21 Oct 2011

PAUL LAMBERT: "They're not the Liverpool of old..."

Norwich City Manager Paul Lambert has praised Kenny Dalglish for his ongoing positive impact at Liverpool, but he's adamant that his Norwich team has nothing to fear at Anfield tomorrow.

On the eve of tomorrow's game at Anfield, Lambert said:

"You are talking about a club with the same history and tradition as Man United.

"They [Liverpool] have come a long way already since he [Kenny Dalglish] went back as manager".

"They are not the Liverpool of old but it is still the same crowd.

"I’m pretty sure the ambition is to try and get back in that top four, but there is a host of other teams up there who will want to do the same".

Like most Liverpool fans, Lambert fondly remembers the Liverpool teams of the 1980s:

“The time I was growing up they were the team of the 1980s with Kenny and people like Graeme Souness and Alan Hansen playing. They were the best team going at that time".

Lambert's team are currently 9th in the league, and have surprised many with their enterprising approach to games, something he hopes they can replicate at Anfield:

"We’re not frightened by it. We won’t go up there with any fear of trepidation. We’ll go and try to win the game they way we did at Stamford Bridge and Old Trafford. Yeah, we got beat but we gave it ago and we’ll give this one a go as well and see if we can win".

Liverpool's Assistant Manager Steve Clarke is acutely aware of the task facing the team tomorrow:

"They [Norwich] come with great confidence. There's no pressure on them coming to Anfield; no one expects them to get anything. Obviously, the pressure is on us to get the three points".

In my view, anything but a win would not be acceptable against Norwich tomorrow. If Liverpool are serious about Champions league football next season then, with the greatest respect, comparative minnows like Norwich must be beaten, especially at home.

My team:

---------------- Reina

Kelly ------- Carra --- Skrtel --------- Enrique

Kuyt ------ Gerrard ---- Adam ------ Bellamy

------------ Suarez --- Carroll


---------------- Reina

Kelly ------- Carra --- Skrtel --------- Enrique

---------- Henderson ---- Adam

Kuyt ----------- Gerrard ---------- Bellamy

---------------- Suarez

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Spot on on both possible formations...downing should be dropped! And Bells should be given a chance at last!!!

  2. bad team, skrytel is the biggest liability going.lucas over henderson all day.
    4-3-3.  johnson- carra- agger or kelly- jose
                          suarez-kuyte or a.c- bellamy
    were not playing a top 10 team, so lets throw caution to the wind and go for it.
            6-1 home win with this team

  3. I'd like to see your top team Jaimie but with Downing in for Bellamy (yes his form has dropped a bit and the stats don't look great but if he plays one ball like the one to Kuyt against United tomorrow, he'll go a long way to justifying his selection instantly) and Agger (if he is up to it) in for Skrtel.

    I actually wouldn't mind seeing Kelly in the centre with Carra and Johnson on the right (again if he is up to it, him and Agger played in the week, I'd guess Agger the more ready).

  4. TThe Adam and Henderson and Carroll triangle will scare the living daylight out of great teams ...

  5. lowee, Lucas is suspended. We did not fall apart when Lucas was subbed vs the mancs and doubt we we will struggle in midfield against Norwich.

    Think we will see Henderson Gerrard Adam Downing lining up in the midfield. Agree with you about Skrtel, his place should be on the bench. Agger is far better. I would even prefer Coates over Skrtel.

    Kelly will stay at RB, if there were plans at the moment to switch him to CB then it would have happened already. Why take him out of a position which he has made his own?

  6. We can be lucky we do not have Ngog, Jova and El Zhar anymore. They obviously petrified the teams they played against?

  7. Early to say Kelly has made the pos his own, only when he is keeping a fully fit Johnson out the side can we say that.

  8. Yet another silly comment. How many times did ngog, Jova and El Zhar feature in the same team.  Another senseless attack on Benitez

  9. England right-back Johnson is now fit following a spate of injuries but knows England U21 regular Kelly has been excellent in his absence.
    And seniority does not guarantee a place on the teamsheet, according to Clarke.

    "I don't think Glen would expect that and I don't think anybody would expect that," he told Liverpoolfc.tv.

    "Martin has been in there for most of the season and has done a really good job. Glen knows he'll have to compete for that position and that's what you want, you want competition for every position on the pitch."

    If Kelly loses his place to Johnson in this match it will be unfair as Kelly has pruduced the goods. Seeing what Steve Clarke has said it seems that GJ is not a regualr anymore and as long as Kelly keeps on playing as well as he has then Glen is going to struggle to get into the starting eleven. 

  10. Well I am defending Dalglish who is consistently being attacked by those who are still licking the fungus from Rafa's toes :) 

    Spare me please...

  11. You did not in anyway defend Dalglish. Berating Rafa is not defending Dalglish, its just silly

  12. Anyone who is a Rafa fan (for example Mali341) who berates Dalglish is in your eyes exempt?

    Screw you mate.

  13. well said fair enough, forgot about coates!! kelly has been brilliant, but was just thinking CB was his original position?
    so good on the ball, was thinking he may have a bit of hansen style!?

  14. Yeah Kelly started of as a CB but damn he makes a brilliant RB and would not change a thing right now.  

  15. Johnson fit and back in the side. Another point to Arebee

  16. Johnson was at fault for Rangers' goal on Wednesday; he's a defensive accident waiting to happen, and I'd much rather have Kelly in the side.

  17. Has Kelly picked up an injury?

  18. Was his first action in weeks, give him a break

  19. He is talking about a current issue

  20. Biatch what happened today...told you so..when you sign crappp you play crappp. About time you took your head out of your..a.ns

  21. Biatch?

    You are a demented person.

    How about this then...