2 Nov 2011

ALAN HANSEN: "He's still a bit of an unsung hero really..."

Anfield legend Alan Hansen has lauded the consistency and growing impact of Liverpool's Lucas Leiva, and believes that the we're now beginning to see the 'true value' of the midfielder.

In his column for LFC magazine, Hansen enthused:

"Lucas was an important presence in both games [Stoke and West Brom]. He's still a bit of an unsung hero really, particularly given the way he played last season in the face of adversity, but over the last couple of seasons, Liverpool supporters, and now many neutrals, have seen the true value of Lucas, whereas in the past, they would question him.

"He is a holding midfielder who is also capable of playing, as he showed with his pass to Luis Suarez ahead of Andy Carroll's goal at the Hawthorns. His passing has improved as his confidence has grown.

"You see midfield players who have a run of five or six games when they pass the ball well but then their form disappears. With Lucas, we're seeing him pass the ball well every week now. His performance against West Brom was excellent".

Hansen is right about Lucas's passing; according to OPTA stats, Lucas's passing accuracy in the league is 83%, which is a higher accuracy rate than any first team regular. He also has the highest passes per game ratio, which makes his accuracy even more impressive.

I still think it's a shame that Lucas was converted from an attacking midfielder into a defensive midfielder; with that kind of accuracy, he could perhaps have developed into a top class assist-maker.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. I dont think he was converted at all, we just play him in a more defensive role. He still plays as an attacking midfielder for Brazil.

  2. Everybody sings his praises week in, week out! Wasn't he even named player of the year(!) last season??

    Lucas has undoubtedly improved a lot over the last few years and is now a good defensive midfielder (though still not as great as some would like to make out) that is willing to take some responsibility for making things happen on the pitch.
    On the other hand, Lucas was undoubtedly a massive weak link in the team for his first couple of seasons as a regular starter, that appeared to be scared to do anything with the ball.

    We didn't see the 'true value' of him previously because he wasn't displaying that value, and we appreciate him more now because he is - simple as. Just because he is a good player now, that does not invalidate any criticisms of him as being a weak player previously or mean that we were right in taking such massive lumps (dropping from title contention into mid-table) to develop him.

    (btw, "adversity" on the football field is playing for a manager that doesn't trust you and pulls you at the drop of the hat. Playing for a manager that has full faith and will stick with you through thick & thin is the ideal situation for any player, irrespective of any negative opinion of outside detractors such as fan's or pundits)

  3. You really think he plays an attacking midfield role for Brazil now??

  4. Could it be that the reason he looks better now is that he is surrounded by crapper players compared to before and therefore stands out more..mascherano..Alonso and gerrard

    but now a days its Adam..Henderson..downing.

  5. The less said about Lucas, the better it is.

  6. Lucas is 24.

    'Volante is a name given to Brazilian midfielders who are not in charge of creating stuff but who in theory should be able to do more than mark or disarm opponents - which is why Falcao could not fit the basic defensive midfielder model we all know. He was outstanding going forward as well as protecting the midfield, something typical from the Southern school in Brazil. No surprise Lucas tries to follow this model.' - Fernando Duante

  7. no he wouldnt have you fucking dumb cunt. he makes a superb DM, he was tried as a more attacking player and that's why nobody liked him, if we gave him more time in that position he would be gone. fuck you're a dumb cunt. 

  8. Lucas is great he has it all in his game but like the rest of the team needs to find his scoring boots and come up with 5 to 10 goals a season.

  9. Lucas suarez and Enrique are basically holding the team together ...the rest have been useless so far

  10. Amazing isn't it?  
    His development has been fantastic and it's such a crucial role in modern football, not least because our back 4 changes every week. We miss someone to really govern the forward midfield role when Gerrard isn't there, but I reckon he'll carry on developing and in a couple of seasons he'll beable to grab a game by the scruff of the neck aswell.

    For all the criticism of Adam, Downing, Henderson, it's not finishing our chances that is costing us, and Suarez is as guilty of that as anyone.

  11. I'm not sure if Lucas has the pace to play forwards, but while we miss the 'Gerrard grab the game by the scruff of the neck' quality, I reckon he'll develop that too in a couple of years.