21 Nov 2011

JOE COLE admits: "Liverpool is a blot on my career..."

When Joe Cole arrived at Anfield, he was heralded by many as the apparent missing link in Liverpool's formation. According to Roy Hodgson, senior players like Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher had endorsed the signing, and were excited about what Cole could bring to the team. Alas, it just didn't work out for the former Chelsea player, and looking back now, Cole - who is now at Lille - has regrets about making the decision to come to Anfield.

In an interview with the BBC, Cole freely admitted that joining Liverpool was mistake:

"If I could go back and change things, I probably wouldn't have signed for Liverpool. I don't mean that in a nasty way though; it just didn't work. I came in at the wrong time; wrong style of manager; the team was low on confidence; the club was low.

"It was tough because I didn't play. I don't know ether it was a mistake for me, or for them - it just didn't fit last year. It could've worked, but it didn't.

Cole has no complaints about how he was treated at Anfield though:

"The people there were good to me, as were the managers I played under; the people in and around the stadium; the fans; my teammates. I wish them well, and I'm still a Liverpool player".

Although things didn't go as planned, Cole is keen to stress that he bears no ill-will towards anyone at Liverpool:

"I've got no hard feelings at all, and if I go back there this summer, I'd give it another go with all my energy and all my desire, and try and make it work, because it's a blot on my career that I would like to make right".

I don't think Cole returning to Liverpool is a realistic possibility at this stage. He seems to be doing well for Lille at the moment anyway, and if he keeps it up, it's highly probable that a permanent deal will be on the cards at some stage.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. No ill will!!!! Bumper wages and signing on fee for a frills player who spent years playing a supporting role to a world class Chelsea side

    He has probably reached about 60% of his potential

  2. Poor Joe. Poor little Joe.

  3. paid top dollar for doing bugger all. How gracious of dear Joe not to have left him a bitter and twisted man

  4. no appologies, no thanks just no hard feelings. aquilani is even more ungracious in fact he is a - i best not.

  5. over rated and full of excuses.  His best excuse was 'his form dipped due to lack of sleep having been kept up all night by his new born baby'  haha classic.  

  6. aint dead yet jamiee?

  7. Heralded by many as the missing link, but I always thought that he wouldn't fit in and didn't see the point in signing him (much like with Robbie Keane).

    Oh well, hopefully he does well in France - not just so that we get a fee for him, but also to encourage more English players to prove their quality abroad, instead of just bleating on about the higher level of quality needed to make it in the Premiership and moaning about the number of foreigners coming over

  8. wise up joe, you had about 2 good years and chelsea, and mourinho found you out, apart from that you have done nothing else to be proud of