29 Oct 2011

GARY GILLESPIE on ANDY CARROLL: "I think he's getting a little confused..."

Liverpool's style of play has changed under Kenny Dalglish, and the emphasis these days is on quick, free-flowing pass and move football, which is exactly what fans want to see. According to former Liverpool defender Gary Gillespie, Andy Carroll hasn't adapted to this style of play yet, which is why he's spending lots of time on the bench.

Gillespie, who was managed by Kenny Dalglish for 6 years of his career at Liverpool, argued:

"Andy Carroll's finding himself on the bench alot because Liverpool are playing a fast-moving, flowing game, and it might not suit him.

"I think it's down to him to adapt to Liverpool as opposed to Liverpool adapting to him".

Gillespie also suggested that Carroll may not be understanding what the coaching staff at Liverpool actually want:

"I think he's getting a little confused about what the manager and the coaching staff want. They want free-flowing football, and not just long-balls up to Andy".

Carroll has a tendency to drift out to the left sometimes, a position where he's unlikely to make any real impact, and Gillespie believes he needs to stay in the centre, where he can be the focal point of the attack:

"At times, he just drifts out of the game when he goes into that wide-left position. There's no point having Carroll in an outside left position because he's not going to run past 4 players and put it in the top corner; he's more likely to be at the far post winning the header and putting it in the net.

"I'd just like to see him play in more of a central role further up the pitch, as the focal point where players can play around him".

I agree - ideally, Carroll should be a battering ram of a centre-forward: hassling defenders with his size and physique; unsettling players with his movement and positioning etc.

It's not really happening at the moment, and the team is not set-up for that kind of player anyway. Plus, if Carroll is played on his own as a focal point/target man, it will inevitably lead to long balls, which would be a backward step.

It's a conundrum! How exactly can Liverpool use Carroll to get the best out of him, and the best out of the team?

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. So why did we buy him @ 35mil if his style wasn't gonna fit in with the style Kenny was gonna adapt??

  2. Cut the losses on Andy if we can find a buyer.His stock is only going to fall further  and use the money to buy a suitable foil for Suarez

  3. Modern, top-flight football is all about quick, free-flowing pass and move football. Carroll is 22 not 55 years old. He spends his entire football career in England. Just what is there to adapt? Let's not kid ourselves that we have a gem in Carroll. Ultra slow and technically inept, he is simply not good enough.

  4. This site is shit!

  5. completely agree,we should be building the side around suarez and looking at buying players in january who will suit his game.when carroll plays we automatically start playing long balls to nowhere from the back.it's as if the team doesn't know how to play with him.at newcastle he had a very good touch and scored alot with his feet,i think he needs to step it up a bit but if he isn't going to start against wba and swansea then we might aswell get rid.
    i'd like to see buy some proven players in january,maybe a move for adam johnson-that's a player that is worth spending 35mil on and tiote at newcastle,i think he'd give us the energy we lack at times in midfield.

  6. Very true. We were led to believe that a toshack/keegan partnership was going to develop between carroll and suarez. Even this seasons signings were geared up to more quality crosses into the box presumebly for andy carroll to get on the end of.

  7. Its quite simple ...

    If Carroll preforms in training on a daily/weekly/monthly consistent basis then he deserves a chance in the starting 11 .

    If & when he gets that opportunity to show all us fans his true worth he had better grab it with both hands , otherwise he will continue to play the waiting game because we a far too big a club to be "Giving" anyone a chance , they have to man up & prove themselves .

    Andy Carroll has got what it takes on every level  & if he isnt coping well this season ?

    He will next season .

  8. if we get in the champions league i would buy cavani and higuain and adam johnson sell carroll kuyt downing and doni  play cavani higuain suarez gerrard lucas johnson enrique agger coates kelly reina subs bellamy hendersen adam maxi aurelio skrtel gulasci

  9. He needs time to adjust to Dalglish style of play. Trust me, he will develop into a prolific striker at Anfield.