14 Nov 2011

DANIEL AGGER admits: "Liverpool need to do better..."

Liverpool defender Daniel Agger has been a solid presence in the team's defence since returning from injury, but he's now called for more consistency over the next few months in a bid to dispel the 'up and down' nature of the season so far.

Agger, who has helped Liverpool keep two clean sheets since returning from injury, noted:

"It's been a little bit up and down. We need to be more consistent, and with that consistency, the good football will come. We are going the right way now but I think we could do a bit better.

"I am confident that once we can achieve some consistency, because the players are there, the squad is there, and the management team is there".

Team spirit seems to be better at Anfield this season, and Agger is grateful to the management team for creating a positive working environment:

"We definitely have a good spirit, and that's credit to Kenny, but also to Steve and Kevin. Together, they do a great job, and they're definitely taking the club forward".

The Dane, who recently captained his country for the first time, has also been impressed with Liverpool's young players:

"I think it's important to have a balance between young and experienced players. Jack [Robinson] and Jon [Flanagan] have done well, but it's not only those two; there's quite a few young players who have done well this season.

"The most important thing for a young player is for somebody to have confidence in you, and to give you a chance. They definitely get that here"

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Agger again speaking out? Do you see a pattern here now?
    His he Kennys spokesman for the team in the press while Stevie G and Carragher are out injured?
    We need to learn to play for 90 minutes finish of chances, the next 2 months are usually the most important months of the season and define your season and for the run in after Christmas and what the team will be aiming for just 4th or more.

  2. Kenny's spokesman for the team?! Right. Nice theory, but I think KD is more than capable of speaking for the team.

  3. I like my theory more then Agger trying to undermine the club and Kenny and that he should keep his mouth shut.

  4. How could we play better with players like Lucas around, so much handicapped.

  5. I agree Ashfah, cannot stand him, not sure who's worse, Lucas or downing, shall we have a voting poll like they do on the LFC TV.

    By the way, I'm going to the newcastle game at Anfield in dec 11, hopefully can sneak in my sniper gun and shot him in the leg as the f***** never gets injured.  Why is it always the shit players never get injured..so annoying!!

  6. I hope Lucas plays and scores so you have to cheer and sing his name!