26 Nov 2011

Former LIVERPOOL Manager blasts: "I think he's a poor professional..."

A few weeks ago, Graeme Souness labelled Carlos Tevez a 'bad apple' and a 'disgrace to football', and was promptly met with a legal threat from Tevez's lawyers. Well, the threat doesn't seem to have made any difference because another former Liverpool manager has very publicly attacked the Argentinean striker.

When asked about Tevez on LFC TV yesterday, Roy Evans delivered the following scathing assessment:

"We shouldn't really be talking about him. You only get him for two games a year. As a professional he's been a disgrace. I think he's been a disgrace.

"When you're playing for a club, you don't have to like the manager, but at the end of the day, you should be there playing, and he's not, and I think he's a poor professional".

Attacking Tevez is de rigeur these days, but quite a few Liverpool fans seem to disagree with Evans and Souness. A month ago, I conducted a survey on this site asking if fans would take Tevez at Anfield. Almost 70% of the 3000 voting fans were in favour of the move.

Go figure.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. In my opinion, Tevez is a man of extremely low intelligence and questionable morals. Why any supporter would want him on their team beggars belief. OK! Said my two penny's worth, now to wait for the inevitable letter from the lawyers to plop through the letterbox!

  2. The fact that the toys come out the pram when anyone questions anything about him, just shows his inability to look within.  Possibly he needs counselling to change his view that he is right and the world is wrong, but he is so "convinced" this will never happen of course!
    Just imagine if he could though! If he channelled all that anger and misguided belief into his already fantastic talent, he would be almost untouchable. Sort yourself out lad, NOW for your own sake

  3. Forget Tevez - Lavezzi is a player of similar quality and a better attitude than him - if we could get him to Anfield it would be great but price tag will be high

  4. that's a poll where people are lookin at his talent rather than the person he is,would'nt want him next or near our club,he's a disgrace and i personally think he'll be regarded as a groundbreaker of sorts,other players are gonna start behavin ala tevez,he's a rotten example and leading football down a really bad road...

  5. I don't understand the fans who wanted Tevez at Anfield. Even Comolli said one day that situation such as the one with Tevez gives him a bad sleep when he imagines something like that happening at LFC.
    It's not enough to be a good player to be a Liverpool player. One should also have a lot of commitment and high work ethics. Something that Tevez clearly lacks.

    I feel sorry for him, and I tend to blame Mancini too for what has happened - I think it was a big clash of egos... but... at the end of the day, Tevez didn't show himself as a good professional, and even if he is the best footballer ever, I won't like him anywhere near Anfield.

  6. Tevez is utter crap.He's talented and plays well, so what ?? Its not like there is no one as talented as him. CRon was more talented and had a much bigger ego than this chap. But he was a good professional. When he was at United it was easy to want him at your club. But having seen him now, anybody wanting him on their team roster is disillusioned. I have heard a lot about the 'Liverpool way' and I don't see how Tevez fits in there. In fact he dsesn't fit in the 'football way' either.