22 Oct 2011

Liverpool legend Tommy Smith slams 'bad-tempered' Manchester United striker

Liverpool's European Cup winning captain Tommy Smith has criticised Manchester United Striker Wayne Rooney over his stupid red card against Montenegro in a recent European Championship qualifier.

In his column for the Liverpool Echo, Smith - who was (amazingly) sent off only once in 638 games for Liverpool - suggested that Rooney needs to grow up:

"The lad brings it upon himself. He may still be a week or so off his 26th birthday but he’s been playing for almost a decade now and has been sent off a good few times for bad temper.

"So what does he go and do in a game England are coasting through? Kick out at an opponent who has the audacity to challenge him and win the ball.

"The lad’s a good player but he just never seems to learn. A three game ban at next year’s European Championships might seem harsh to some people, but I think he’s been given a hefty ban not just for the offence in Montenegro, but because he keeps getting into trouble".

Along with former Man United player David Beckham, Rooney is now the most sent-off player in the history of the England national team.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. He can never learn because he is brain dead.

  2. Tribal football is more entertaining than this tosh.

  3. its just part of being man utd player, make it to a semi and hell do the same as that other manc did?????????

  4. Roony should not be taken next year, simple. BUT saturdays match, Dalglish got it all wrong, why wait till 80 mins to bring on carrol, £35 mill striker, lol,  As for we deserved to win you having a laugh, its so simple if you score more you WIN,  cant be easier than that, we played well BUT did not score, as for johnson you having a laugh,  kelly is better, and last but least, kuyt has no touch, he just runs around a lot. so kenny face up to it, you are a god to us, but are you the right god for us right now, or have you had your time.

  5. He was reluctant to bring on Carrol because he is'n't good enough. it was a last gasp effort! I agree with what you say about Johnson - I, personally don't rate him at all!I agree a bit about Kuyt,however he is a 'striker' and knows how to put the ball in the back of the net! I'm not too sure that Suarez is able to do that.He misses an awful lot of chances. 
    Dalgish is not the answer either !!!