25 Nov 2011

Liverpool Defender: "He is too worried about scoring goals..."

Former Liverpool defender Dominic Matteo has revealed his concern about Andy Carroll's continued inability to stamp his physical authority on games, and he argues that the former Newcastle Striker needs to stop worrying so much and just play his natural game.

Matteo, who made 155 appearances for Liverpool, observed:

"He [Carroll] is too worried about scoring goals. He should just play his own game.

"At Newcastle he roughed people up, and that’s the one thing Liverpool haven’t had for a long time — a centre-forward who roughs people up.

"He’s a big lad, he should be pushing people out of the way.

“It’s a bit early to judge, but it was a lot of money paid. So I can understand why the fans are judging him".

Like Stewart Downing, Andy Carroll is out of his element, and it appears that he hasn't really made the mental transition from Newcastle to Liverpool.

Spending time on the bench will not help his confidence but he only has himself to blame for dropping out of the first team.

In his press conference on Thursday, Kenny Dalglish stated that Carroll's two goals against City last season will make no difference to his selection chances for this Sunday's game, but I have a feeling that he may return to the starting line up.

That would be the wrong decision in my view, but how long can Dalglish justify keeping a £35m striker on the bench? It's all well and good saying 'if you sulk, you're out', but I doubt FSG see will it that way. To them, Liverpool is an investment, and they'll want to see a return on that investment.

I doubt FSG will be impressed by seeing a £35m asset regularly on the bench, and if it continues, Dalglish will have some tough questions to answer, and his status as a Liverpool legend will not be enough to deflect those questions.

We all love to believe that Liverpool managers are not influenced by price-tags when it comes to team selection, but that's just not reality. Dalglish will (IMO) have to play Carroll to justify the huge financial outlay.

So, expect to see Carroll back in the team very soon, even though it's detrimental to the way Liverpool want to play.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Do You already know Kenny's starting line up? Your article appears like a sort of preliminary inquisition against any possible decision will be made by Kenny.
    We'll wait and see. Liverpool won games this season with or without the presence of Andy Carroll on the bench. In your view Downing is in the out of favour line alongs with Carroll, but the reality is that Downing is in different situation just now: Downing's start of life at Anfield's been promising, with some reminiscents of great football style. After a bright start, now Downing is enduring a bad moment, but don't forget He's playing great football for England's side.
    Hendo has definitely shown great glimpses of football: He's one for the future.

  2. carroll will come good  once he relaxes and starts to believe in  himself again hendo will certainly be a first eleven next season downing is out of his depth at best a sub . alot of money spent alot more to spend to get close to where we should be . YNWA.

  3. Carroll knows how good he is and 35million is 30million too much

  4. Mentality from Newcastle to Liverpool? So, from being a footballer to being a pikey and a thief?

  5. dont know why people read your crap....... all you do is up LFC down 

  6. Matteo is spot on here.

  7. Carrol cost nothing you idiot .

  8. well he did even though we got the money for Torres we still could of gone out and bought a top striker to play along Suarez but give him time he will be great for us he is only in his 20s so long time to go yet

  9. In all reality Carrol was a panic buy. It will be best served if Liverpool admit to that and move on. Sell him in January and bring in a striker to complement Saurez playing style and a speedy skiilful winger because we have no speed to open defences up.

  10. Caroll is not the finished article yet, give him anoher year with games and you'd see thie diffence.

  11. Fuck me, it must be so tedious having to approve every single comment individually!! How incredibly laborious is that... plus completely stifles the flow of chat - what an utter shame!!!

  12. Refs have also been unkind to Andy in any aerial duels and keep blowing him.

  13. It really surprises me that you dumbasses actually think you know better. bwahahaha. Heres a clue - you have no clue. Let the experts handle it because they will F guaranteed do a better job than you.

  14. With any luck Judas will never come good and will be a 4 mil signing for a team like wigan/west brom - prick

  15. So hold on...by your logic

    ...torres cost nothing when we bought him because the likes of bellamy were sold..

    Aquilani cost nothing we sold Alonso for 30million and we were given 12million as a gift too.

    Glen Johnson cost nothing too cos 12million from Alonso deal plus 7million from crouch deal.

    mirelies and poulson came for nothing too..mascherano deal paid for them.

    We are the only club in the world who buy players for nothing ...THANKS FOR CLEARING UP THE CONFUSION

  16. I disagree with this writer.Price tag should not be an influencing factor to a player's selection.Carrol should blame himself and not KK.If a wrong selection is made and we lost a match,it will be this very writer of this article who will come out first for KKs head.Carrol isnt fit in this type of tempo match

  17. Yes of course, Carroll should start pushing people in matches and not worry about the net.

    KD : Andy! Andy! move around! find some space and give Luis some options!

    AC : But boss Kompany and Lescott are on the floor? Im playing my natural game.

    According to Dominic Matteo he should forget about trying to learn the Liverpool way, the pass and move style. He needs to work on his passing, touch and everyone can see he needs to work on movement and positioning. I cant see Matteos ideas working for Andy Carroll.

    AC: What we doing? Why all the cows man?

    KD: Okay Andy, you have to push all these Cows over, dont look over there its just Luis practicing closing down players forget that, your natural game is strength so follow the Matteo strikers coaching regime. Push all the cows!

  18. Carroll will come come good but at a different club.

  19. Can we really take you seriously after stating that referees keep blowing Carrol. That gave me a really good laugh, numbnuts