24 Nov 2011

VIDEO: Coates scores his first goal for Liverpool

By all accounts, Sebastian Coates is settling in well at Anfield, and the Uruguayan defender recently scored his first goal for the club.

Coates struck against Sunderland in the Reserves' 5-1 thrashing of Sunderland on Tuesday, Much to the delight of Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish:

"He [Coates] got his first goal which is great for him and great for us. We are delighted with the way Seb's progressing.

"I think he's settled in really quickly, but It's difficult to get him in the team at the moment. We just look forward to a long career for him from here."

Here is the goal:


  1. Rushie played for the greatest Liverpool side in history, perhaps one of the greatest sides in football history

    I would attribute his success equally to his amazing finishing ability and the quality of his team mates

    His work rate was also amazing, defending from front. Top class player all round

  2. wat ever you say jaimie yor right, your the best,you know best.
    hopefully my post will now stay on.
    so much for being able to have an opinion.
    you just want to be heard. and cant take a bit of flack. coward lol

  3. ooh what a great post was Rushie the greatest striker ever in a red shirt ? I am not sure statistically he was for certain. how would Roger Hunt have faired playing in Rushies team. Same for Gordon Hodgson, Billy Liddell, Tosh, Fowler, KD himself as a kid I loved Bobby Graham. I havent mentioned the saint and many others. Upto and including the game against Chelsea ...........
    LFC have scored 9080 goals in 5275 games ave 1.7 per game take away ogs 160 number and pens of which we have scored 463 that leaves 4652 scored from open play of which Rushie contributed 346 that leaves an awful lot scored by others

  4. I think it's not that Bellamy questions Rushie's individual brilliance. He just emphasises the importance of a team performance, as a unit... and that there should be players who supply the strikers. Is that wrong or something?

  5. No, there's nothing wrong with that, but that is not what Bellamy says:

    "Ian Rush was great but he needed players in certain positions to enable him to score.

    Key words bolded. Now look at this sentence and tell me what you think.

    "Steven Gerrard was great but he needed players in certain positions to enable him to score and create goals".

    Would that be fair?

    Bellamy is suggesting that without certain players in the right position, Rush would'nt have scored goals, and I personally don't think that's true.

    It's a matter of personal interpretation though, admittedly.

  6. Bellamy did not deny that that Rush was great. Bellamy's statement is fair. If you look at when Rush was at Juventus, he did not do too well because Platini left. Infact Platini did say to Rush that his timing to sign for Juve was off because he(Platini) was leaving. Rush did need certain players...infact all strikers do. Imagine if Platini had stayed, i think Rush would have stayed longer in Italy. When Rush did return to Liverpool he started scoring again.