorry it isnt a grannys knitting club or whatever it is yer expecting .

    As for the fans , it could be argued that the vast majority of them arent regular attenders seeing as they come from all over Europe to sample a match experience , most not that fluent in English , not something I would expect a Swansea supporter to understand but you will notice that in our away games where the core element are lifelong supporters & have been attending matches for years that our voice is much louder & much more unified in relation to their comparatively small number .

    Besides that I have already posted today in great detail about how embarrassed I am by our supporters particularly online .


  11. Brehon, there is nothing wrong with our squad except maybe for Carroll, Henderson and Downing and the worse of all, our manager Dalglish.

    For those of you who are still selfishly emotional about hanging on to KD and care not what is best for LFC consider this, Newcastle, a club supposedly in turnmoil with a new manager, a hated owner and new players most notably Demba Ba that replaced our 35 mill man are scoring goals and collecting points for fun.

    We and most notably KD are pathetically making excuses after each wasted game. A top notch striker does not miss chances like Carroll. That wimp kown as Henderson who was missing throughout the game had to be replaced by the hard working Kuyt, who scored a perfectly good goal.

    Downing as his name suggest, we are going down with him, just does not seems to justify his 20 mill tag. I think Dyer, the Swansea winger looks more like the part.

    KD made the decision to buy them and play them and becuase of them we are droping points and languishing in 6th way behing Newcastle in 3rd.

    We have one of the best defensive coach in SC and our defense is in shambles as the M.U, Spurs and Norwich games had shown.

    Which top manager had spent 100 mill and more or less are in the same position as we were previously?

    Is KD Hodgson in disguise? I want Rafa back. NOW! Are you listening Mr. Henry?

  12. Brehon, just 1 questions. How much did Newcastle spent and where are they now?

  13. David you are right on the part on our game with City

  14.  My guess is that they are in their beds at this time o'night .

    Why do you ask ?

    Did they win something I didnt hear about or did they outspend Man City who coincidentally happen to be sitting on top of the League as I type this & have an FA Cup to polish when they arent playing in the Champions League .

    Or is it that you see us as a smaller more impoverished club than Newcastle ?

    The more I try to make sense of yer question the more ridiculous it becomes to me so I suggest you answer it quickly before I conclude that you are insulting my intelligence .

  15.  I am not Mr Henry you rambling idiot .

    I dont care how much you Luv NUFC or how much you would like to see Rafa Benetiz manage them .

  16. Holy shit... after all these years, you still have yet to learn to punctuate your sentences correctly. 

  17. Brehon, where were you when the teacher was giving the class a lesson on punctuation?

  18. Anyone who thinks we are not playing well overall is silly, we are very much improved from last season. We all know Carroll should not be in the team ahead of Kuyt and Bellamy, he is the problem. I feel sorry for Henderson playing on the right, he is a CM all day long (remember the utd game)????

    Adam and Downing linked up well to give Carroll his chance to fluff his lines, don't forget the lovely passing in that move. We must not start being suicidal, we kept a 2nd clean sheet on the spin and had 11 attempts on target to Swansea's 3........not all bad!!!!

    The problem is Carroll!!!, If we persist with picking players according to their price-tags and not form, we will carry on dropping points. Maxi is not getting a look in .....why??????. Come on KK be fair to the squad and pick players on form in their correct positions!!!!

  19. Nothing is acceptable to us anymore, not even Lucas.

  20. After our forthcoming matches with Chelsea and Man City all the naysayers will be singing a different tune.

  21. Fans like you deserve Benitez.  If you have such a hard on for Benitez then why don't you support the club he next manages.

    I WOULD NEVER HAVE BENITEZ BACK AT LFC.  Mr Negative, never have I known a manager to complain as much as he did.  He is overrated, stubborn, his football never evolved and is now dated.  

    Benitez believes his own hype.  His garbage was found out at Inter Milan. Took a Champions league + League winning team to mid table. 

    His days are over, he once was a competent coach in European competitions, not anymore.  Look at the facts- the last two occasions he's managed in Champions league, the results have been poor.

    No elite club will touch him again.  

  22. i fully agrre with you well done 

  23. even we finish bottom three with dalglish we should be happy.you all lost your mind because of dalglish

  24.  I was at the back of the class with my palls , tellin lies about what I done to one of the girls in the class who had lovely big boobs , making jokes about nancyboys who get all up tight about punctuation , talking about football & dreaming about the day I could leave that sh!te behind me for tha rest of my life .

    Why do ya ask ?

    Want an autograph ?

  25. We are doing all right as a unit I agree but anyone singling out any individual is silly .

    We drew as a team & it wasnt any physical or technical or tactical fault it was simply we havent developed our ruthlessness as a unit yet , that may take weeks , it may take months but we havent had it for years maybe not since Souness managed us & this is the closest we have been to getting it back since then .

    It will be there in the big games as it always has been which is why we
    dont fear anyone & are looking forward to going toe to toe with
    Chelski & City in our upcoming games  .

    Lets not embarrass the club by talking cr*p about our own players just to appease our own fragile little ego's eh ?

  26. If you think Carroll is a good player you are deluded!!!!!

  27. Err Brehon, what intelligence? Judging by your response you hardly have any to begin with. My point is KD spent more than them and they are 3rd, 3 places above us as of now.

    By the way did KD won anything that i have not heard about?

  28.  You are clearly looking for a scapegoat to blame what you expect to be a season of failure on & I am not one wee bit deluded about anything .

  29. We will probably beat city and chelsea, because they are not scared of us, so they will play an open game. when teams try to stop us from playing, its quite easy, we play a robotic style of football, very predictable and easy to stifle. 

    where not a bad team, but we lack a plan B or a plan C. we don't seem to be able to change are style to deal with the tactics we are up against.

    Henderson is not a right winger, why play him there? he looks good through the middle, so either he should play there, if there is no place for him in the middle, he should be on the bench. 

    Kelly or johnson would be better on the right of mid with the other one behind. they would give any left back a hard time. Henderson does not scare any left back because he has not got the skills to take on a left back and get a cross in.

    its little things like that which make the difference between worrying the opposition and making them panic and make a mistakes, as apposed to them feeling we can cope.

  30. For someone who had to deal with the pair of cowboys, i think Rafa was exceptional. KD does not have to and instead have the full support of the owners, look where he brought us?

    KD last manage a major club 10 years ago. I have nothing personal against KD but we should have realize this and move on. He was a good choice as a temp to replace Hodgson but not on a permanent basis. His lack of understanding of the modern game and players shows.

    His choice of players, tactics (or lack of it) are the only thing that stands out in his 2nd spell with us. Instead of going forward we are moving backwards. Is this what you all want? Wow some fans.

  31. Brehon, Greenjefe is absolutely right. Back in those days when opposing sides sees the sign "This is Anfield" they literally quake in their boots. Losing was a foregone conclusion, its just the matter of the scoreline. We earned that respect, that fear.

    Now with KD incharge, we are not doing that. As some dim wit fans like you love to live in the past, unfortunately for us oir opponents does not like to. They know if they have a go, they would leave with something.

    Get it, respect is earned constantly which i think is too much for you to handle.

  32. Absolutely and Kd is just as deluded as he is.

  33.   I dunno what you have heard about so I couldnt possibly answer , but
    the mans excellent managerial record is public knowledge so I suggest
    you go & review it.

    As for yer love for NUFC & how impressed you are with their temporary form ?

    Why are you telling me ?

    I couldnt care less how much you are impressed by NUFC & nor do I care about how much you love them .

    Yer starting to give me tha creeps .

  34. Its you living in the past crying out for a manager who failed to win us anything in 4 seasons .

    Smarten up .

    This is the now , brand new circumstances with brand new excellent owners with brand new excellent  management in a brand new scenario .

    Get over yer Fat Spanish Waiter .

  35. Football grounds are becoming quiter most home fans that would sing and support have been priced out of the game,football is n't a working class game anymore it is a middle class game who are to up tight to sing.
    Fans at games only wake up now when a team has scored or when they sing the clubs song , the funniest thing now is the fans that are leaving 10 to 15 mins before the end of a game to beat the traffic because they have no idea about football and it only takes 10 seconds to score a goal.
    Lot of tickets are either season tickets or sold through packages hotel,meal and ticket, where the money is,not many tickets for the real fans and locals.
    I reckon more fans enjoy away games because of the lack of noise from certain stands at all grounds.Listen to the Liverpool away fans they make more noise then the home fans at away games more then 70,000 united fans at Old Trafford for starters.

  36. I'm convinced that any other manager had Liverpool playing the way we did against Swansea, not to mention 4 out of 6 draws at home after spending over £100 million in less than a year in charge would have been crucified.  No manager has ever spent even close to that much in such a short period of time and had Liverpool this low in the table - none.  Dalglish's persistence in keeping Maxi on the bench instead of Henderson, doing away with Meireles to favour Henderson and Adam, playing Carrol from the start instead of Kuyt has been our undoing so far this season.  Apart from Suarez, Maxi, Kuyt and Meireles were the standout players behind Liverpool's surge up the table last season.  Now Dalglish wants the latter three out (he got Meireles out already) or with bit part roles.  Now, we're not building on last season's success; Dalglish took away from it by pushing out these players and tried to rebuild again - it's no wonder why we're struggling.  What's embarrassing is that Newcastle has spent less than us and they are streaming ahead.  The top 4 this season is gonna be Man City, Man U, Chelsea and Tottenham.  Dalglish's untactical play is being found out.  He needs to step up and above his admirable decorum and improve the football on the pitch soon.

  37. So Chan I've been reading this thread and you clearly don't like Dalglish which is your opinion - can't say I agree with it mind. When was the last time we had 'fortress Anfield' and who was in charge then? 

    Are you really calling for Dalglish to go at this point now? If so who does Championship Manager - sorry your 'intuition' suggest that we go for?

    Interested in your answers and your plans to make the club great again. 

    There are a few such as you who think they know about football - have you sent your application into FSG? 

  38. So you are comparing apples and pears. Players now cost more than players previously so your argument that no Liverpool manager has spent over £100m (gross) is completely flawed.

    I agree to a certain extent that the formula that was working well last season is missing this season, however for the umpteenth time Merieles submitted a transfer request. Maxi also discussed in papers about returning home to Argentina. Note it wasn't too long ago that people were chanting 'Taxi for Maxi'  And you can hardly blame Dalglish and co for trying to rebuild - it was badly needed - and you are deluded if you say otherwise.

    And do you really think that Dalglish going now is the answer to the problems? If so Einstein who would you replace him with?

  39. Ha ha great reply Brehon. You do talk a lot of sh!te don't you! Not one sensible point in that load of garble. From your other posts further down too you seem to be in ga-ga land with the fairies. I'm right I'm right I'm right - great debating style! Keep up the comedy Brehon - its great!!!

  40. <<
    I pay my money to see a fair competition between grown men & my money is of no less value than yours, you arrogant PR!CK!

    What on earth is that in response to? Do you even know what arrogance means? Are you just writing random words that have no meaning?

    As for us having a divine right to win every competition we enter?
    I make no apology for it
    Now that's arrogance.

    ha ha the Irony!

  41. No, just totally deluded!

  42. Apples and pears?  Completely flawed?  A bit extreme.  I'll put it this way, Liverpool in gross terms from January to Summer was one of the biggest spenders in the Prem and they are lolling at what? 6th - level on points with Arsenal?  Arsenal, a team that with a negative net spend over the past three seasons?  And now behind Newcastle and Tottenham?  If you want to be lenient on Arsenal, Newcastle and Tottenham then your standards on what it takes to make the top four is severely flawed.  A £100m plus (gross) was meant to put us in the top four.  I agree with many of the pundits who claim our play leaves us far off that.  If another Liverpool manager today spent £100m (gross) for LFC and we had these results we would all be pissed.

    If you "agree to a certain extent that the formula that was working well last season is missing this season," then surely you can see that the FSG/Dalglish led Liverpool is more so to blame for our need to rebuild because they pushed key players out of the first eleven and if not out of the side entirely.  Yes Meireles handed in a transfer request, but it never would have been if they had just upped his salary as the agreement was under the previous owners.  He wasn't doing a Rooney, a Tevez or asked to get paid as much as Gerrard, just more and what they could afford.  Even though Hodgson and the owners were awful, LFC could have done a lot more to keep one of their top performers Meireles. 

    So what if they chanted that rubbish for Maxi before?  More recently he did brilliantly and deserves his place in the side.  Wasn't Lucas' story very similar? Let merited performance be rewarded.  

    So where's the delusion?  It was within LFC's means to keep Meireles.  (If they could £35 million for Caroll and £20 million for Downing and not up Meireles' salary given his performances and the agreement, I'm sorry but this FSG/Dalglish LFC were taking the piss.  If you can't see that then you live in a fairy tale.)  Maxi from last year's performances as well as those in preseason deserves to be ahead of Henderson and even Downing for a place on the wing from the start of the season.  Why has he seen only 13 mins of Premiership football this season then?  

    Lastly, I didn't suggest once that Dalglish should leave.  What I said was "He needs to step up and above his admirable decorum and improve the football on the pitch soon."  That is all.  Perhaps playing players on merit and not waxing lyrical on the performances of his more favoured buys is the way to go.  Just saying.

  43. How much do you want for a cup of coffee ?

    .50p ?

    Listen up , I dont kno you , I dont owe you a thing & if that is how you want to present yerself to me by way of introduction  then you leave me no choice but to treat you like a pan handling beggar ,

  44.  I have just got off the phone with yer Mammy & shes says yer only up late coz ya drank too much juice & she doesnt want ya wetting tha bed again like ya did last night ,

    I told her that you have no excuse seeing as yer 27 yr old but she would have none ov it & she hung up on me .

  45. Dryin' eyes/beatin' chest - same thing at the end of the day.

  46. Err which part did i say i am in love with NUFC. Admire yes but in love with them? C'on even with what little intelligence you have surely you can see that.

    I admire them because despite:

    1) Having a new manager.
    2) Lost most of their best players.
    3) Had to recruit new ones at a much lower cost than us.
    4) Have a much despise owner.
    5) Did not spend 100 mill like us.

    They still did not lose a game and are sitting 3rd, above Chelsea and certainly above us.

    Speaking of being in love why are you so affectionate towards KD despite his incompetence? Now you are starting to give me the creeps?

  47. When Rafa won us the CL in his first season in charge largely with a  team built by the previous manager where were you Liv4life?

    Rafa could be stubborn yes i am the first to admit that but when given proper money he buys proper players such as Torres for 26 mill, Alonso for 10 mill , Reina for 6 mill, Kuyt for 7 mill just some examples.

    Now lets compare with KD, Donkey for 35 mill, Wimp (Henderson) for 20 mill, Suspected winger for 20 mill not to mention a defence that leak goals like a dodgy pipe. This is more or less the same defence that help us finished 2nd just 2 years ago. And Rafa did not have SC to help him.

    Oh did i mention Rafa also have to deal with a pair of cowboys while KD had the full support of Mr. Henry?

    Oh one more thing, did anyone notice that Arsenal is now level with us? Yes the same Arsenal that lost 2 -0 to us and conceded 8 times to M.U.

    So many of us are lost here, why did LFC hire KD as manager in the first place? Not to knock MU off their F****** perch, no?

  48. Dalglish should not be the one to complain about the draw because he put toghether a team that lacks creativity.

    He sold Meireles and let Aquillani go and we all know Milan will never buy him.

    I'm not saying Meireles is as good as Alonso but he is the next best thing Liverpool had to play in his place.

    Liverpool doesn't have wingers to open up tight defence and lacks creativity in midfield. 
    We will see many draws for LFC. It's a good beting tip too.

  49. First of all James i do not dislike Dalglish personally. However i dislike what he is doing to our club.

    I you can recall, CFC sacked Scholari a few years ago mid season and replaced him with Hiddink. It saved their season. If we want CL football next year we have to do the same.

    And based on the rubbish dished out by KD, i would personally apply to Mr. Henry. At least i can promise NOT to spend 35 mill on a donkey.

    Ohh you could apply to James.

  50. Chan- if you want to debate with me, come correct because I'll checkmate you all day.

    Rafa is given propahhhh money he buys propahhhh players???? 

    Babel: 12m (P146 G22)

    Aquilani:  21m (injured at the time of purchase)

    Mascherano: 19m (overrated)

    Robbie Keane: 20m (P28 G7)

    Morientes: 6.3m (P41 G8)

    Dossena: 7m 

    Pennant: 6.7m

    Riera: 8m

    Now, eff off. 

  51. U aren't a LFC fan if you say that KD is incompetent. He has won much so much for LFC back then. He has been out of management for so long and it will take time for he to rebound. He ain't a god u know. Takes time. After all, many people gave the fat spanish waiter so much time. And why can't King Kenny, LFC greatest player ever be given the time.

    True that he may have overspent on over rated players like Carroll for 35m, Downing for 19m, Henderson for 20m and Adam for 7m. But what about Suarez?

    People would argue that 35m bought man city Aguero, and 25m for Silva. Would they have come to LFC? Just check out the 200k wages they have dangled over their heads to sway them. Aguero could have join the two big Spanish clubs but he did not.

  52. Spanish shitty waiter. 6 years - 1 UCL, 1 FA cup and 1 second place. King Kenny - 6 years as player coach and 3 league titles and 3 FA Cups I believe.

    Stop ur RB nonsense. Who sold Alonso and caused our demise. And Arbeloa. Strange that these two players who supposedly under performed are the two main stays in Real Madrid's side.

  53. No one is saying that KD is infallable. But people shld treat Liverpool's greatest player with respect. He may not be the manager he was back in 1990 but at least when the call came, he did not turn away. Imagine with woy hodgson still ard, we would have been playing against Portsmouth in the Championship.

  54. Right first off I asked you two real questions:

    1) When was the last time we had fortress Anfield and who was in charge then?
    2) If you had to replace Dalglish who would you bring in?

    I can sort of see an answer to the second question in that you want us to go for Hiddink who is happy at the Turkish national team and is being coveted by the big spending Russian teams. Is that your real answer? Seriously? And yes of course I can remember him at Chelsea - as I can also remember standing on the Kop for 70p! Can you?  

    You have completely overlooked the first question - you really need to look at the answer here I think you would be surprised. I'd suggest you won't though.  

    Well I think you should dust off your application Chan - I can see your USP to the FSG board - "I promise I won't spend money on players unless they have passed the test on Championship Manager but I don't have any credible plans on how to take the club forward mind" - give him a lifetime contract - he is the one!

    And no mate - I won't be applying - I know my place in life and if I was going to be a football man I would have passed my trial to get to Liverpool schoolboys. I'll leave the expert and all so knowing advice to the likes of yourself who seem to know how to do it better than the professionals and people that are respected in the game.

    Carry on  

  55. James -

    Mascherano overated? 2 managers tried to keep him at Anfield and he is overated. Till today we have not had a proper replacement. Ungratefull yes but overated? Oh dear why did Barca bothered in the first place is beyond many of us.

    Robbie Keane - Was if Rafa's choice?

    Aquilani - He was doing well in Italy AFTER his injuries and finding his form. If KD had given him proper games like he gave that wimp and the donkey Aqua would had done well with us.

    Dossena, Pennant, Riera, Babel, you called that proper money? In this day and age? KD spent 20 mill on a occasional winger and anothr 20 on a wimp.

    And you are supposed to check mate me with that rubbish? try harder next time.

  56. Your lover last won SOMETHING more than 10 years ago.

  57. James - KD built that fortress with someone else team, not his own. That answers your first question.

    Secondly i am not suggesting we gho for Hiddink. Boy you are thick. I was implying if a mistake had been made in appointing KD and he is bringing us on a downward spiral such as now, we could replace him, right now before its too late. That was what CFC did.

    Who could replace KD? Why not Rafa? He still have a home here and he loves LFC to bits.

    Now you did not answer my first question. What did KD bring to table so far. Try to answer this objectively and leave your emotions aside. Tht goes for your friend Brehon too.

    And for the last time, I DO NOT dislike KD personally. I appreciates his contributions in the past as a player and later as manager but he is not cutting it in the modern game anymore and the results shows. Lets put him out of his misery.

  58. First, pay more attention it's not James you should be addressing.

    To me Mascherano is overated, He made too many mistakes.  Guardiola now plays him as Central Defender.  Why? Guardiola realised Masch can't pass nor strike a ball on target.  

    Don't give me this debate that as a Defensive Midfielder your job is not to score and pass.  That's rubbish, at this level you have to have the ability to pass a ball and strike the ball on target, if you can't then you're average.  

    Robbie Keane was purchased by Rafa, please don't give me this rubbish that Rick Parry one day unveiled Robbie Keane to Benitez and said "look what I bought for you!"

    Benitez sold Alonso and purchased Aquilani knowing Aquilani was an injury prone player who at the time was INJURED, where was the due diligence? 
    Therefore we started the season without Alonso or Aquilani.  SUICIDAL.
    The sooner you get it into your head the better, Aquilani is not suited to English football, he's slow.  The reason he is average level in Serie A is due to getting time on the ball to make his passes.  

    Adam (7m) (2 goals and 2 assists)

    Enrique (6m) (0 goals and 3 assists)

    Bellamy (free) (2 goals)

    I would say that was shrewd transfer dealings by KD, 3 very good established premiership players for 13m. 

    Now go home and get your effing shine box.

  59. First sign of a person lacking in intelligence is when they resort to personal abuse to get a point across - say no more.

    So let me try and answer your question objectively wthout emotion. What did Dalglish bring to the table so far(?)

    I seriously can't believe I am answering this but (no emotion)...a year ago a team languishing in the bottom three, playing the worst football I can ever remember being played by the red shirts. A team/squad propagated with people not fit to wear the shirts. A laughing stock in the media and amongst other clubs. A manager who was clearly suffering (rubbing of the head with hands is a haunting image). Dissent amongst the players (Agger / Johnson to name two) and fans.

    January 11 - Dalglish steps in - unity returns, the cloud of despair lifts, players say how happy they are, FSG comment on the atmosphere at the club, start to play pass and move football, fans start to believe again, media image improves, go on a run which sees us narrowly miss out on Europe. Batter Chelsea & Man Utd.

    The summer - ships out a load of dead wood, brings in talent and potential. Still playing attractive football, creating lots of chances (but not taking them - the problem IMO) players still happy.

    Am I missing something? I can't see what the problem with Dalglish is? (and that is objective). The team are still bonding and yes we need to find the strongest position/team formation. But come on the difference in a year is immesurable. 

    And there is an element of contradiction in your post:

    "KD built that fortress with someone else team"


    "Why not Rafa?"   

    Hmmm....Is that the same Rafa who won the Champions League with somebody else's team?

    I'm not having a go at Rafa (as he did fantastically well and was in charge of the team for its greatest game) - just pointing out your hypocrisy and lack of understanding.