19 Oct 2011

Steven Gerrard responds to Pepe Reina's criticism over Hicks + Gillett

In his autobiography, Pepe Reina implicitly criticised Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher for not speaking out against the Liverpool's owners at the time, Tom Hicks and George Gillett. Gerrard has now explained why he kept silent.

In his book, Reina states:

"The way I saw it, Stevie and Carra are the two principle members of our squad, the ones who the people love and if they had said something maybe it would have put Hicks and Gillett under real pressure.

"In their view, it was more important to try to keep things as normal as possible".

Steven Gerrard has revealed that it is was not his choice to stay silent:

“The only reason I didn’t speak out was because Rafa Ben√≠tez didn’t want me to. I asked him if I should say something. He told me to leave it to him.

“When a situation like that happens I don’t think it’s the players’ responsibility to step in. If me and Jamie had a go at them, I don’t think the owners’ were going to say ‘OK, we’ll sell the club £100 million cheaper.”

I totally agree with Gerrard on this; it's better if club business is conducted behind closed doors, and if players have something to say, they should go directly to the person concerned and say it on a one-to-one basis.

Credit also to Rafa Benitez for making a sensible decision about players speaking out; if that had happened, then the whole situation would've descended into an even bigger media circus than it already was, and ultimately, it would've reflected badly on the club.

In my view, Reina's comments about Gerrard and Carragher were ill-advised; whatever way you slice it, the comments are negative, and imply that two of Liverpool's greatest servants didn't care enough about the club to step in.

Obviously, that's not true in the slightest - Gerrard and Carragher behaved in a manner befitting the best traditions of the club, and that's the way it should be.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. I think Reina finds it natural for team leaders to speak about owners because it is considered normal in Spain. He may have thought that was the right thing to do for the club, although I agree with Rafa that it wouldn't be beneficial in England with all the media hysteria and nerves associated with playing in the Premier League.

  2. You could say that, but it just shows that Pepe cares about the club - he was desparate for something to be done! I'd rather have players like him than those who only care about the wage they pick up every week.

  3. Pepe makes it perfectly clear that he is not being 'negative' about Gerrard and Carragher, openly respecting their motives. Still as long as you can find negativity that's OK. It must be awful for you not being able to fill your vast free time criticising Rafa, so you stick the knife into Pepe. Why don't you just keep your myopic opinions to yourself?

  4. It IS negative, whether you choose to remove your head from the sand and accept it or not.  Reina openly questioned Gerrard and Carragher, and implied that they should've spoked out against Hicks and Gillett.  The implication is they didn't do enough during that period.

    It doesn't matter what Reina's intention was; it's the perception that matters, and many people will perceive it just as I have. Also, I happen to know for a fact that both Gerrard and Carra were annoyed with that particular comment.  Why do you think Gerrard felt the need to publicly retort?

  5. Jaimie K what the france is it with you? You manipulate things to suit your own opinion`s. The club was in a mess with those clown`s & it was in such turmoil i used to think why the hell our main players werent speaking out? Now i know why and thanks for that. Do you now have to put a negative stant on Pep Reina? No you dont but you have chosen to. At that time the club wasnt doing its business behind closed doors was it? What harm would have been done if our main players spoke out they new the feelings of the fans & what was really going on. And who knows maybe it would have put the mess we were in to an earlier end.

  6. It's called having an opinion.  Deal with it.

  7. If only Gerrard listened to the manager's tactical advice as easily!!

  8. It most definitely doesn't bother me that Pepe reveals his passion for what's right at our beloved club; & I'm glad that Gerrard has offered an explanation.

    But the explanation only tells us that Benitez was willing to put his own neck on the block to fight for what was right at the time.

    If I had been a true Scouse club Captain earning top dollar, whilst playing under the most successful manager for decades at LFC; & watching the most corrupt crooks ever to have set foot at Anfield dragging Liverpool FC down to their own filthy level, I would have said something; regardless of what Benitez said to me...

  9. But obviously, that would've been against my self-interest.... which was to see a very capable English manager in the mould of one named Roy Hodgson take over the Spanish "waiter"...

  10. Yes a biased one,tunnel vision comes to mind. Well done Pep for speaking out well done Rafa and well done to the majority who have shown an unbiased opinion towards all involved. Am away to see My Anti Rafa. 

  11. kettle black springs to mind. so its just you that can have an opinion???? but you cant deal with it can you??? just remove this message, like you do all mine that dont agree with you and blow smoke out your aarse. your a joke.
    just a spoilt kid you act like. you need to start treating two big things you have with a little bit more respect and the people that support it, one being LIVERPOOL the other being  KOP.   please the the guts to show this message, be a man and take it on the chin

  12. Reina is entitled to his own opinions, just like you are about his comments and everyone else for that matter. If Reina didn't want to stay at the club he would have handed in a transfer request just like Torres and Meireles when Arsenal came in with a 20 Million offer. The situation Liverpool were in was nothing short of a nightmare and a change was needed drastically. In history we have learned that to bring change, it is a form of rebellion. Can't blame Gerrard and Carragher though because what they did was right. When something that big, involving millions and millions of dollars, legal rights, with a poor performing team ( not Benitez's fault) all followed by the forever watching  media, from a players point of view it would not be good thing to fight for. I can't believe after all that there was a way out, Henry is a legend for what he did; a straight hero. And its not like Gerrard and Carragher are disagreeing with Reina either, Gerrard and Carragher were born in Liverpool, grown in Liverpool, playing for Liverpool, of course they wanted to come out and say something just like Reina did. But it in all honesty what could they have done anyways. 

  13. Well done Rafa. 

    Rafa is right and made sure that any criticism would be leveled at him rather than his players.  I believe Jose Moriniho is another manager who does the same and i think its the right way but also the most difficult way, unfortunately.