15 Nov 2011

KEVIN KEEGAN: Shankly's departure from Liverpool 'wasn't handled properly'

Anfield legend Kevin Keegan has always been refreshingly honest when it comes to talking about his career, and in a recent interview, the former England Manager spoke of his sadness over the way legendary Liverpool manager Bill Shankly was treated by club after he left.

Speaking to the official LFC site, Keegan argued that Liverpool should have taken a different approach over Shankly's departure from Anfield:

"The saddest thing is - and it's a lesson for any football club - if you've got someone like him [Shankly], try and find the solution that's right for everybody.

"I mean, he ended up going to watch Everton train. It was difficult because he was coming back early days, and Bob was there. It was a difficult situation, but it wasn't handled properly. It was a shame really".

Shankly's departure from Anfield hit Keegan very hard, and it proved to be a decisive moment:

"It was the beginning of the end for me at Liverpool. I remember being devastated, and just hoping that it wasn't true. I couldn't believe it, and I couldn't get used to it.

"Most of the older players.thought it would blow over, but it didn't; and he left, and when he left, for me, half the club left.

"That's no disrespect to anybody else; the players, the fans, or Bob who took over, who we respected in a different way but loved just as much as Shanks.

"I just felt that half my life had gone; well, three quarters actually".

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Keegan just said hie piece. When you are no longer in authority, anything goes.

  2. Hey Jaimie, is it true that you promised to pay £500 to Hillsborough charity but never did?


  3. What happened to no one person being bigger than the club

  4. Jaimie, is it true that you promised to pay £500 to Hillsborough charity but now refuse?


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