7 Nov 2011

Liverpool striker slams 'kneejerk reaction' over Kenny Dalglish...

Former Liverpool striker Stan Collymore has attacked a small section of the club's fans fans for showing 'open dissent' towards manager Kenny Dalglish after the Swansea game at the weekend.

Fans were reportedly booing at Anfield on Saturday after Liverpool were upstaged by Swansea's superior pass and move football, and during Collymore's radio show on that night, there were a few very irate fans (Liverpudlians, it should be added), who were vehemently castigating Dalglish for his perceived failings.

Collymore was incensed by this, and blasted:

"I don't know whether it's a bandwagon-jumping exercise, but all of a sudden, Kenny Dalglish has gone from the man to rescue Liverpool...to facing open dissent.

"From the performances I've seen, it doesn't warrant a kneejerk reaction after dropping points against Norwich and Swansea.

"There should never be open dissent towards Kenny Dalglish because of what he's done for the club. This is the Premier League, and teams will drop points against other teams".

The irony is amusing: Collymore spends most of his time critiquing various teams in the league - including Liverpool - but he then slams for fans for doing exactly the same thing?!

Ridiculous criticism like calling for Dalglish's head is obviously unacceptable (just like it was for Hodgson last season), but the fans' right to provide constructive crticism is, and always should be, inalienable.

It really irritates me how militant super-fans slap-down anyone who criticises the team, using the usual tired rhetoric about how 'real fans are always positive' and blah blah blah, something we saw that endlessly during the reign of Rafa Benitez.

The Pro-Benitez Cult would never countenance any kind of criticism of the man, and if you dared to question his decisions, you'd be attacked from all sides by fawning Benitez acolytes foaming at the mouth about how he was some kind of god-like figure.

Without exception, history proves that a compliant, unquestioning, sycophantic public is a recipe for disaster, and in football it's no different. There have to be checks and balances, and football fans provide the necessary dose of reality required to keep the Premier League's pampered, overpaid primadonnas firmly in the real world.

Without the worldwide fan base, there would be no club; no Premier League status, and no money to pay obscene salaries. It's that simple, and if people - including Collymore - can't hack fair criticism, then tough luck.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. The key word in your article would be "fair"... this is a word that has the possibilities for interpretation obviously! What is fair?

  2.  I do think the' back the lads or F*ck off to Old Trafford' posts on some forums quite amusing Also those trading off their Liverpool postcodes as oracles of what it takes to be a fan If fans kept their gobs shut and simply put up with what's in front of them we would still have  H n G.
    Dalglish is immune from criticism up to a point certainly for those of a certain age . His bond with the club post Hillsborough goes deeper than any silverware he accrued for the club. Hillsborough broke the man like a reed. Three funerals a day would break anyone
    This for me is why he should never have came back 

  3. Fair = any criticism that objectively has merit (i.e. Overspending on players; poor results at home; underperformance of players; management decisions etc) and is not personal in any way.

  4. A lot of fans are wrongly asking for a 3rd change of manager in three years which is plain silly... but conversley a number of fans also fail to acknowledge some of the issues that exist with reaching our aims this season.
    Based on what we have seen thus far I think the majority are now worried if we will break into the CL this year and in my IMO that is justified. We have dropped points at home and as you have argued before when we have picked up points we look far from convincing, our rivals for that spot should be worrying us as Arsenal / Tottenham have both spent less than us and also have a harder task with both competing in Europe this year, an advantage we have.

    Fans who do not want any constructive criticism of the club will slowly lower the expectations, at the beggining of the season fans said we would challenge for the title, then it turned to 4th, we are already now hearing this is a work in progress and we need further funds to secure 4th but IMO that is unacceptable - a lot of money has been provided to achieve that - it appears that it has not been used correctly so of course fans have the right to question this.

    If there was dissent at the end of the game then it occured for a reason, Stan Collymore is wrong to say there should never be open dissent to KD because of what he has done for the club - no one should be bigger than the club

  5. I think it's silly to put anyone in a beyond reproach bracket, yes KD has done wonders for the club in the past and has changed the feeling around the club as well, but in this day and age we need results not feelings, I'm not saying for one moment that we must replace Kenny because that would completely foolish and idiotic. But, things need to pick up, Newcastle have not spent 100mil on players yet they sit 3rd? Yes it's still relatively early in the seaspn but I expect us to be minimum of 4th and to be putting sides like Norwich and Swansea to shame after spending 100mil.

    I'm by no means in the pro-Benitez camp, but imagine he had that 100mil to spend... Just a thought...

  6. played of the park Jaimie? Swansea played well but don't get carried away!

  7. I've changed that sentence; in the second half it was definitely true IMO, but perhaps that was a little too strong, as it suggests the entire game.

  8. "calling for dalglish's head is unacceptable(just like it was for hodgson last season)you still puffin from the hodgson pipe jaimie??the man should never have been let near our great club,a small club man with small club ideas,but anyone could tell you that,you're still salty over it cause you were fightin his corner when the fight was clearly over and it had became obvious he was liverpool's worst managerial appointment since moving pictures were invented!!he even made rafa's last season look like some kind of"golden era"...quite the trick you'll agree?that's why you dissapeared off here for a bit,as inaccurate and blinkered as you can get,some of you're old posts are hilarious,you should take them down..

  9. "all of a sudden, Kenny Dalglish has gone from the man to rescue Liverpool...to facing open dissent."
    Just as it is wrong to display open dissent to Dalglish after 10 or 15 games into the season, it was wrong to brand him 'the man to rescue Liverpool' before any significant time (=testing) had passed. Extremities are never correct.

  10. I haven't had time to watch the game as yet - was it another game following the season long template of playing pretty well in the first half, then being happy to sit back and allow the opposition to play as they see fit in the second half? All the while neglecting to make any changes that may alter the flow of the game?

  11. Exactly - the problem is that it seems that most fans can only deal with extremes nowadays.

    Either the team/manager/players are the best around, or they're completely useless. And any fan that refuses to exude boundless optimism must be a negative prick, while displaying any positivity about the future amounts to you being an unrealistic, video game loving muppet.

  12. Constructive Critics are always welcomed, but the fact is that We're talking about the same old sack manager! bandwagon, after just 11 games.
    This is something different from constructive critics and it's really unfair, especially for a Man like Dalglish, Who did really good things for the Club since the day He took charge.

  13. And it's easy to reminder that Rafa Benitez, during his first season in charge, He had struggled in the league to finish 5th with a bad string of results.

  14. Agreed my friend!!!......Nobody should even be talking about changing manager, we are talking about tinkering with tactics and selection...........what is wrong with that????

  15. Here Here Jaimie! Agree with your points up until you spoke about the supporters of Benitez and there arguments often vehemently defending Benitez. I think it would be more appropriate in this article if you were to specify what exactly the Pro Benitez groups of fans have said. After all it would be better if we "provide constructive criticism". 

  16. It's that simple, and if people - including Collymore - can't hack fair criticism, then tough luck.

    Criticism is fine if its fair but most of your criticism is subjective not objective and certainly not constructive. I hope that Dalglish makes you eat your words and turns this squad of players around and into a team that wins things. I wonder what you would have written about should you have been around to add your critical realism to the all conkering teams of the 70s and 80s. Would Bob Paisley have got it for signing a double winning centre forward and turning him to one of the most complete midfield players this country has ever seen. Would Kevin Mc Donald have been the biggest waste of money of his time. Dalglish would have got it for signing an aging David Speedie..........I could go on but you will get my drift. The fact is Henderson is a kid and will take time to settle as will all the new boys Carroll included. Kenny has been back for 10 months give him a chance. I am not certain what the definintion of a super fan is, I think I am a Passionate fan and I am definately a supporter i want my team to win matches, trophys, titles etc. but i for 1 wont criticise individual players especially 18 yr olds who have come to the club from a different area until I have given them a fair chance (12 months or 40 games) We would all do well to remeber this.   Read more: http://www.liverpool-kop.com/2011/11/liverpool-striker-slams-kneejerk.html#ixzz1d1RTRJrw

  17. Constructive and fair criticism is always welcome. Booing the team and calling for Dalglish's head is a knee-jerking reaction and does not help anyone in any way. Stan Collymore is right.

    And you Jamie... in one article you slate Agger for saying "we were like headless chickens" and in another you slate Collymore for him to slate the booing idiots? Where is your objectivity? Or what sort of logic do you apply when you write the blogs?

    And it is way too often you mention Hodgson as some sort of a martyr and at the same time criticise Kenny for just anything, even where there is nothing about it, like assuming that his tone was irritated at the interview after a bad performance, etc.

  18. Redchica - I think you have the wrong end of the stick here. I didn't slate Collymore over booing; I slated fans for booing at the end of the game. I stated:

    "If fans were booing at the end then that's a disgrace in my view, but typical of the fickleness of fans nowadays".

    I'm not quite sure where you got that from to be honest.

    Re Hodgson: I mention him often to illustrate the hypocrisy of fans. If Hodgson had lost 4-0 to Spurs, and drawn home league games against Swansea, Sunderland and Norwich then he would've been hung, drawn and quartered, which he was.

    At present, Liverpool are closer to the relegation zone than the top of the table. It's ridiculous and unfair to point it out, right? Well, LFC fans did exactly the same thing with Hodgson last season, and that was equally ridiculous.

    I maintain, and will always maintain, that the treatment of Hodgson by fans was a disgrace; and I will continue to highlight it.

  19. Sometimes it is the players that led Kenny down, playing below par most of the times parTiculaRY the bsenior players including Lucas.

  20. Then I do apologise, Jamie. I must have mis-read it.

  21. Totally agrees with you Madness. I was never convince that we could win the title this season but would at least finished 4th or higher considering the amount of money spent and no European distraction.

    One of the main reason in bringing back KD is that he knows the club so learning curve there as what Rafa and Hodgson had to go through.

    Look where are we heading now? If KD can't do the job (on evidnce so far he can't), get someone who can. I think that is not asking for the skies here.

    KD is too stubborn to change tactics and basically out of his depth. Why can't any of you sees this?

  22. Exactly especially the part on Rafa having 100 mill. Just think all my friends.

  23. best perfoming teams in europe have more than two black players, but for LIVERPOOL TO CHANGE, THERE IS A NEED TO ADRESS THAT


  25. So we need more black players to be successful.............LOL, this is not South Africa, what a ridiculous statement, we have Johnson, Wisdom, Sterling, Silva, Sama etc etc...............how many black one's do you want????.............Shall we paint Gerrard black for you?????...............silly silly comment!!!

  26. Stan Collymore is a twat no matter what way ya slice it .

    He is a racist who has beat up numerous white womin & white women only , his opinion is worthless , even if I agree with it on this occasion .


  28. Kenny must take the blame for the points we have dropped so far this season. It is Kenny who picks the team and it is Kenny who has spent a lot of mone. He keeps playing Henderson out of position on the right wing, he keeps picking Lucas in the centre when at home we really do not need a defensive midfielder. He has not given Maxi any playing time, Bellamy has had precious little either. Also at the start of the season we had the strongest and best midfield in the EPL, due to Kenny's decisions to sell or loan, our strength in depth is now minimal meaning we have only Jay Spearing as midfield cover.
    So although it may be early days, Kenny has so far failed to deliver.

  29. ya the kind of players he bought.

  30. Reina......Kelly Carra Agger Enrique......Lucas Adam.......Downing Gerrard Bellamy......Suarez.......................you can change Carra for Sketl if you like??, Downing was Villa's double player of the year on the right last season. This would allow Gerrard to play off Suarez like Torres did at his best!!!!. Kelly is more solid than Johnson and Adam can join in the attacks and also help out Lucas!!!!........................this 4-2-3-1 formation is a better fit for our players!!!!.................Subs from Carroll, Kuyt, Maxi, Henderson, Coates, Johnson, Skertl, etc etc....

  31. Agreed, Lucas is just NOT GOOD enough, said that many times ago. Somehow, some people keep defending him, i.e., if not for Lucas, Liv could have fared  worst. Well, if Liverpool wants to be just a mediocre team, field Lucas all games. Last game, Kuyt should has replaced Lucas instead of Henderson.

  32. Fair play to collymore for once instead of jumping on the band wagon, shocked i have wrote that!
    Kenny has come out and said it was n't goog enough and had a little jibe at Carroll that he his sure that he did n't miss on purpose!
    Every one wants the British players dropped but at Man City and Mancini' they bombed out Robinho,Jo,Adeybayor,Elano,Boateng,Santa Cruz and the looks of it Tevez.
    Mancini has kept at Man City a strong English influence in their team with Hart,Richards,Lescott,our mate Barry,Milner,Adam Johnson and also picked up Hargreaves these are n't just squad players either they are playing a part week in week out.
    Some will say yes they are better but some of these were n't at 19/20 and were struggling Souness with his Milner comment at Newcastle "We'll never win anything with a team of James Milners." everyone laughed when they forked out for Lescott but has played every game this season Richards was going no where at City and looked liked he was going to sold but look at him now and Barry has done well in his position and keeps De Jong out and Hart who is now one of the best keepers in the Premier League.
    Because of City splashing out on the above players is why English players are expensive.
    Mancini has then added somemore class like Sliva,Toure and Nasri.
    All teams that have won the premier league have had a strong British presence look at SAF and his teams over the years . 

  33. I object to you censoring my comment in which I refereed to Collymores criminal record for racist behavior toward white women only ,  & the racist incidents he was arrested for in both Australia & Ireland  in order to clarify why I regard his opinion worthless & he himself as a man of little or no moral standards .

    I forgot to add he is a self confessed sex pervert who practiced group sexual gratification in public car parks among strangers who were the same sex as him .

    He is also a reported drug abuser who checked himself into rehab clinics in the past .

  34.  How did anyone over spend on players when we only have 19 senior players when we are allowed 25 ?

    Clearly we have underspent as our league performance to date confirms as does our squad numbers .

    We dont set the prices we just pay the asking price , that is the business we are in whether you like it or not .

  35. We need players of a high enough standard regardless of their skin pigmentation & his comment is clearly based on pure ignorance & racial prejudice .

    It is as racist as claiming Black Slaves were better cotton pickers in Americas deep south because they could tolerate the heat better than European workers .

    The double standards in this Mammys Boy Police State sicken me .

  36. I'm sorry if you object, Brehon, but what Collymore has done outside football is irrelevant to the current football discussion. Plus, you make accusations against him (i.e. racism) that have not been proven, and could be construed as defamatory. If that was the case, it would be my ass in a sling, not yours as I would be vicariously liable.

  37. For the last 6 years nearly we have played with TWO holding midfield players to protect the back four, if you remove Lucas you then open up the back 4 players like Sktrel and Agger have nearly always had the protection of a Sissoko, Spearing,Lucas,Mascherano,Hamman or Alonso style sitting midfield player in front of them.Lucas stopped Swansea attacking through the middle and the way they were playing they could have given us more problems, most of the attacks from Swansea went down the wing.
    Lucas recorded the best stats in possession of the 22 who started the game. He passed the ball 66 times with an accuracy of 95.5 per cent, only three per cent of his passes were long.

  38. I appreciate you may be threading a fine line but I can assure you I merely pointed out what he has been arrested & or charged with criminal prosecution for , it is public knowledge & he is a grown man in full control of his faculty’s .

    His reported drug use was made in the national press & he has never contested the matter in court let alone been awarded damages so I am perfectly within my rights to mention it .

    In closing you have the record of each & every IP address that has ever posted to your site as does whichever server you are paying to host it & should any prosecution arise It wont take Inspector Clouseau to find me & issue me with a warrant , in no country in the western world without legal power of attorney are you legally considered your brothers keeper let alone any strangers  keeper , like I said I appreciate you have a fine line to thread but in this case Collymore is the author of his own disaster .

  39. So in effect we have been playing with 6 defenders, is it any wonder we underperformed and have no silverware.
    Defenders defend, midfielders create and strikers score. The whole team defends as a unit to assist the defenders.
    Our midfield at the moment of Lucas and Adam has to be the poorest & slowest midfield in the EPL.
    Stats don't always paint the true picture, if all Lucas's passes are 3 yard sideways or backwards passes then it achieves very little.
    Lucas has a role to play but not at home and certainly not against newly promoted teams.

  40. not sure what that is in response to, but Wisdom, Sterling, Silva, Sama etc the reserves and the first team are two totally different entities...

  41. I've seen it said a number of times that we need more Spanish players to be more successful. Is that a racist comment?

  42. It was just as much of a kneejerk reaction for the majority to over-exaggerate the quality of play last season (e.g. Dalglish is the ONLY man that could've turned Liverpool's season around; play like this and we'll definitely be champions etc), as it is for the minority group to decide that Dalglish's methods will never work again and he needs to move on asap...

  43.  Didnt you read my disgust at the double standard that exists in this perverted mammys boy police state ?

    Racisim is either one thing or it is the other it cant be both things at once & if its ok to call out for more positive discrimination (Tokenism) towards players of a certain race then equally it is ok to discriminate against them negatively (Racism).

    Fact is you are pro discrimination & like Collymore himself are therefore totally devoid of any credibility .

  44. Are you saying that because they are paid thousands of pound per week by one of the worlds 10 richest clubs that they are being discriminated against because you disagree with the team selection based on yer own ignorant footballing opinions ?

    Hows about the fact that none of them live in Buckingham palace ?

    Charity does not = justice .

  45. Yea Liverpool should sack him & install a black manager like Paul Ince .

  46. My word, what has happened to our fans. Honestly it is down right pathetic.

    Lets just look at the 09/10 season which has been one of worst seasons in years. 7th in the league, knocked out in the first round of the CL. Rafa lost the plot yet his die hard supporters would let hell freeze over if booing was heard at Anfield when the team performed like donkeys. They would scream, curse, spit fire and go of their rocker saying that it is against Rafa's laws. Double standards maybe?

    I can bet my house that many Rafa fans are calling for Kenny's head? It has not even been a year and now it is Dalglish OUT? How many times in six years did 'smaller' teams come to Anfield and make us look amature under Rafa?

    Lets look at Rafa and where his team was after 11 matches in each of his 6 seasons...

    04/05 - 7th
    05/06 - 8th
    06/07 - 8th
    07/08 - 7th 
    08/09 - 2nd
    09/10 - 7th

    I was an avid Rafa preacher until the end of 07/08 and not once in that space of time did I call for his head.

    It has been a year people, our club was on the verge of destruction not so long ago, many players have left and new ones have joined, we have new coaching staff, new manager, new ideas and this many changes will take time to level out.  

    Rafa was given a chance wasn't he?  

  47. but what should have happen if  ther wasn t kenny? if it was for another manager i think that everyone is asking for his sack,like what happened last year.and yes , none is bigger then LFC so if we spend 100 mln and ther isn t any progres yes fans have the right ask questions.we are LFC supporters for ever and don t forget that when kenny sences trouble he just left us and went to manage another pl club.

  48. Superb argument, excellently expressed

  49. booing is not really the liverpool way, but the fans have been through a lot in recent times and patience has been taken to the maximum. its just pure frustration, especially as competition for top four aint wat it was, there is now spurs and city more equipped than us squad wise, so the realality is the likely hood of us getting champs league if we continue as we are aint gona happen.
    and it hurts and will have a knock on effect as we know.
    if fans pay there hard earned money, especially in this hard times financially.
    does not matter who is in charge, there entitled to voice there opinion. its nothing personal towards kenny, players need to stand up and be counted.
    as for the raffa issue, raffa was never in my opinion given a propper lump of cash like maybe kenny has, he was given dribbs and drabs and wheeled and dealed best he could. otherwise i really think we would of had the likes of silva and villa seasons ago.
    collymore likes the sound of his own voice, dont know who he thinks he is.

  50. I have huge respect for Rafa Benitez who like anyone had his failings.  I strongly object to being called a member of a cult and will be taking this matter up with the webmaster.  This is slander.

  51. Lowee

    I am not trying to attack Benitez. He won the CL in 2005 and straight after that the FA Cup. Many people have argued that the team he left after six years was better than the team which won the CL. If you can win the CL with what was claimed to be inferior to a team which could not win anything in four seasons then there is no room for using excuses like money. Benitez was a master in Europe and I will admit that but he proved that he was not fit for the English game. 08/09 should have seen us crowned Champions. There should be no excuses for finishing second that season. Not money, not the owners, not the referees, not fergie...NOTHING.

  52. With regards to Hodgson being hung drawn and quartered, I believe that the teams performances where shocking overall, aswell as how most of his signings etc performed. I actually think we've looked pretty good most games this season. We're creating a lot of chances and seem to be really unlucky. I definitely think there's a lot of knee jerking going on, we're not exactly miles away from the top 4. And we should be beating Swansea but we don't have a divine right to just take 3 points off them.

  53. But he wasnt black so he didnt deserve a chance , it was Racism .

  54. Just been reading some of these comments-mad. Somebody crying about Jamies figure of speech 'pro Benitez cult', someone else saying we need more black players-is Messi or Ronaldo black? I'd have thought we just need to find our shooting boots and make the posts an crossbar thinner! We need a bit more luck, composure, and our fans can't expect us to beat every team, like the England fans an the English press seem to. We'll improve, I think we'll go on a run soon to be honest, an I don't think ya can sack kenny after a quarter of a season, or just over. Get a grip.

  55.  Thats ridiculously harsh .

    There was no excuse for dropping from 2'nd to 7'th , but to say there was no excuse for not winning the league makes a mockery of the standard of professional football in England ,

    You need to give yer head a shake .

  56. You blame luck after 5 years? Come on mate, really? What do you blame then for the season following 08/09? Ah, money I guess? How did Rafa win the CL in 2005 but finished behind our neighbours in 5th that season? You need to finish 4th in order to qualify for the CL. So you can win the CL but fail to qualify for it?

  57. So what was the reason for us losing to the title to the mancs then? Sorry mate but back then I was sick of the excuses going around. Fact is and it is a fact, we should have finished first that season.

  58. was it that goal against stoke we had disalowed that turned out to be a draw? then one hit wonder macheda (spelling) scored that goal for united when they shouldnt of won etc etc.
    you need a bit of luck, united have it, we dont or didnt.
    also small squad we had. your right we should have won the league that season. tell me why we did not?

  59. no he was not given a fair chance,financially kenny has better owners backing him 

  60. Fact is that the best team/squad/club over 38 games always wins the league , always did , aw]lways will , no if's but's and's or maybes about it & like it or not we just werent the best team over the entire League season , just like we havent been since 1990 .

    Analyse that in , out & all around  if you like but from the point ov view of the quality of our management & playing staff only Houllier wasnt up to the job in terms of ability , in my opinion , Souness , Evans & Rafa were all the right men for the job within their time but for one reason or another it just didnt work out .

    My personal belief is that once Evans went so did our genuine title aspirations & we ceased to be an ambitious club & became a money grabbing business happy to deliver the bare minimum of top 4 & a cup run to appease the fans because season upon season after the numbers were crunched it was more profitable than chasing major titles .

    That was the root of all Rafa's problems & sadly for Rafa he fought fire with fire & got sacked , perhaps the board manipulated the players & played their part in him losing a dressing room he himself had assembled but we should have progressed further under Rafa than we did & Rafa was undermined by a dishonest boardroom .

    The Best team/squad/club won the title in 09 ... just like it does every season .

    Sorry if that burst yer bubble .

  61. Kanwar you are anti Benitez to the extreme watch your comments they do offend! Rafa was never backed properly like Kenny has now, Imagine what he could have achieved if he was?

  62. We need a Black manager .

    Sack Kenny & make Paul Ince Manager .

  63.  Imagine what Graham Souness or Roy Evans or Gerard Houllier could have achieved if a fairy twinkled fairy dust all over your notions ?

    Rafa spent hundreds of millions of pound during his era , he bought a few decent players but he bought some awful ones too , Rafa had his time , move on .

  64. What was a disgrace was, for example, playing defensive football against Blackpool and wolves ...... at Anfield

  65. well said.  Konchesky and poulsen weakened us significantly.  two old players on hefty contracts.....

  66. So Dalglish should be persecuted ?

    Thats simply idiotic .

    We dont deserve a manager or owners the quality we have & deserve to be relegated if the majority of our fans are like you .


  67. Misinformed.... net spend is worth checking you see.  Selling to buy.  Wanting to buy Stevan Jovetic AND Aquilani to replace Alonso, but no money in the pot.  Oh how things could have been different if Jovetic had signed and carragher had not sought to split the dressing room by dissing his manager and refusing to play right back at Boro that time.

    And being told your first choice targets are too expensive - hence players like Pennant arrive who are more interested in beer and clubbing than working.

  68. Do seriously believe the fans had anything to do with H&G being forced to sell the club?

  69. Liverpool will win nothing unless they spend another £100 Million. We have slipped so far down the rankings that we are looked at as a 6th-7th place team FACT!
    I have said all along that Kenny was the right man to come in...BUT.... Only on a temp basis to stabilise the Club.
    We need a Young Manager with NEW ideas and an energy that will get Liverpool Football Club's heart beating again.
    Either the players are crap or the manager is crap ???? Kenny has been out the game to long and it has shown in his interviews by the way he snaps at reporters and tells no-one nothing.
    Football is a different game in comparison to the 80s/90s yet Kenny says its still the same old??? Well that to me says it all.
    We have not just been knocked off our perch.... We were blown off with a frigging Bazzoka!!!!!
    Scum united,man Shitty,Totscum,Arsenal,Chavski, are so far ahead of us and we refuse to acknowledge it!!! We scream about our history yet we haven't won anything since 2006..... That's SIX YEARS!!!! Of letting these other clubs tread all over us.
    I blame David Morgan and Thick Parry for selling us in the first place! Useless TWATS!!! Hicks n Gillette screwed us big time and now John Henry has a MASSIVE task ahead of him.
    Now I believe this..... He has given Dalglish a chance just to appease the fans ... Soon Kenny will step down onto a royal Red carpet into the board room with a golden hand shake for stabilising the club, Now if he wins anything then that is a bonus, if he gets us in to the top four then he will be remembered as a genius.

  70. Spurs are several seasons into some major spending.  

    They have successfully held down their wage bill but are severely restricted now as the next step is to both spend big and pay big wages (and they're gonna need a new manager).

  71. It's not really £100m.  WE didn't spend £35m on carroll.  It was never Carroll or £35m in the bank.  It was Carroll PLUS £15m in the bank.

  72. Hodgson made his own bed.  The team barely created chances in games, always looked vulnerable and mid table was not only the best he could do with a team stuffed full of internationals, but was actually his aim.

    The fact is even with a mediocre performance like against Swansea, the chances were there to win the game, as has been in all but one match this season.

    There is zero comparison to last season.  Chalk and cheese.  Dalglish - Hope, Hodgson - Hopeless.  Evidence based.

  73. Swansea packed the midfield and actual attack was limited to counters.  Because they can pass aswell, they dominated our midfield through numbers mainly but greatly assisted by their skill.

    Lucas and Adam were essentially fighting 3 or 4 players esp. when Hendo went off.  And with Adam we never own the midfield.

    We needed to go 1 up front and use 3 behind to bring Lucas and adam closer to the forwards and pressure their midfield.  We needed to use the wings more, esp the right.

    But for all the regular critics of the new players, we could have won every game bar one, and comfortably so, as you say.  That is Dalglish's achievement.

    I think this team's time is the run in to the end.  The last 10 games, just because team maturity just takes a little time.  

    I think the same players will still look unconvincing, but the penny will drop and goals will come just from the extra playing together.

  74. Even though Kenny is the King, he is after all, a loyal servant to the club. I trust Kenny not because I think he's the best but because he will do whatever that is in the best interest of the club. And I believe that if he ran out of ideas, he will not drag the club down and pass the responsibility on.


  76. Are you serious?, Paul Ince??.........You're kidding, no???, cause if you're not you really should concentrate on......Baseball!!!.

  77. It depends where you deploy your 2 holding midfield players they should be pushed up field and not directly in front of the defence they don't need to be defensive like Lucas you can play different combinations and not get crowded out in midfield like Saturday 3 or 4 against 2 when they broke. 

  78. Do you actually ever watch Liverpool play???

  79. Surely, you're not that thick, are you? Brehon

  80. Surely, you're not that thick, are you? Brehon.........Oops...you're joking!.     

  81. Everyone has an opinion, Brehon, if someone differs from yours, it doesn't mean that, you're right and everyone else is wrong. Get it!!!.

  82. We should have won the league it was draws at home against Stoke,Hull and West Ham earlier in the season that cost us,not playing Keane or give someone else a chance up front in January when we only picked up 3 draws against Stoke 0-0,Everton1-1 and Wigan1-1.
    Most fans would agree after 4 years in charge we should have beaten these teams to win the league which rafa was aiming for that season.

  83. Failure to beat the promoted teams Hull and Stoke at home then Stoke away!