27 Nov 2011

LAWRENSON: Liverpool need to 'suffocate' Man City in midfield...

Liverpool face Manchester City in a much anticipated game at Anfield later today, and club legend Mark Lawrenson has urged Kenny Dalglish to start with the same team that beat Chelsea last Sunday.

"I would pick exactly the same side that played last week.

"The pace that Dalglish added to the team last week is the way forward.

"I think you have to suffocate City in midfield and then have a go at them at the back.

"I'd try and make players like Silva play with their heads down so they don't see the passes, and they're under pressure all the time".

Liverpool have dropped 8 points at home this season, but Swansea aside, the performances have been good, as Lawro acknowledged:

"In all honesty, in all the games we've played at home, especially against the promoted teams, we've swarmed all over those teams and created loads of chances, and ended up drawing".

A win would be a dream result, but Lawro is expecting more of the same:

"I think they'll take anything if it guarantees them a win on Sunday, but overall, I think it might be a draw; a bit of a stalemate in midfield"

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Nopw, sorry......we got them right where we want them

  2. Did you know that Jaimie has blocked the words Hillsb0r0ugh and char1ty from appearing on his website... almost as if he wanted people to forget the five hundred quid bet he said he would donate and never did!