14 Nov 2011

Liverpool Legend taken to hospital...

Liverpool goalkeeping legend Ray Clemence is in hospital after falling ill on the eve of England's friendly with Spain.

The FA confirmed in a statement that Clemence has been taken ill:

"Ray Clemence has been unwell while with England and is having tests in hospital. At this time Ray would like to thank everyone for the kind messages he's received and the FA would like to request privacy for his family."

Clemence won 61 England caps and made an amazing 665 appearances for Liverpool, and is widely regarded as the club's Liverpool's greatest ever goalkeeper.

I've had the pleasure of meeting Clemence on several occasions over the years, and he's a really warm, friendly man.

Get well soon, Ray!

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. This is a bit positive Jaimie where's the catch mate? Has the mrs just promises you a bit when ya get in? haha.

  2. To start with Suarez needs a better conversion rate - more effective finishing, extra final pass etc.  
    So does Carroll though he hasn't played as much.

    Then we can be concerned if others aren't stepping up to the plate.

    Adam will be lucky to exceed his Blackpool total of 4 goals (not incl. pens).  Hendo has a big learning curve on the right and should take Adam's place, then buy a right wing man.

    Nicol doesn't acknowledge the fact that all the forward players are new and need to create a new system for them.  That's tough, but FSG have clearly plumped for that as a strategy.  It's a mistake in my view, but they've decided to take the pain up front.

    Better to add one or two players on top of what you have and then add more each txfer window to develop the team.  That way players arrive and fit into a working system.  

    These guys don't have that luxury, and it's amazing they've created what they have given that.  Shame our strikers haven't been able to finish.  

    Bet Adam never unlocks Carroll but Stevie does it almost straight away.

  3. kenny's way is not the Liverpool way.

    ignoring the few months when hodgson was in charge, I have not seen a more badly disorganised Liverpool side since the Souness era.

  4. Yeah, well, you know, that's just, like, your opinion, man.

  5. I don't know if I'm watching a different Liverpool team to some posters on here but we're 3 points behind Fourth, one of the better defensive records, we're creating a stupid amount of chances too. So, how does a disorganised team manage to do this??????? Please explain.

  6. Oh dear

    One thing is for sure, you are going to be moping around for the rest of the season because Adam will feature in the starting 11 as long as he stays fit :)

    Let me bet, you are probably hoping he gets injured?

  7. I reckon kenny will get there but will have save his own bacon before certain players bring him down.  I'm hoping the overpriced rate we have paid for average english players does not be his downfall.  The good thing is we are creating chance which is a start, just need to bring in hopefully some world class addtions who will make that difference in the team.  Carragher should not be an automatic starter anymore, yeah given us good service over the years but he's becoming a liability..