25 Oct 2011

LUIS SUAREZ: Why it won't matter if he is guilty of racism...

The FA is currently 'investigating' Patrice Evra's recent allegation against Luis Suarez, but even if the Uruguayan striker is found guilty, what difference will it make? It's highly unlikely he'll be 'convicted' and banned; like every other instance of alleged racist abuse in top-flight football over the last 30 years or more, it will be brushed under the carpet, and the vicious cycle of prejudice will continue.

Pop quiz, hotshot: How many players in England's top league have been found guilty of racism in the last 30 years?

None, is the answer.

In fact, in the entire history of football, has any player in England's top flight ever been convicted of racial abuse?

Racism has inarguably been a major issue in British football for decades, so it seems a little strange that not one single player has been convicted or banned in the modern footballing era.

The conclusion must be that football is a paragon of racial tolerance; a multicultural utopia where racism is actually the exception, rather than the rule.

Believe that, and you'll believe anything. As the old saying goes: Absence of proof is not proof of absence.

Racism permeates every level of society; football is a microcosm of society, yet the FA expects us to believe that there has never been a an actual proven case of racism in top-flight football?!

The fact that no player has ever been 'convicted' of racism is another depressing example of the spineless apathy and incompetence of the FA, English football's alleged governing body.

It's trite to say it but like everything else these days, it's all about money, and nothing is allowed get in the way of milking the football cash-cow, not even racism, which is why the powers that be in football have no real interest in properly addressing the issue.

Stan Collymore recently gave an insight into how the FA deals with racism allegations:

"I was once racially abused on the pitch. I went to the opposition captain, my captain, my manager, my coaching staff, my chairman, and then I lodged an official ­complaint with the PFA.

"Essentially what happened was that we turned up in Manchester, I spoke to representatives Gordon Taylor and Brendan Batson and told them my story. Batson said 'can we all agree to put out a press release saying we agree to disagree?

"Well, I completely disagreed with THAT – and walked away from the whole process. For me, justice was not served. There was no ­investigation at all. It was one word against another. It wasn’t good enough then and it’s not now".

The FA just doesn't want the hassle; it doesn't really want to deal with issue, and the proof of that is that, as I noted earlier, not one player has ever been convicted of racism in the modern era.

Having said that, when you have an irredeemably corrupt and morally bankrupt organisation like UEFA running the game, there's little hope of any real progress, and this was exemplified by the recent Sergio Busquets-Marcelo racism row.

Despite clear video evidence showing Busquets calling Real Madrid's Marcelo a 'monkey', UEFA dismissed the claim, citing a 'lack of strong and convincing evidence'. Take a look for yourself:

In what universe is this not 'strong and convincing evidence'? It's on video! It's unambiguous; what further proof is needed?

The Busquets decision was a disgrace, and proves yet again that UEFA is not fit for purpose.

UEFA and the FA are very good at appearing to give a damn, but nothing has really changed, and nothing is going to change any time soon. Both organisations will continue to ignore the problem, and all race complaints will continue to be brushed under the carpet.

This is good news for the likes of Busquets and Barcelona, but bad news for football overall.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Do we accept innocent till proven guilty? lets just talk about the Suarez and Evra saga. Evra claims that Suarez called him N word 10 times during the game.
     I sit not far from the pitch at Lower Centenery and during the first half I watched when Evra was jesting to Suarez Diving and calling him somethng to his face. I saw  when he did same jest to referee , not once I saw or heard anything from Suarez. the game was live and so far no evidence had come out showing him saying anything to him even after getting manhandled by Evra. we saw how quick tv found Terry calling Fernand Black so and so but so far nothing against Suarez.  
    so far no player had confrmed or supported Evra Version.
    so based on that I think its unfaiir to take any action against Suarez.

  2. How many complaints have there been ? hard to make an assessment on the 1 case you commented on. Also a video of a Spanish player talking to a Brazilian, what language is he talking? Because it certainly isn't English, perhaps that what they mean by inconclusive.

    I'd also like to argue, if you use a racist term are you a racist?
    When I was young there was a bad taste joke about Lord Mountbatten and a hair care product, I told this jole to several of my friends, does this make me an IRA sympathiser?

    Players use bad language to rile the other players, it does not make them racists, just people with low morals, the premiership is full of such people. Look at Alex Ferguson when he tried to steal the stock rights to 'Rock of Gibralar' he only relinquished his claim when it became apparent that Magner was going to expose Ferguson's son of dodgy dealing concerning the buying/selling of utd players.
    Until we can stop all name calling, concerning race, age, background, weight, height, etc.
    We should not put one insult above all others...!!!  

  3. In the this suarez-evra case there is no evidence on video anywhere, jaimie, stand in front of the mirror and say to yourself the alleged N word, that word is easily said without moving any lips, try it and see, that word cannot be lip read dont get me wrong im justifying nothing here, if it turns out to be true then suarez fully deserves any punishment coming to him, but i fear this is a case of one mans word against another, no other player, the ref or any fans have come forward in support of evra and if there is no evidence, it doesnt mean evra was necessarily lying and it never happened, it just means it cant be proved, and if it cant be proved you simply cannot convict, im talking about this one case only not what has happened to others... this instance only. and if there is no evidence then i dont think its a case of sweeping it under the carpet. in this case i think only 2 men will ever know the truth of what happened.

  4. Agreed..There is no evidence against Suarez...if there was  we'd have heard it ... I have no idea why  you feel it is newsworthy...I wonder what the real agenda is in running a racist story a day

  5. Where have I suggested that Suarez is guilty? Why don't you stop getting the wrong end of the stick and perhaps read and absorb what I wrote correctly? I don't think Suarez is guilty; I've stated that many times since this situation began. I'm just making the point that based on the FA's historical treatment of racial abuse, the chances of Suarez being found guilty (if he was guilty) are pretty minimal. My 'agenda' is only highlight the lack of action tekn by football's governing body. I thought that was clear, but obviously not.

  6. Since when is calling someone a monkey racist? What a load of bullshit. I live in South Africa but that is bordering on stupid.

  7. OMFG = Oh my foking God... why even bother? they are both prof and both tends to go for the things that makes the oppesite react.. In my soccer days (active) i even recall calling a white man a ***** ....

    conclusion is rasism is not accepted, but a black can never be accused of be racist? Evra what did you do to upset LS? LS what did you say? note you are both semi something, but i respect and like your game whatsoever, the both of you ...


  8. I couldn’t even consider such a scenario in this case .

    Firstly Evra is among the lowest characters in World Football & the disgraceful way he betrayed his homeland in the last world Cup is evidence if not proof of as much .

    He also has a track record of making these type of cheap , false accusations against fellow professionals .

    On top of that he had a terrible game that day & it would appear to me that he is making pathetic excuses in an attempt to cover his woeful performance against a wonderful player in Suarez .

    Now on to Suarez .

    Suarez is hardly an Aryan dream , white supremacist himself .

    He is non white South American Native & without running the risk of being censored he is a South American Indian so wouldnt it be a case of a pot calling a kettle black ?

    That aside both Kenny Dalglish & the Club have lent their good names & reputations in support of Suarez on this matter & I cant see integrity like that risking its reputation lightly .

    Its a cut & dried , if not Black & White , case of a reprehensible character from a club with a dubious disciplinary record regarding the behaviour of its players who have frequently been accused of Rape , frequenting prostitutes & involvement in betting irregularitys not to mention their managers reputation & integrity being brought into question over his self confessed relationship with a Malaysian businessman who was investigated for fraudulent acquirement of English Football Clubs who during the course of that investigation claimed he had the knowing help & support of the Manchester Utd manager in his business activitys ..... making false accusations for dubious reasons known only to himself & his underhanded manager against a player with enough genuine footballing talent to almost single handedly lead LFC to finish above Man Utd this season .

    Ferguson plays a very low long game & I 100% expect their lies to be exposed in any & all subsequent investigations .

  9. I agree with Jevon, seems like you guys degrated every substantive to a derogative meaning of some random race... Monkey is not racial abuse, nor is being called negro... Im from Uruguay, with 12 different national origins in my blood...

  10. You may not see it, but your article is very much slanted towards Suarez "getting away with it".

  11. Its true you have not suggested that Saurez is guilty... But then you could have written an article with the title....
    "PATRICE EVRA: Why it won't matter if he was telling a lie..." 

  12. me llamo Artigas Cruz y mi origen the sangre es una sola y orgulloso de alla Uruguay.

  13. my boy now you are insulting us Uruguayan with saying that we are of native descent Uruguay is the only country in the Americas with no Indians, wipe them out in colonial times, next time read a bit of history befofe you english lack of education comes out.  

  14. If Collymore has been caused a racist word once in his whole career then racism is no longer an issue.What about issues when footballers scream some insults about that persons mother or wife or sister should this not be investigated as this is far worse or does this make me a racist..seems like all the black footballers are coming out now Jason roberts said it happened to him once five years ago.El Hadj Diouf always holds up the race card to excuse his filthy behaviour and Evra is a LIAR.Against norwich Suarez went to tap the black defender in a friendly gesture on his head,the black footballer reacted by smashing Suarezs arm out the way.Defoe accused the police of being racist as he got stopped in his high performance car,the next time he gets his car stolen the police should do nothing.The human race evolves at a different rate.

  15. generation after generation the black people carry this hate about being slaves who's fault is it anyway am not the one buying them most of this people are pimps an drug dealers, maybe they should get a job cuz the world owes them nothing. i personally love people that love themselves don't matter what raise they are. 

  16. I'd imagine the evidence would have to be irrefutable. If it were, Suarez would be tarnished forever. For my part I'd NEVER wear his jersey again. For many fans, I think that such a finding would and SHOULD absolutely matter. Perhaps the FA wouldn't act accordingly, but the court of public opinion must demonstrate unequivocally that such behavior is reprehensible and intolerable.

    That said there doesn't seem to be any proof other than the word of a clearly dubious character in Evra. This is not be the first time he's been embroiled in controversy and certainly one must call into question the general makeup of the accuser as well the the politicking engaged in by Ferguson and the club. They've ridiculously called into question Luis' integrity as a player, suggesting he "dives" (he embellishes, but I've not seen him dive for us and perhaps only a handful of times for Ajax) when Fergie cannot point to a single such instance versus his side. The truth is Suarez makes Fergie's defenders appear as naive schoolboys.

    As fans of LFC and Suarez, it behooves us to take the higher ground and reserve judgement, but we must look to our integrity as a side that is tolerant, inclusive, and fair-minded as paramount.

  17. Ehehehe .

    I'm not English but I'll pass yer message along .

    So what race is Suarez ? He doesnt look European to me .

  18. GOd,,leave this alone he is not guilty,if he was the press would be after him,dont you think they have examined the sky sports footage???
    And as for Collymore,wouldnt believe a word he ever said,so dont even link Suarez in the same breath PLEASE.

  19. send your mom over to luis if he sees a 12 incher then you know what he is.lol...

  20. Wow. I can't even continue to read the absolute crap coming out in these comments. You want to know why racism will never be dealt with in football? It simply mirrors society.

    Someone questioned whether 'monkey' was a racist term. The insinuation is that the person is lower on the evolutionary ladder ie sub-human. So no, in and of itself it isn't racist. I call my kids 'cheeky monkeys' all the time but I'm clearly not intending it as a racial slur.

    The problem of course is that it is used all the time (monkey noises, throwing bananas at players) against black players with the intended message that they are sub-human because of the colour of their skin. Intent changes the meaning of the word and that is where, in a legal sense, it becomes very difficult to accuse someone of racism.

    In Busquets case I would say that the action of covering his mouth highlights exactly what his intent was.

  21. what a self important article that was.

  22. I'm not going to ask you how you know his cock size but I will tell you this if you mention my mother again I'll send her round to you & she will beat tha shit outa you .

  23. I am a devout Christian & I don’t believe in Evolution so how you can make such a scandalous sweeping generalization about lower life forms is simply ridiculous   .

    From my understanding of Buddhism some people might take it as a compliment to be called a Monkey .

    Sheer bloody English arrogance an your behalf to declare the rambling theory’s of , surprise , surprise an English scientist as a definitive fact .

    As for that video ?

    How the hell can you tell what he is sayin if he is saying anything at all & not just making mouthy gestures toward either an opponent , one of his own players or even someone on the sidelines ?

    Again .... Bloody English Arrogance !

    Finally , so what if he did say monkey , or frog or rat or hula balou for that matter ?

    Would you have him imprisoned ?

    Perhaps executed ?

    Unless there is an EU list of authorized words & an EU list of banned words its citizens can & cant use then  the man commited no crime , either morally or legally & to castigate him in any way is criminally offensive to both the health & well being of him , his family & his friends & his good name & reputation & I for one think he should be compensated by any & all organizations be they media or governmental who have partaken in said criminally offensive castigation .

  24. I was born in England, and quite frankly racism is strong there and for Evra to say there is no place for that in 2011 he must be deluded. Its there in everyday life, to this day I still remember the idiotic people in primary school and secondary school. I never knew these guys but they went out of their way to racially assault anyone. There are a lot of characters like that, and footballs one category of them. I can never find it in myself to racially abuse someone, I may say it as a joke among friends but to go out of my way and racially abuse someone with a passion and a show of arrogance makes me sick. Racists are nothing but low-life scums. As for Suarez, he had a picture taken with Lebron James, how can he be a racist. 

  25. Thats not racism thats a social order issue & there are laws already in place to deal with them .

    If it wasnt Race it would be Religion & if it wasnt religion it would be fashion sense etc etc etc .

    Racism is where people are physically harmed because of their race .

    Racism is where they are denied their rights because of their race .

    What you are talking about isnt racism although I concede that it may be legal but I question the morality of any attempts to police a law as clearly perverted & un natural as that .

    The law & justice are very far removed & its my belief that ex lawyers & judges get together & create these perversions of justice , legalise them & then attempt to police them all in the name of generating a cash flow for the legal industry ..

    Truly humanity is at an age where it is scraping the bottom of the barrel & I say its time to nuke the lotta em !

    Beam me up Scotty because its a sewer down here !

  26. Keep focussed on the Stoke game and LET THE POT CALLS THE KETTLE BLACK.

  27. Stop being a sissy Evra. We all know Suarez doesn't speak Fluent English so how can he abuse you? Besides he just ghosts past you on the pitch so you're just trying to use institutions to stiffle him? Loser. His skills on the pitch made you look like a fool and that frustrates you.  LUIS IS INNOCENT 

  28. Did Suarez say the n word in English,
    French or
    If there was no racism/discrimination,
    there would be no war'
    Ca755_ black people can also be racist

    I think this is a misunderstanding, Suarez can't speak English well yet, so you can say shit to him but he won't understand or care.
    Evra has a right to complain but not to slander
    Maybe Urugay is his problem, France didn't get far with Uruguay in their group and all of Africa hates Uruguay(apparently)
    Is that not racism?@

  29. you know, don't be 2 devastated if he is let off... maybe it is about changing the culture and relying on current players (men, example to young boys) to take it upon themselves to stand up and be counted as men and not racists. Meanwhile the suspensions should start with the youth where there should be a zero tolerance - BUT zero tolerance is counter productive where there is an existing culture, like todays top flight. sad but true

  30. hopefully this situation is sorted out and the truth comes out whatever the case. On the other hand if your offended yourself, what actually happneds to you? does your arms fall off, do you go blind, do you loose money and die instantly, no your just offended and you stay offended. I As the offended person; if you understand that the person who is calling you this name whether it is nigger, ginger, scouse robbing bastard (Which has bee said to me on a few occations) is a complete an utter tosser who is obviously not to intelligent then the anger you feel when offended subsides quickly and your no longer offended.
    I believe that racism and degredation of a person through his/hers physical appearance should not be tolerated and if found guilty they should face punsihment. I also belive that if you are offending someone and the powers that be are to clamp down on all verbal abuse, then calling someone a nigger can be as bad as calling someone a fat dirty ginger bastard as it depends on the metality of the person being offended. At the end of the day  if people react to verbal abuse then you have effectively responded in the way that the person giving the abuse wants you to. My other point of veiw is that if a person does give verbal abuse in the heat of the moment then we should have a just culture where the person has the opportunity to be open and appologise whole hartedly without the might of the world forever labelling them a racist if they are truly sorry. We have not got this attitude this is why it will be forever contraversial.  

    Is n't this a slur against English people and could be said to be racist?

  32. Just reading about the Charrua who were the Native Americans living in Uruguay.
    Charrúa people are believed to have killed Spanish explorer Juan Díaz de Solís during his 1515 voyage up the Río de la Plata. Following the arrival of European settlers, the Charrúa were progressively killed and integrated into the prevailing colonial cultures. Most of the remaining ones were massacred at Salsipuedes (literally "Get-out-if-you-can") Creek in 1831 by a group led by Bernabé Rivera, nephew of Fructuoso Rivera who later became the first president of Uruguay, after they were invited to a meeting and ambushed. Only a few escaped this massacre. Four of them were taken to France in 1833, including Tacuabé, to whom there is a monument in Montevideo, Uruguay.
    A bit of Uruguayan history. 

  33. Patting someone(anyone ),on the head is a belittle-ing action.An action that happens very often in the UK,(very much in football,by the older know-alls).It is similar to when the older know-alls saying "the 'boy' did well",etc: Why can these know-alls not refer to them as "the player" , or use the player's name.ie; "Jack did well", or "the player did well".
    One should never pat another on the head,it is degrading - try patting him on the back instead !

  34. Sure who cares ?

    Its only the bloody arrogant English we are talkin about !

  35. Having your article in mind Luis Suarez could be one of the unluckiest players ever.

      He played handball in WC got sent off for it, Ghana had penalty kick and still he is the bad guy, he bite someone and it was all over the news he was banned record amount of games; he maybe did, or didn't said the word that is all over rap music and no one else in British football is ever suffered for saying it but if he did he will pay the consequences. 

      None of his actions, except the handball I do not condone or encourage in any way but  it seems to me he is paying more than others for similar behavior.

  36. I have lived in both Italy and Switzerland and the UK is so far infront of both of these developed western societies in terms of racial tolerance and multi-cultural integration that I believe more time and focus should be attributed to the over whelming positivity of British society as a whole in making such steps forwards in this area. Yes racism exists. Will it ever be truly removed from all levels of society. Unfortunately I doubt it. But racism and prejudice is innate in all colours and creeds and not exclusively a white or British disease, but the steps football and British society has made to tackle this issue I think deserves commendation not criticism with the view that more can be done. Nothing of any substance has been put forward to support Evra's claim, so let's not cast aspertions on either players character and jump to any prejudiced conclusions until solid evidence supports these claims otherwise we are guilty of intolerance and objectivity ourselves.

  37. Such a load of wishy washy left wing mush I have never read in all my days !

    So you are saying we MUST believe in "Multi Culturalism" & actively pursue a multi cultural society .

    That isnt just dictatorial & offensive to the indigenous cultures already on these Islands it is perverse & un natural to expect any species not to defend its territory when it perceives a threat to its existence .

    Fact of the matter is this , since the last Ice Age at least , western Europe has been white .

    No other race , creed or culture has any physical or spiritual connection to the territory & any alien creed , culture or race that exist here today have been brought here by the aristocracy as economic slaves to bring the standard of living down & slow the natural rate of human progression , maintain the status quo & ensure that the rich get richer as the poor get poorer , divide & conquer .

    Multi culturalism is a cancer upon European society & it hasnt even worked too well in the colony’s which were mixing pots to begin with !

    I say nuclear warfare is the answer & a return to Empire & its merely the opposite extreme of the drivil you are preaching .

  38. Let me guess Mr "BNP" you are anti everything that allows people to mix. Your earlier post seemed to have your own way of describing Racism. Here is a simple description you certifiable moronic halfwit.

    Racism is popularly associated with various activities that are illegal or commonly considered harmful, such as extremism, hatred,xenophobia, (malignant or forced) exploitation, separatism, racial supremacy, mass murder (for the purpose of genocide), genocide denial,vigilantism (hate crimes, terrorism), etc.

    The fact that one is not physically harmed doesn't mean one hasn't been racially abused. Live with it different races will come to Europe and Europeans will move away to other non-European continents. 

  39. Si sos uruguayo sos de sangre española, italiana, portuguesa, francesa, senegalesa, etc, etc...

  40. The "aryans" comes from India, so you'd have to look long to find a white one...

  41. Whether intentional or not your bias is very clear in this article. They have classes for that actually, maybe you should attend a couple. Perhaps then, once you learn to write an article properly, Stephen J would be able to 'absorb' what you wrote 'correctly'. Bringing me to my next point. Part of what is so great about society these days is that we no longer just blindly agree to something simply because its in an article. We have grown to question and challenge authors and it's led to many breakthroughs in the way we think. Replying in this comment section in an attempt to defend your lack of bias is very unproffesional and is to your cause quite counterproductive.

  42. Nigga Red
     to artigas cruzIs It The Fault Of Black People They Were Enslaved By Slave Traders ?   
    "Most Of This People Are Pimps An Drug Dealers Maybe They Should Get A Job"
    You Must Be Talking About Your Own Uruguan People Sir 
    I Am Black Whoever Made A Living For Themselves Out Of Slave Trading Or Slavery
    Has A Shame On Themselves And All Their Children  They Will Forever Be Stained With Bloodstained Hands They Shall Stand Before Our Father Come Judgement Day And Accounts Will Be Settled Before They Set Off To Hell
    Also Being Black But Not Blind I Dont Know Any Black Pimps Or Drug Dealers 
    I Do Know Though That People Such As Yourself Mr artigas Are The Root Of The Rot
    Big Up Mr Howard Gayle Mr Johnny Jamaican Barnes Mr Mark Walters And Stan The Man Respect And Thanks You Carried Mr Shankly's Work Forward You Made The People Happy I Love People Like Those  
    Thanks Mr Dalglish For Sighning Barnes And Suarez God Has Blessed You 
    Come On You Redmen                                                                               

  43. For what it's worth (maybe not much) the word for "black" in Spanish is "negro". Would it be any better if Suarez was calling Evra "black"? Marginally, but it's still clearly racist and not in any way OK. 

    Alternatively, the River Plate accent is quite unusual. I doubt that Evra has spent much time in Uruguay where "ll" is pronounced with a soft "jh" and, as with most South American latin, the "c" is not pronounced with a lisp. Even if Evra understands regular Catalan Spanish there are a hell of a lot of opportunities for rushed words in a strange accent thrown out in the middle of a football stadium to be misheard. 

    But what JK says is right: the evidence is quite damning when we see that no football player has ever been found guilty of racism by the FA. It's just nonsensical. There is no justice there. The only suggestion I can make is that since they have a policy in place there is the opportunity for players to make complaints and cases to be heard. The issue gets publicity and I don't think anyone would want to have their name brought up in those terms. Players would surely, after going through the process just once, think twice about doing it again. I can only assume on that basis that the policy does have some positive effect. 

  44. Yea we gotta balance tha books .

    Justice by percentages , its not like its humans we are dealing with chaps , wot wot old pip !

  45. Oh Jesus !

    Look at this clown now trying to act indignant while castigating a legitimate political party whos members have seats in parliment , local government & the European Parliment .


  46. Racism is a blinding issue that should really be taken in context. It is disgraceful if it is a genuine source of hostility or if colour is a factor impeding our judgment of anyone. However, in this context, if racist terms had indeed been used, it is evident that the abuser has not done so with a racist attitude, but to wind up his opponent. Alot of us have Indian friends and have absolutely nothing against them, but do we joke about their race? Who doesn't! It only becomes a serious matter if they can't be professional footballers because some rednecks genuinely believe they're going to setup a dairy everytime they get a corner. Volenti non fit injuria... as pro-footballers, you should be expecting your opponents wind you up however they can. If you can kick, trip or elbow them, why can't they call you names?

  47. When did football become a politically correct sport? When I played, I threatened to kill some opponents if they so much as looked at me the wrong way. When I was on the pitch, it was a war. After the game we would all go for a beer.

  48. why is anyone suprised that the manc kanwar slants his article against suarez despite there being no evidence of his racists comments found?
    Watch this space as he continues writing articles against Suarez and kenny , just as he did Rafa and SOS. Of course he praised Hodgson to the rafters. funny that.

  49. Where did I say the BNP was not a legitimate political party? You are clearly an uneducated miscreant. Read the text before you write anything. The fact that the BNP are a legitimate party doesn't mean there are not racist. By the way its legitimate not legitmate.... moron, go back to your comprehensive school.

  50. So what have you to say about the fact that Suarez admitted calling him negrito which is 'apparently' accepted in Uruguay but not in Europe ?