26 Nov 2011

LFC Legend claims: "It's not a problem from Kenny's point of view..."

Jamie Carragher is struggling to get into the Liverpool team at the moment, and if Daniel Agger and Martin Skrtel continue to perform well, the club's vice-captain could be warming the bench for a while yet. Is Carra's time up? Former defensive stalwart Mark Lawrenson gives his view on the issue.

Lawro, who formed one of the greatest defensive partnership in Liverpool history alongside Alan Hansen, observed:

"I don't think he's past it, it's just, at the moment, Skrtel and Agger have done well together.

"It's the old premise at Liverpool: If you go into the team and play well then you stay in the team. That's the way that it is, and it's that way throughout the side.

"Jamie's never had loads of pace anyway. If he's kept out of the side for the next couple of months it means they're playing well defensively, so it's not a problem from Kenny's point of view"

Jan Molby echoed Lawro's comments:

"Carra still has a part to play, and a huge one, of course, but right now there is no sense in dropping either Skrtel or Agger. They are the men in form, the men in possession, and Jamie will need to wait for his chance. Both Skrtel and Agger are experienced players, and they look a good partnership".

Sadly, I have to agree. I'm a big fan of the merit system in football, and if you're playing well, and have a positive impact on the team, you should stay in the team.

Having said that, given Daniel Agger's unfortunate predilection for injury, I'm sure Carra will be back in the starting line up sooner rather than later.
Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Vanessakellerrules8:41 pm, November 26, 2011

    GiveMeFootball shamelessly stealing content?? Where the fuck do you get off being so ridiculously hypocritical!!
    I presume you interview all these shit ex-players yourself yes??!!

  2. Just to comment on the message for Gime me football. Thier site, along with football fancast and Caught off side, just make stories up. Not one of thier stories have ever came true...they are not proper jounalists and people should ignore thier blogs!

    P.s Caragher is not past it..

  3. Did you know that Jaimie has blocked the words Hillsb0r0ugh and char1ty from appearing on his website... almost as if he wanted people to forget the five hundred quid bet he said he would donate and never did!