2 Nov 2011

GILLESPIE: "He is not indispensable, and he needs to realise that..."

Andy Carroll scored his second league goal of the season against West Brom on Saturday, and after recently admitting that he was 'disappointed' to be spending so much time on the bench, he'll probably be looking to start every game from now on. Former Liverpool defender Gary Gillespie doesn't think this is likely to happen though.

Speaking on the LFC TV Channel, Gillespie argued:

"I don't think that will happen [Carroll playing every game]. As Kenny has often said, modern day football is a squad game of 25 players, and you're going to have to utilise that right throughout the season as a result of injuries, suspensions, or lack of form.

"There will be times when he'll be sat on the bench, just like Dirk Kuyt was on the bench against West Brom. I think he's got to take that on the chin and realise that, take it on board that he's not indispensable, because I don't think he is".

"If Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher can miss the west Brom game, and they can go out and play well, then it just shows you that there is strength in depth".

At the moment, Carroll is arguably expendable in the first team; Luis Suarez is an example of the kind of player who is indispensable, and it would be great if Carroll upped his game and got to that sort of level. Is that possible though?

If the Liverpool team was set-up to serve Carroll and play only to his strengths then it would be possible, but as Gillespie argued a few days ago, it's up to Carroll to adapt to the team's preferred style of play (fast, flowing pass and move), not the other way round.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. He's not going anywhere so we have time to find out just what he will do with the next 4 years on his contract.

  2. I've seen Carroll 5 times at The Hawthorns in recent years, and he's never failed to disappoint. He almost contrived to miss the chance he converted on Saturday. Still, an improvement on his last appearance down here when he spent most of his time on his arse moaning about his treatment from Jonas Olsson. You lot deserve better than that.

  3. jonas olsson is a dirty little cunt

  4. I think Carroll is a decent footballer but I don't think defenders have too much trouble containing him.
     Marking up against burly forwards is bread & butter for most center backs in England.

    However having a Suarez and Aguero or Tevez running at you and playing
    off each other... well, thats on another level altogether.

    A frightening prospect for most defenders, because suddenly they're
    confronted with something they typically don't encounter and are ill
    equipped to deal with.

  5.  Carollwill have to work hard and up his game. In short he has to play football the Liverpool way.