30 Nov 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Liverpool FC midfielder mugged *UPDATED*

Liverpool FC youngster Marc Pelosi has revealed on Twitter that he was mugged a few hours ago in Liverpool.

The 17 year old American, who recently arrived at Anfield from DeAnza Force Club in California, tweeted the following:

"At police station, just got mugged by two angry scousers on bikes! I'm ok though..."

The tweet has since been removed by Pelosi, but it was retweeted by dozens of people prior to removal:


Pelosi (thankfully) didn't suffer any injuries, and there's no indication that any of his personal possessions were actually stolen.

Reports that one of his assailants was wearing an Everton shirt are unconfirmed at this stage.

UPDATE: Pelosi's Twitter account has now been closed. I wonder if the club had anything to do with it...?

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Hha.. I fitting introduction to life in Liverpool :/

  2. Dirt bags, he's only a kid

  3. Giving the city of Liverpool a bad name. Could be the work of scums.

  4. I imagine that these low life's will be outed and dealt with in true Liverpudlian tradiation, "You will never walk alone"

  5. we are all behind you mark...you'll never walk alone