25 Oct 2011

TORRES vs. SUAREZ: Who would you rather have upfront for LFC?

Fernando Torres left Anfield under a cloud, but there's no denying that (for the most part) he was an absolutely outstanding striker for Liverpool. Luis Suarez has also been excellent for the club, but if you had to choose between the two, who would you play unfront for Liverpool?

A key difference between Suarez and Torres is finishing ability. Torres is arguably the better finisher, and the stats show that 44% of his shots for Liverpool were on target, compared to 29% for Suarez.

If you had to choose either Torres or Suarez to play upfront for Liverpool, who would make your team?

When it comes to pure flair, Suarez is the more exciting player, but I would go with Torres. In most cases, you just knew that when he was through on goal, or had a great chance, he would score.

Plus, he was always very prolific in front of goal, and if we had a fully-fit and motivated Torres at Anfield right now, I'm sure he would've buried many of the chances Suarez has missed this season.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Steven - Melbourne2:49 pm, October 25, 2011

    Jury here is out... 
    I would LOVE to have seen them play together...There is no denying that Torres at Liverpool was undeniably amazing and Suarez has shown us a glimpse of his brilliance!It is a shame Torres left because i believe as a partnership, they would have been impossible for any defense to stop!

  2. Actually, both! It is no accident Suarez was bought to play with Torres - the former's creativity would have complemented the latter's ruthlessness in front of goal to perfection.

    So, what we need now at LFC is a decent replacement for Torres, and the attack is sorted. Dalglish & Co. still need to sort out the defence though ...

  3. i would for suarez becoz torres though a good finisher heavily rellied on gerrad and co for service while make chances for himslef as well as others!

  4. Imagine defending against both of them.. with suarez creating chances and space and torres finishing them.. Vidic would have pissed in his shorts.. :D haha

  5. Vishnu_balasundram3:04 pm, October 25, 2011

    Both i like bcaz torres upfront and suarez behind it will be an beautiful and dream patnership which will excite all of us for sure

  6. Torres is definitely a better finisher. Suarez is a little wasteful, although his record throughout his career at previous clubs would suggest otherwise - so perhaps this is a blip for him. Suarez on the other hand is much better footballer, and in fairness will provide more assists than Torres. I'd have suarez, because so far his effort has never dropped below 100%, whereas Torres at times seemed as though he couldn't be arsed.

  7. what do you mean the jurys out? there is no doubt about suarez, he gives all for the team never hides or sulks just tries harder

  8. What decade are you all living in ?

    Because in this decade Torres has been worse than N'Gog & his goals per game record proves it , I think he has hit 8 goals in his past 37 games Premier League games while over the same period & 37 Premier League games Andy Carroll has hit 15 goals .

    If we are going to go back in time then I want to bring back Ian Rush from 1985  & Robbie Fowler from 1995 .

    I dont think England has ever seen better finishers than those two .

    Even today either one would out score Torres .

  9. No use for us to choose. If we had both together in the team then yes. Fernando has left although I  miss seeing him for Liverpool I'm still gutted seeing him score for Chelsea when he could have been in the Red of Liverpool. I may never get over it mind. However There are many players out there we just need to sign them and maybe we should look to spread the goals instead of having one Top finisher getting all the goals. Edinson Cavani reminds me a lot of Torres + we should sign Neymar and Eden Hazard. Suarez is an excellent acquisition I hope he stays with us until he retires from the game.

  10. Steven - Melbourne3:37 pm, October 25, 2011

    Jury is out because I can not pick one over the other!
    Torres would score more given the chances Suarez has had!
    But, Suarez creates his own chances! I personally think both together would tear EVERY DEFENSE in any team to shreds!

  11. Suarez, because he wants to play for us, it would have been good to have had them both which was Kenny's plan, but the sulky one thought he would be better off somewhere else, and I think in the long run Suarez will turn out to be a far better player than Torres. 

  12. Suarez is doing better because he has got Charlie Adam creating him all chances. If Adam wasn't there i don't think suarez would score as much.

    Andy Carroll is world class so you expect him to be better.

  13. Torres at his best, he's approaching that again, is absolutely phenomenal

    I still hope he scores whenever I watch him play for Chelsea

    We got £50 million so we were well compensated

    Suarez is a bundle of energy, he never slows up, he's possibly more dangerous in 90th minute than early in the game

    The question of whether Torres would have scored some if the chances Suarez missed is very hypothetical as Suarez creates most of his chances with a bit of magic

    But given a choice between the 2 i would go for Torres

    Such a shame he didn't stick around to play with Suarez, it would've been a front 2 to rival any in the world at present

  14. It has to be Saurez.
    He's far more inventive and isn't as one dimensional as the ladyboy.
    Don't get me wrong, Torres was great for a couple of seasons but he got found out.
    Defenders learnt how to play him, that's why he's not set the world alight at Chelski..

    He should go to Italy...


  15. Tornike Khomeriki4:00 pm, October 25, 2011

    Torres, for the reason mentioned in the article.

  16. Where is your loyalty ?

    How can you watch a rival team who you kno are likely to be in the top 6 competing us for the final positions at the top of the League & hope they score ?

    There is absolutely no excuse .

    Thats worse than mugging yer own Granny .

    Traitorous  doesnt even begin to summarize that kinda attitude .

  17. Did n't Torres get to 50 league goals quicker then any other Liverpool forward by nearly 10 games?
    Suarez made his name at Ajax first in a partnership with Huntelaar then he became the main man up front at Ajax.
    Suarez is more of a complete footballer and works well by himself up front or in a partnership so we have more options with Suarez but Torres when he first arrived was untochable with his finishing.
    Suarez just needs to stop rushing things he his still adjusting to the pace of the league and his to quick with his shooting or tries to be to clever like with his first chance when he turned the 2 defenders and then tried to bury it with the outside of his right foot.
    Wish they were playing together now for us.

  18. He should go to hell for all I care about him .

    We never won so much as one trophy when he was with us , he never done nothin for us when it mattered most .

    Goodbye to bad rubbish , we made him a star & he is nothing without us .

    He will never hit the heights he consistently hit with us ever again , because that was then & this is now .

  19. I'd have both of them play upfront together, anytime and any day. They are both fluent in Spanish. Thus, it would be good team chemistry. There is no doubt in my mind that if Torres had stayed, they would both have been the most dangerous duo in the Premier League. 

  20. 8 goals in his last 37 Premier League games & you think he would outscore who ?

  21. One of the resons Suarez signed was to play with Torres.

  22. Does n't Suarez create most of his chances from his own play with the way he twists and turns defenders and beats them with the ball at his feet?

  23. Torres for me.  Boy he was on fire at Liverpool, some of the best goal scoring displays by an LFC striker in the club's history.  The silly lad didn't realise LFC was made for him.  

    I still love watching him play, especially in the last few games for Chelsea.  You can't disagree he's exciting to watch.  He was brilliant against United this season.

  24. Torres scored in how many finals for us ?

    He scored how many in what decade ?

    Wasnt Ronnie Rosenthal the quickest Liverpool player to 7 goals ?

    Big whoop de doo !

    Meaningless statistics created by his sponsors to make him out to be a more important player than he actually is .

    He never done anything for us when it mattered .

    He was an average goal in 3 striker in his homeland before we made him a superstar & now he has left us he has returned to being a hit & more often than not miss striker only now he is a goal every 8 games !

    If we are talking idiocy & going back in time I want Rush from 85 & Fowler from 95 & you can keep Torres from 08 is it yer dreaming about ?

    Because in 2010 & 2011 he has been pure dung !

  25. Oh ?

    So was accidentally sold him & banked £50 million by accident did we ?

    Thats £50 million quid .

    £50 million quid never happens by accident !!!

  26. Think your missing the point here, JK is asking who would you have as our principle striker- Suarez or Torres.  Base your answer purely on their ability. Ignore the diving and wanting to play for the club or not, just base your answer on talent.

  27. SUAREZ is the winner. Torres is injury prone and inconsistent.

  28. Torres gave his all in the first 2 seasons why do you think he started to pick up all those injuries especially after the loss of Alonso and the supply from midfield, Rafa to relaint on him and did n't keep or buy a second choice forward like Suarez .Unfortunately he fell out of love with club, Rafa then Roy seemed to start playing again under Kenny then sticks it to Kenny and thinks he stands more of a chance at Chelsea to win things.
    He finished of a Sulk but did n't start that way.

  29. “Yes, it's true I expected to play with Fernando,” Suarez told Goal.com UK. “Fernando is a very good player. He's got great quality and it would have been nice to play with him. 
    From an interview with Suarez ,you should do some research before replying:)

  30. Get off my shirt tails .

    I have already answered & I then replied to a comment made toward me by someone who isnt you .

  31. Jamie K... Dont agree with the comparison you want us to make. Suarez in not a finisher but a creator who needs to be coupled with a deadly finisher who can read his game. We have a finisher we purchased for 35 million so the comparison should be with those two players. Torres or Carroll - that one is too easy.

    On another note the comments on Torres are funny... I am gutted that he chose to leave because he is still a World Class finisher who will rediscover his best form sooner or later - we all know it and would all much rather prefer Suarez / Torres partnership then Suarez / Carroll - It is not Andy's fault but his type of game does not compliment Suarez so I doubt this partnership will work out. Hope im wrong but cant see it...

    Lastly dont understand the Torres bashing and comments that Suarez is giving his all so LFC fans would prefer him. Torres joined when we were a club on top and had a good rep in Europe, two CL finals, Spanish team mates, Spanish manager and a Top 4 attracted him to the club at the time but that appeal went once the manager was released, Stars were leaving and he realised the probability of success in the short term was not possible with us. This takes me on to Suarez, I am so happy LFC can boast that we have him but I fear we have a limited amount of time with him, In fact the more I watch of him the more I am convinced that When Barcelona need to refresh their forward Trio Suarez will leave as he can walk into that team and would fit right in. If that does happen, wonder if our fans will slate him as they have done Torres?

  32. let's the forget Owen, I dislike Owen, however his stats are better than Fowlers.

    Fowler:  P369 G183   Owen:   P297 G158

  33. The game he missed the open goal in ?

    Yea that was fantastic ..... fantastically funny !

  34. So 158 goals are better than 183 goals now are they ?

    I wish I was your bank manager .

  35. zuzu will score as he has always done, is just one of things the ball is just not going in for him now. fernando is one great player but zuzu is no second to anyone...

  36. So yer saying Suarez sold Torres then ?

    Thats just stupid .

    Otherwise yer Suarez quote only proves that the decision to sell Torres was made by the boardroom not the management who were involved in the actual transfer talks with Suarez & gave him that impression .

    So what was it you said I needed to do before replying ?

  37. Dry yer eyes & go throw yer panties at Chelsea players elsewhere !

  38. Ronny joined at the end of March 1990 and scored 7 goals and help us win the league and that is what I remember him for and those 7 goals:) 
    Torres was injured and we had no cover for him and played him when he was n't fully fit in 09/10 season we should had kept Crouch and Keane, played Babel up front or brought another striker.
    With playing Kuyt on the right.
    All the big clubs have 3 or 4 strikers we had ONE in 09/10 and at the start of 10/11 season.  

  39. I won't waste my energy explaining BASICS to you, go back to the drawing board son, you can start with researching 'Goalscoring Ratio'

  40. Jesus JJ !

    Relax a bit man !

    I pulled that stat about Rosenthal outa the air just to prove a point that meaningless statistics can be used to hype average players into a media image that would have us believe they are some kinda legend when in actual fact they arent !

    I get yer point man , I'm not from another planet but the club is what is important not the individual employees be that the kit man , the tea ladys or a Spanish striker who flattered to deceive & never done anything in the important games for us .

    I mentioned Fowler & the greatest of all time Ian Rush because those boys done it in the important games when our backs were against the wall .

    They had a snipers nerve , one chance = one goal & usually they hit the winner & if not it was the equalizer , there was nobody better for the big occassion than Ian Rush , Fowler was brilliant but nobody comes close to Rush & his goal tally & his medal collection proves it .

    We cant live in the past tho .

    This is a very exciting time , brand new management , brand new backroom staff , brand new owners , brand new players .

    Lets enjoy our time & look at what we have got in place already as we are building for a genuine heavily backed assault upon the top prizes in the game once again .

    Eh ?

    Surely its smarter than looking back , especially at players who never done a thing for us when it mattered most ?

  41. Suarez siad he EXPECTED to play with Torres in the interview so Suarez must of thought Torres was going to be at the club.
    Torres handed his written transfer request after Suarez was signed, Kenny was n't prepared to sell Torres and only brought Carroll with the money from Torres sale.

  42. But those 7 goals were n't meaning less!

  43. Keegan,Rush,Aldridge,Fowler and Owen all had a partner Toshack,Dalglish,Beardsley,Collymore and Heskey for the other 10 to 20 goals needed in a partnership to win the league or cups we had Torres and now hopefully we will have a new partnership of Suarez and Carroll to fire us to more glory  .

  44. There is only one stat that matters & that is the ball in tha back of the net .

    That aside you arent comparing their ratios from the same period of their careers .

    Owen only played 8 seasons with us & if you compare his goals per game ratio to Fowlers first 8 seasons with us you will find that Fowlers stats are more impressive both in terms of Goals per game ratio , winners hit , winning games played in & appearances made .

    Stats that include him hitting 98 goals in 3 seasons , scoring over 30
    goals 3 seasons in a row & it also includes an unequaled Premier League record hat trick against
    Arsenal in less than 5 minutes .

    Fowlers 1'st 8 seasons = 313 games played & 167 goals scored  , a .534 goals per game ratio .

    Owens 8 seasons with us = 297 games played & 158 goals , a .531 goals per game ratio , they are close , however Owen never scored as many in a single season as Fowler .

    Owen was a fantastic young player but Fowler was out of this world .

  45. Brehon- Did Torres not do it for us in important games?

  46. Brehon Law - Wow, you have a way with words! But why you would hurl insults at ex Liverpool players? If you are still fuming we lost a World class player, me too but I understand his choice.  I have tried to make the below easy for you. Lets see if you can work it out....

    Torres was a Liverpoool player. He was a World class player. He left. Get over it

    Alonso was a Liverpool player. A world class Player. He left. Get over it

    Mascherano was a Liverpool player. A world class Player. He left. Get over it

    Suarez is a Liverpool player. A world class player. Lets see if we can hold on to him and if we dont what your attitude will be if he one day (in my view inevitably) will leave our club

    Torres, Alonso, Mascherano left as they wanted to achieve something before their careers are over, and if you have the ability to prove it amongst the best and challenge for trophies then I as a fan would hold my hands up and say fair enough, if they want to leave its their choice, I can understand it, and would not berate them or become fickle - like your criticism of Torres - its just plain stupidity to rate a players ability when he plays for your team, and then once he leaves question his credentials.

    He is an ex Liverpool player - simple.

  47. Rosenthalls Goals ?

    I kno they werent meaningless  they were both excellent & very important , I was saying the Torres 50 goal stat was meaningless & used Rosenthall as an example of a comparitively average LFC striker in the shadow of our true Legends Rodger Hunt & Ian Rush .

  48. Yea hopefully .

    Just dont forget that Torres had Gerrard playing just behing him & in effect they were a 50 goal partnership .

    Gerrard was the main ingredient .

  49. Important as in Semi Finals & or Finals & or crunch League Games both domestically & European ?

    If so , he didnt do a damn thing .

    Important as in some game you had a bet on ?

    The answer to that is relevant only to the opinion of tha author .

  50. I'm referring to crunch games, can't mention finals because the TEAM sadly didn't reach a final during his time at LFC.  So, i'm referring to crunch games such as semi finals and vital league games.  

    Torres during his time at liverpool scored in the important games and against the top clubs.  Real MadridMan UnitedArsenalChelseaSpursMan City

    Now are you going to argue these aren't top clubs and important games?

  51. Yea & I said as much in the above reply .

    The Board decided to sell him , Management didnt .

    That wasnt a spur of the moment decision neither in my opinion , No businness no matter how big makes spur of the moment £50 million decisions .

    That price was set maybe maybe weeks before the transfer window opened & apparenty the management knew nothing about it as Suarez's quote indicates that management (Dalglish) gave him the impression he would be partnering Torres .

    It wasnt an accident .

    Its like me telling you that if someone offers me £5000 for my car I'll take it & then weeks later someone makes me an offer & I decide to go ahead & sell without telling my mechanic .

  52. "Because in 2010 & 2011 he has been pure dung !"

    So has Carra but you still back him to the hilt. So whats it gona be? dates matter or they dont?

    "Meaningless statistics created by his sponsors to make him out to be a more important player than he actually is ."

    You handed me some meaningless statistics statistics in support of Suarez yesterday...what was it...a goal or an assist every three games..make your mind up which facts you think are conducive to a convincing argument.

  53. wrong about that zuzu is an opportunistic player with a flair about him, in a few weeks or so this article will be past tens about zuzu...he will score 30 plus this season in all competitions.torrez is a great player and his bound back to spain.

  54. Harry Hil saysl "I like Fernando Torres and I like Luis Suarez who would I have upfront for us theres only one way to find out FIGHT"

  55. Out of the 3 we got rid off only Alonso approaches genuine World Class .

    The other two are mere wishy washy inconsistent passengers by comparison .

    In Mascheranos case he couldnt pass it more than 10 yards , rarely scored or contributed to a meaningful attack & when ever we were a goal down he was much more likely to throw a tantrum , kick somebody & get himself booked or sent off than he was ever likely to grab the game by the scruff of the neck & Turn the tide back in our favor .

    He was an accident waiting to happen more often than not in big games & he most definitely isnt World Class in any mans language unless of course Lee Cattermolle is World Class ?

    Torres had some bright moments with us but ultimately like Mascherano his poor temperament & "Loser" attitude shone through & he like Mascherano revealed himself to be a flash in the pan fair weather player with neither the heart or nerve required to lead a team in the crunch games of an English season . Theres no way I'd even consider him ahead of Suarez .

    In terms of Premier League consistent effectiveness I rate Charlie Adams game at least on a par with Alonso's , their passing range & all around passing & tactical expertize is very similar & physically there isnt much to separate them either & I'll go as far as saying that Charlie is much more effective in the final 3'rd , thats taking nothing away from Alonso who was a decent player for us & I'd give Alonso a slight edge in tackling compared to Charlie .

    And as for insulting ex players , I'll insult whoever I please but in the case of Torress & Mascherano who insulted us fans with their comments after they left us I'll make a point of rubbing their noses in their own shit .

    And as for me slagging off players not at our club ?

    Thats what supporters do you idiot .

    Its pantomime , I didnt burn their houses down of curse their familys or put a contract ou on them I merely wish them each & every failure each & every time they even so much as think about helping a rival club do better than us .

    This aint the hairdressers yer in now petal & we arent talking about yer favourite soap opera characters , I'm an actual supporter , living & breathing in Liverpool a 15 minute walk away from Anfield .

  56. I'll let ya kno in due course .

    But before I do , bare in mind Torres , his weak temperament & Loser attitude was a key component of our TEAM & out of the 4 seasons he was with us we went from being Champions League Finalists to only finishing in the top 4 twice , then fell to 7'th , then once he left we climbed back a little to 6'th affter being in the Relegation zone while he was with us .

    I've heard it said , or maybe read , that one bad apple spoils the whole barrel & if you want to talk TEAM then that is where we are going to start .

    Torres is a money grabbing cancerous scumbag who delights in lying to innocent children who have put their faith in him & I'm glad to see the back of him .

  57. Brehon Law - I enjoy reading your comments but please cut out the personal insults directed at players. Thanks.

  58. I'll try to tone it down as much as I can but I'm trying to make a point & its nothing that isnt said in conversation in pubs & cafe's in the local area .

  59. If only you could structure a post in such a way I could even try to fathom what you are talking about I might then be in a position to give you an answer .

  60. You're right, but the policy of this site is to not personally insult players and managers of any team. Vehemently criticise by all means, but without resorting to derogatory comments. Cheers.

  61. "This aint the Hairdressers" - I am aware of that - It is a LFC website where modern fans come and give their opinions. You are one of many but I do congratulate you on your proximity to Living 15 mins from Anfield. As well as Living and breathing. It is a real Achievement and you must be rated up there with all the people that live 10 mins from Anfield, 5 mins from Anfield, And of course the number one Liverpool fan who lives in the stadium. Well done.

    Based on your comments you clearly have clouded judgement of what constitues world class not to mention your lack of knowledge on distinguishing a players position and their role!

    You criticise Mash for not passing, scoring or creating chances? Please look up the definition of defensive midfielders and what they actually are meant to do. That would help. Then call Pep Guardiola and ask him why they wanted to buy him, see if he agrees with you. If he doesnt tell him how close you live to Anfield. I am sure he will find it just as enlightening and relevant as I have.  

    Torres has performed on an International level, he has won the Euros, and the World Cup (although I acknowledge he did not ultimatley contribute to the latter). He is a different player to Suarez. One is a finisher, the other is more of a creator. Again you do not understand basic footballing roles and what they are meant to do.

    Alonso is a deep playmaker in the mold of Andrea Pirlo and Dunga. Your comparison of Charlie Adam is laughable. Not only because again you are confused about footballing positions / roles. You are comparing the two in terms of ability, they are on par? really? Alonso played in CL, International Level, World Cup, European Cup finals, Euro Champ finals amongst the best in the world and proved it amongst the best and you compare that to Charlie Adam? What is the highest level of a defensive unit he has had to unlock thus far? I am not being critical to Charlie, he is a good player. But it takes a certain type of Football fan to not realise the gulf between someone like Alonso and Adam. A blind one.

    If you want to insult ex players that is your choice, its just silly. Mascherano dedictaed the Champions League win to us, we should have no ill feeling to any ex Liverpool players in my opinion.

    This thread was meant to be about Torres vs Suarez - I argued you cant compare the two as it should be Andy Carroll or Torres as the number 9 we purchased as a finisher replaced in your words "The Pansy" previously.

  62. well suarez was bought to play up front with torres and he admitted that he tought he was going to play with torres not with carroll

  63. You made a comment that Torres didn't do it in important games, you're now telling us that at the time you made the comment you didn't know if he did??

    Well don't take too long in getting back to me ;-))

  64. I said no such thing & cant even begin to think how you came to that conclusion .

  65. I don't have any gripes with Mascherano, in my opinion he's not world class, i agree with Brehon Law- Mascherano's passing is suspect.  Guardiola bought him to play in central midfield and he realised Mascherano was better suited as a defender.  I watched majority of Barcelona games last season where Mascherano featured and he gave the ball away on many occasions with poor passing.  He was the one player in the Barca side who struggled with the pass and move style of Barca.  

  66. Comment 1: The tea ladys or a Spanish striker who flattered to deceive & never done anything in the important games for us .
    Comment 2: He never done
    anything for us when it mattered

    Has it been a long day??

  67. Liv4life - Agree with you to an extent, but what is Mash's role in a team - A defensive destroyer role ( Makelele, De Jong etc). He would find it hard featuring in a Tikki Taka style in his first season and ultimatley Busquets offers more.

    Back to LFC, In my opinion with mix we had of Alonso and Mash worked perfectly. Mash was able to do what he is ultimatley meant to do whilst Alonso was able to create from deep. Mash broke up play, and more importantly in the context of our current defensive sitiuation, Life for our CB's was much easier with Mash around. Mash is smaller and more mobile than other DF Midfielders (Alex Song, Obi Mikel, etc) which allowed him to display similar qualities that Makelele used to show. His all round passing is not as good Essien, or Kheidera... but he is World class at what he does. Break up play. I also believe this is one of the reasons we are so defensivley suspect this season, We have not replaced Mascherano who if you recall we had an excellent defensive record in his time.

  68. Those are my comments .

    What point are you trying to make from them ?

  69. At the time Pep purchased Mascherano I thought the same as you; he's been bought to play defensive midfield role, where he'd be breaking the play up and winning the ball back.  

    With Pep's advanced and polished version of tika taka, as a defensive destroyer you need more than defensive skills, you need good ball control and most importantly ability to be the master of the ball when in possession of the ball (make decisive passes) and Mascherano struggled in this role last season.  I'm guessing in my limited knowledge this is why Mascherano plays largely as a defender this season.

    As a defensive midfielder I'm not expecting them to make 50 yrd passes or score 10 goals per season, however i do expect a defensive midfielder to win tackles, cover the pitch well, and not lose the ball.  Lucas does two of the three, unfortunately he does give the ball away often.  He keeps improving and I hope this area of his games improves.  He is in the top 5 best defensive midfielders this season. 

  70. Has Torres delivered in the important games for LFC?

  71. Firstly I at no time refered to Torres as "The Pansy & you attributing false quotes to me reveals you as being both very dishonest & malicious .

    Among other things , you appear to be laboring under a delusion of some sort as to why I refereed to my location so I'm going to make it "Kick In Tha Balls Followed By a Head Butt To yer Nose" clear for ya ...

    You type like someone who has only followed the fortunes of the club for a matter of mere months & you type like someone who has never had any involvement with any club at any level & you type like someone who obviously hasn’t got a clue about the City of Liverpool , its Clubs or the people who made & make them , you appear to be someone who has taken their own perception of the Clubs media image & manipulated it to suit their own idiotic ideas , due in no small part to hanging out in hairdresser salons , & casually perusing the sports pages of the daily newspaper when the gossip wheel is turning to slowly for yer likings .

    I'm giving you a birds eye view , of how it is , how we are & how we will always be .

    This Is Anfield .

    As for your attempts to dictate player roles I can only tell you I havent read something that funny since I read that Mascherano is World Class !

    Heres how it is , you have two types of midfielders & two types only .

    1: Central Midfielders
    2: Wide Midfielders .

    Depending on their attributes Coaches will chose them to play a tactical role within a team , some will be more creative some will be less creative , some will be physically more affective than others & some will be shorter than others but none will be limited in their ability’s unless of course they are playing at the Special Olympics .

    I have no idea what the hell a deep playmaker is , I have never heard tell of it but from your description & the players you named I can only assume its an old Central Midfielder who hasnt got the legs to go box to box anymore so he just sits in front of the back 4 & passes accurately ?

    That was not Dunga who was a box to box ass kicking midfield general , more like a German in style than a Brazilian .

    Pirlo was however a playmaker , which is a recognized role in both European Continental Football & South American Football .

    Not unlike how we utilize Suarez today or how Benetiz eventually utilized Gerrard on 09 , its usually a creative central midfielder or withdrawn striker whos tactical role in the team is to create while everyone elses role is to get the ball to him at every opportunity .

    Eats-A-Lottie decided Pirlo wasnt up to the job & utilized him defensively in his midfield instead , allowing Kaka to be the Playmaker  & that I'm guessing is where you created this so called "Defensive Playmaker" role outa , other wise every center back who ever passed the ball over 10 yeard in a forward direction would be a "Defensive Playmaker".

    So tell me what did Alonso do before he joined us ?

    Nothing .

    Charlie Adam has only just got his foot in the door & after hitting a goal every 3 games from central midfield in a relegated team last season I'd say thats arguably better than anything Alonso ever done in the Premier League .

    That aside only a blind man could ignore the similarity’s in their vision & passing games & physical ability’s or limitations depending on how you want to view them .

    Now about Pep Guardiola buying players ?

    You appear to have confused the traditional English Management methodology with the Continental model .

    No manager on mainland Europe buys any players .

    They Coach who the club makes available to them , which is why they are called Coaches & not managers .

    Idiot .

    As for why Barca wanted to buy him ?

    My guess is that they wanted to consolidate their shirt sales in Argentina because it sure as hell wasnt because he was better than what they already had in place either that or Lee Cattermolle turned them down .

  72. If you count back 10 posts you will see I have already answered that question for you .

  73. If you count back 10 posts you will see I have already answered that question for you .

  74. It's laughable that so many are dissing Torres just as he's rediscovered his form AND has the likes of Mata and Raul to push Chelsea's play in a dramatically more positive direction. Yes, Torres needs service, but Suarez needs backup, a true poacher who can run in beside him to finish all those chances he creates. Torres now has that service, not to mention before his suspension (and in their last CL match) he CLEARLY has become their greatest goal scoring threat. Much as I hate to say it, I don't see him coming off the boil anytime soon.

    All that said I'd still want Suarez up front over Torres because his creativity in the PL is truly second to none (except, perhaps, Silva) but I wouldn't feel exactly confident in putting my "X" on a ballot in support.

  75. neither........................emile heskey lol

  76. totally disagree, torres has never been much of a team player. he can thank stevie g for a lot of his chances. he was quite brilliant at times i will agree, but how liverpool played suited him (when we played well)
    look wat suarez does for his country and look wat torres has done for his. hes been carried most of it.yeah yeah winning goal i know.so.
    so for me as a team player and potential, suarez.
    i hope torres does sh#t for chelsea and love every time he fluffs, judas end of. fans and club deserved better

  77. first post on this article you said let me quote:

    'Suarez, torres is a pansy'

  78. 'D'oh !!' 

    by this you're implying he has done it in important games? i'm confused you've made couple of comments in previous post suggesting he hasn't!!

  79. I'd take Heskey back before Torres , at least he never lied to our Kids then made fools outa them for putting their hope & faith in him .

  80. Its actually difficult to grasp just how good Fowler was let alone explain it .

    Frighteningly good , is one way .

    At 19 he was as Good as a Prime mid 20's Ian Rush .

    Every aspect of his game yu could question his quality on he proved beyond a shadow of a doubt .

    I have to say he is not just one of the best young strikers I have ever seen , he is one of the best strikers I have ever seen , its very difficult to think of anyone clearly better .

    Shearer getsa shout because he was top man in England when Fowler was coming through & Shearer is a genuine all time great .

    Rush because of the longevity of his career , the mountain of goals he scored for us & all the trophys he won for us by scoring in the big crunch games .

    Rush is the best I have ever seen , better than Van Basten , although I seen a lot more of Rush than Van Basten but I seen enough of Van Basten to know I wouldnt swap Ian Rush for him .

    I really miss Ian Rush & Robbie Fowlers genuine quality !!!

    Clinical finishing !

    Absolutely ruthless in front of goal !

    Sheer terror to play against !

    Opposing fans , managers & players truly hated them !

    Fowler hit finishes that left ya with yer mouth hanging open & the only thought you could think of was "WOW !" & he done it so often it was hard to believe it was really happening .

  81. Are you winding us all up?  Fowler the best striker you have ever, and it's difficult to think of anyone better?

    mate you're bonkers! go and research Romario! for me Ronaldo (the Ronaldo not C Ronaldo) is the best striker i have seen in my lifetime, if you want to talk about the greatest player ever, I'd pick him above Pele and Maradona.  

  82. No I said D'oh because this is where my reply showed up instead of under yer comment , I couldnt delete it so I edited the reply & wrote D'oh instead of telling you to look back 10 posts to the answer to the same question .

    It took me 3 attempts to get that reply in the correct place .

  83. You're definitely winding us all up.  You denied making the comment earlier and called someone a liar in the process.  You've been schooled today. lol

  84. I never denied making THAT comment .

    Someone however did try to deliberately & maliciously falsely attribute a similar comment toward me .

    I pointed it out , voiced my objection & I can categorically state that I didnt learn a single thing from the experience or the day in general .

  85. only to save you from further humiliation!

  86. Ok, you seem to have similar energy levels to Suarez!!! You are Liverpool-Kops new number 7!!

    Couple of Champion's League games really, don't like the way media just writes off a good player. I think 4th spot behind City, Man U and Chelsea is our only realistic goal, although if we can notch a few wins in next 6 weeks that may change

    Would it be less traitorous to wish Torres a broken leg? He's mostly an irrelevance now. I think Aldo's attitude to him is juvenile

    Torres came to us as we were the only "big" club to make a concrete move for him. No one else would gamble on him. Rafa transformed from a one man team super hero at Atletico, to a consistent goalscorer, but unfortunately Hicks and Gillet turned him back into a one man team super hero again thanks to interest rate jumps on their leveraged buy out forcing us to endure a negative net spend on players for a year or two

    Still remember exactly where i was when i was celebrating those 2 snakeoil salesmen's takeover. Naiive!!!!

    Torres was a good player, got massively demotivated by Hicks and Gillet reign and made up his mind to leave. I would deem him to be foolish, not traitorous. He won't even win a league with Chelsea......... Carling or FA cup tops

    I agree also that him partnering Suarez could never have realistically happened, and that we must have known he was leaving......

    Suarez is infectious and has quickly become a legend, delighted we have him

    Very hard to compare to Torres really, but i think Torres at his peak for us just about edges what Suarez has done so far, however Suarez has really only had half a season.......

    He will get a few hattricks soon i think

    YNWA buddy

  87. since torres could not be bothered to even play for his last 6-8 months at the club, who would want him back playing for us? if you can not count on your players to have pride in the shirt they are playing in, all else is irrelevent.
    between the two? suarez by a mile, but if you are going back to find a striker, i'd take fowler over them both!

  88. Refreshing reading

    When we played ball in Dublin as kids it was 4-4-2 on a full size pitch from the age of 9 or so

    Goalie no 1 shirt

    Right full 2
    Left full 3
    Centre halfs 4 and 5
    Left wing 11
    Right wing 7
    Centre mids 6 and 8
    Centre Forwards 9 and 10

    I started as a number 3, gradually pushed to 11 and finally to 9 or 10. Usually avoided the 10 shirt if possible for something innocuous like a 6 to avoid the inevitable kicking a 10 gets

    There was none of these bullshit makey up, Championship manager, media generated positions

    Also stats are only useful up to a point, Downing has been highlighted on here as having done nothing recently

    Almost set up winning goal twice against Man Utd, cross to Kuyt and Henderson

    Charlie Adam was my first choice as a signing since last October, Fergie tried to wreck our move for him, thank god it went through

    He has been pure class, and he's at the pinnacle of his career now at Liverpool. Not like the other tourists who came here for a relative day trip, only to head home at the first "big" chance

    He will be doing the analysis alongside Stevie G, Sami Hyppia and Dirk Kuyt on LFC TV in 20 years time (if they manage to blow their earnings in the mean time!!!)

  89. I said Ian Rush is the best ever but I said Fowler was one of the best .

    Ronaldo was breaking through around the same time as Fowler & he was good , PSV in Holland I think he was 17 & he played like a 25 year old , big bruiser like the Great Eusebio of Portugal but that was continental football , not English Football , they played at a slower pace making it easier for an explosive player like that to look good .
    The English League was & is physically hectic & nobody gets time on the ball , Shearer was the best in Europe back then , Vieri who Andy Carroll plays very similar too , was probably the best on the Continent & the only one I thought could rival Shearer if he came to England because he had the physical no nonsense style to hack it .
    Romario was only a wee nippy fella , he had a great 1'st 10 yards & scored a lotta goals but again he done most of it in Holland & then Spain & he had a Good World Cup in 94 but he didnt ever look like a player who could fit in with the English game ..... Its just dawned on me that him & Micheal Owen are very similar in style ,... but Romario looked difficult to play with , temperamental & egotistical no way would I have swapped Fowler for him .
    The key thing to bear in mind here isnt the world or other leagues , its the Premier League & the style of Football LFC are playing & the results we are getting .
    Our forward line was sensational & to tamper with it needlessly woulda been foolish & to sign a big name like any of those you mentioned you would have had to sign 11 new players with them to build a whole team around them for them to fit in .
    Best player I seen in my life was Maradonna .
    Pele , Best , Eusebio , Puskas , Cryuff , Platinni , Dalglish & all those may have been great but in my time with my own two eyes Maradonna was simply magic .
    I seen Kenny play too but I was too young to appreciate just how good he was , Beardsley was brilliant , at times magical , Barnes was fantastic too , one of the best I have ever seen .
    But nobody then or since has come close to touching Maradonna .

  90. Just need to reiterate you are the "Fan" who is hurling insults at ex LFC Players... I am defending them as they played for our club. Cant see how you can question my support or Integrity since the first post on this thread from you has you calling our former number nine a pansy... and then denying it in your post above! I am not dishonest or malicious... I just cannot see why you would attack former LFC players and then also post that I should be watching Chelsea just because I dont agree with your simpleton opinions on Fernando Torres?

    Also please keep playing the "guess the fan" behing the post game... I like reading how you are painting a perception of a fan from what and how they write.

    Also not too sound harsh... If you in your infinite footballing wisdom believe Dunga was a box to box midfielder then I should not really waste my time on you... Please take this as your victory, you are clearly are footballing guru.

    finally your distance from the stadium... is it 15 mins walk? by car? can you clarify as this will help determine in finer detail your level of support for LFC as you have insinuated you are an "actual supporter" - albeit one who likes to use constantly refer to hairdressers for some reason.

  91. Bandage up yer limp wrists  , take yer adoration for Chelski players & figure it out  Brainbox !

    I'm not insulting any ex LFC players , I'm insulting players at rival clubs , thats clubs who want to finish above us & I simply can not & will not abide any split loyalty among those who CLAIM to support us or who CLAIM to be members of our FAMILY !!!

    We are LFC , we are not one bit interested in anyone playing well for Chelski or anyone else , we want them relegated & if we cant do that we will settle for taking 6 points from them , knocking them outa both cups & finishing above them in the League .

    Torres has other ideas so naturally I'm obliged to beat tha shite outa him & seeing as I cant do that on a pitch I'm gonna do it here online by using his devoted fans as a vehicle to send him bad vibes to ruin his & Chelsea season .

    I am an evil genuis , cant ya see ?

  92. Wishing him a broken leg might be harsh & I suggest saving that beauty for if we ever face him in a cup final .

    Did Aldo wish him that ?

    Who are we to argue with Aldo ?

    If thats the attitude required to score as many winners & equalizers as he done then I'm all for it !

    Its time for you to pick & stick Simon .

    LFC or Player FC ?

    We are either family or we arent .

    Torres isnt fit to lace John Aldridges boots in terms of genuine legend , so I kno who I'm gonna back up .

  93. I agree on Downing , he has been excellent , he has been a constant menace every minute he has been on the pitch , he is very similar to Arjen Robben in that respect , his head never goes down & you kno at some moment during a game he is either going to get a quality strike on target or set one up .

    I have a feeling once Downing hits one for us then he is going to avalanche like never before .

    I've been quietly impressed by Adam too , he's playing for us like he has never been anywhere else , that’s a testament to his temperament & the management .

    Personally if I were Fergie I woulda moved heaven & earth to sign him , their midfield is crying out for him .

    I disagree that he is at the pinnacle of his career though , I dont hink we will see his all around best for another 2 or 3 years yet but he is on that path already which is why he is fitting in so well .

    I think we have a good chance of maybe a top 3 finish & 2 cup semi finals .

    If I was doing a deal with the "divil" I'd settle for top 4 & a trophy here & now tho !

  94. People saying Torres has lost his touch... I think hes still got it. But there is no denying that he played better at Liverpool, its probably has much to do with the stadium, atmosphere, and confidence he had in the Red shirt. I would still take him over Carroll any day. Better ball control, faster, even can contest Carroll in heading the ball. Suarez and Torres, it even rhymes. But Torres is long gone now, we need a player of that calibre. Kenny likes to play 4-4-2 and Suarez was bought as a player to support another great player like Torres (at the time). Carroll hasn't been able to live up to that billing, so we are in a situation where we NEED another top forward. 

  95. Torres deserted us in the hour of need!..Suarez is here and heads and shoulders above Torres or any other donkey for the past 20 years!!!..Stupid English players included !! you better swallow that!! 

  96. A good 50 if God's caps were as a sub or in his twilight. If you want goal stats - Owen never scored 20 league goals in a season (for us or anyone in his career) and at least 24 players have achieved that since the Premier League started - including Frank Lampard. And before you mention penalties, Owen took ours. He could not lace Fowler's boots.

  97. Hey Jamie,

    Whats the point of wriying stupid articles like this? Why compare? Are you a Man Utd supporter trying to unsettle Luis with your stupid assessments?

    In any case to comment on your stupid posting will be equally dumb of me!..but in defense of Luis let me remind you and the rest of the fools here under the impression that Torres is anyway near Luis quality.

    1. Luis is the best South American player right now!!..he beat the likes of Messi and a lot of Brazilians,Chileans etc!!
    2.He has an excellent ball control not seen at Anfield since the days of Digger, KK ETC.Torres had the touch of a horse to be honest. How many goals this so called best finisher have he scored for Chelsea???????..Dumb idiots can only see narrowly!!
    3. The only reason Torres scored most of that goals was because others made it for him too. Suarez makes and scores his own...can Torres do that? After Gerrad was injured and nobody made any goals for him, he blamed the team and jumped ship!! 
    4. Torres won the WC and the EC but honestly how much did he contribute to the Great Spanish team..almost ZERO!! SUAREZ HUGELY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE COPA WIN AND PROGRESS IN THE WC!!
    5. Torres was a jinx to us we never won anything with him!!..rest assured we will win trophies with Suarez.
    I can go on writing but .....

  98. dont bother ass holes like him! they only want top say negative things to unsettle the team!

  99. I agree. Suarez's misses are already worrying me. Superb player but is he an out an out goslscorer? If you ignored his ratios in Holland (Dirk) and just took him for what we have seen so far, he should play off of Carroll.

  100. How many goals this so called best finisher have he scored for Chelsea???????..Dumb idiots can only see narrowly!!

  101. torres is the past now , he will never return back

  102. Your comments have me in stitches...

    1. Luis Suarez is the best South American Footballer right now? above Lionel Messi ? I feel he may be on par with Sergio Aguero but myself and millions are laughing at your first point... Messi is being called the best ever... you have already set yourself up for a fall

    2. Yes Suarez has excellent ball control. Please watch some videos of Torres dribbling and taking out defenders then going on to delicatley chip it over a rushing keeper. Ok he hasnt demonstrated many goals for Chelsea but he has lost form and is looking like he is regaining it

    3. Are you not defeating your own argument, the only reason Suarez scored most of the goals is because others made them for him? How old are you? Again watch videos of his goals and you will see numerous examples of how he made goals from his own making

    4. How much did Torres contribute to the Spanish team - He only chipped the German keeper in the final so Spain could win the Euro Champ - thats pretty contributory.

    5. Torres was a Jinx and we never won anything with him - You cannot blame Torres alone for lack of silverware.

    Your last point, "you could go on writing" ... please dont, its embarassing. If not only for your first point. Amazing.

  103. Did n't Torres score the winner in the Euro 2008 Final?

  104. If Suarez was head and shoulders above Torres he would have scored a double Hattrick against Norwich scored the penalty against Sunderland buried the last minute chance against Stoke and finished the one and one chances against Man United and Everton and we would be in the top 3.
    Suarez is the better footballer but Torres is the better finisher for us and I am talking about football and not the politics of him leaving.
    Fowler and Owen both scored in finals(League,FA,UEFA) and won us trophies to compare them and insult them a player who has only played a handful of games for us is pretty stupid.

  105. torres was a better finisher of the ball but suarez is a much better all rounder ..... but i still think it was stevie g that made torres look better than he really was !

  106. No denying Torres is class but, I get the feeling he will never be the same again. He might score goals and get some confidence but he can't get the same level of confidence he had previously, with this dreadful run stuck somewhere in the back of his mind. That deadliness is gone when on goal it was certain Torres would score. Give Suarez some time and he will definitely start showing his finishing abilities

  107. I meant pinnacle as in the club he's at, and won't look to go elsewhere

    He will improve of course

  108. Aldo didn't wish him any harm, just won't say his name again

    Always LFC

  109. To your point 5., we shall see. Doubt so with the current players surrounding him. Agreed with Gary352, we need a new world class top forward to assist him. YNWA.

  110. Well why didnt ya say so !!!?

    Yer 100% correct , Charlie Adam is a second generation Professional Footballer , he was born kicking a ball & he knows British football inside & out .

  111. Lets all wave our Chelski blue Torres pom poms & attack LFC Supporters !!!!!

  112. Even a broken clock is right twice per day if ya sit around looking at it for long enough .

  113. He was nothing more than Gerrards sidekick  in the first place .

    He only ever played well when Gerrard was playing .

  114. Torres is a second division Spanish player & that is where he should return to ASAP if he wants to re ignite his faltering career .

  115. Well played Rango .

    Messi is a wee delicate pussy & he was bloody awful at the World Cup , Maxi & Tevez made him look like a mere squad player , where as Suarez had an excellent World Cup & then set the Premier League on Fire & then Won the Copa America .

    Messi plays in a soft league where they have about 4 - 6 genuinely competitive games per season , no wonder Spanish teams do well in Europe , they are always so well rested compared to the opposition .

    I wouldnt swap Suarez for the over hyped Messi either & nobody who knows anything about Football is laughing at you , they are laughing at the muppet who cant tell the difference between media hype & a proper good player .

  116. so how many trophies did Torres win you at LFC??? Give the same amount of time to Saurez and you will see us winning trophies.

  117. Did Kenny know Torres would leave? Hopefully not because he had zero contingency plans. If he did know then he should have weighed up the Andy Carroll signing far better. If he didn't know after a month in charge and after being involved with the inner workings of the club for a couple of years, then that surprises me - especially given that Gerrard, Carra and Purslow knew. Granted, they probably thought Torres would stay til the end if the season but surely they had a back-up plan?

    All-in-all, I've never once blamed Torres for leaving or for the manner in which he left. We got great money for him and 3 years of amazing service. The problems lie with how the money was spent. Hasty.

  118. Ronaldo in my opinion is the greatest striker ever.  Fowler nor Shearer even come close to Ronaldo.  Fowler never did it at international level.  Therefore was never world class.  

    Every club Ronaldo has played for he's scored goals, with impressive goalscoring ratios.He had everything you would want in a player.  He won everything in the game...except for CL medal.  Despite suffering two very serious career ending injuries, his goal scoring didn't stop and he continued to collect medals, most notably the WC in 2002, finishing as highest goal scorer.  The Ronaldo at Real Madrid was a shadow of a player we knew him to be, due to the career ending injuries he suffered, however, he remodelled his game and the results were impressive- 83 goals in 127 appearances.  Although Ronaldo has a colourful off-field life, nobody can EVER accuse him of not delivering on the pitch.  A player who could have easily continued playing at the highest level to this day.  Top 3 player of all time.  Which order is one's opinion.

  119. Why was my comment agreeing with Rango about Messi removed ?

  120. My top 3 ?

    Too difficult to say man , it was hard enough to come up with Maradonna as top choice .

    I can see why you picked Ronaldo tho he was very impressive at his peak .

  121. My favourite british striker will always be Ian Rush.  LFC will always have great strikers.

  122. Torres is quality finisher and would of had a double hattrick against Norwich with all the chances that were set up for the team.

  123. We won't win anything if players don't take their chances.
    I like Torres and Suarez, Torres would have scored against Norwich.
    I was sticking up for Owen and Fowler from  Rango and his slagging off and the trophies they won, or do you think Owen and Fowler are stupid as well?

  124. hahah , this is almost comedy. I kind of wish you would enlighten a wider audience and write a book. Here is some of the chapters based on what you have expressed.

    Messi is a media hyped and plays in a soft league

    Spanish teams do well in Europe as they get more rest

    Torres is a Spanish Second Division Footballer

    Why I would to sign Heskey over Torres

    Its one thing to oppose anyone who does not share YOUR opinion on Torres, I respect the fact you may be annoyed he left but dont let it cloud Footballing sense, thats just pathetic, he is a Top class striker and you know it,

    P.S. The Messi post above really doesnt uphold the image of LFC fans as logical, honest and knowledgable, its plain childish, really infantile.

  125. ran out of goals?????????????how many tonight????????????

  126. it should be between Torres and Carroll..How do you wish up front?Sadley i would say Torres

  127. Both...

    Reina; Kelly Skrtel Agger Enrique; Aquilani Lucas Gerrard; Mata Torres Suarez

    And it could have happened... Why sell Torres and Aquilani?

  128. Torres played in a far more superior Liverpool team than Suarez and had the team built to supply him for goals. Suarez has to do other teammates jobs for them at times, and has a poor, not champions league quality team to play in. Amazing thing is even with missing chances his goals to games ratio is comparable to Torres.
    Funny thing is I think Suarez is having a slow start to the season. He looks like he will get better and better.
    I pray to God Almighty that we can get Edison Cavani, seriously break the bank. I have not seen any striker that has his qualities. A monster outside the box, and him and Suarez can create a Urugauian revolution at Anfield.
    I've never been wrong with my scouting, and always right with our flops. Bye, Bye Andy.

  129. oh yes a better finisher like all the sitters he has scored since joining Chelski!

  130. The fact is very clear!...Suarez is the Copa winner and the best player of the tournament that featured Messi and the gang!.. Period.

  131. Did you see the so called best finisher here continously trip over in SA during the WC....now thats something that will have you laughing!

  132. Yes, but by selling Torres and buying Carroll LFC made 15 mil. profit.

    So what would you rather have, Torres and Suarez up front and a guaranteed spot in CL, or Suarez and Carroll, EL probability and 15 mil in the bank?