30 Nov 2011

CRAIG BELLAMY: "He's up there with the best I've ever played with..."

Craig Bellamy has played alongside some fantastic players in his two spells at Liverpool, and also during his career generally, but who is the best he's ever played with?

Bellamy, who created both Liverpool goals against Chelsea in the Carling Cup quarter final, enthused:

"Stevie is still special. This year, he has been coming back from injury but he still has that aura about him, and he still has that feeling of what Liverpool is all about.

"As a complete player, he's up there with the best I've ever played with. He has everything to his game, and even his heading is exceptional.

"Suarez is doing well trying to overtake him at this moment - he's wowed me every time I see him play, but overall, I'd have to say Steven is the best player I've played with at Liverpool"

With any luck, Bellamy will be playing alongside Gerrard for a few years to come

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. your not a bad un yourself bellers , hope you get lot more starts we,re a better team with you in it

  2. Bellamy is always welcomed by the club.

  3. I hope you get a lot more starts,the team are far better with you in it Bellars.

  4. i thnk hes great player he should be a starter in the liverpool team every week