28 Oct 2011

DIRK KUYT: "When the opportunity comes, I won't hesitate..."

Dirk Kuyt missed his first penalty for Liverpool against Everton recently, but he's not going to allow that disappointment to stop him stepping up to take the next. If he gets the chance, that is...

Kuyt, who has scored or created 23% of all Liverpool's goals since arriving at Anfield, said:

"It was great to take every penalty so far and it was disappointing not to score the last one, especially against Everton.

"When the next opportunity comes, I won't hesitate, and I will take another one".

Kuyt acknowledge that he may not get the chance to take another one though, but he's happy with that, given the quality of the penalty-taker:

"Everyone knows Stevie is back now, and he was the penalty take before I started taking them, so we'll see what happens.

"When Stevie is on the pitch, I'm sure he'll step up. For me, he's one of the best penalty takers I've ever seen".

Kuyt has had to fight for his place this season, but he's welcomes the increased competition in the squad:

"When I arrived at Liverpool it was like this [lots of competition]. There was a big squad with many good players; I had competition with Craig Bellamy, Peter Crouch, and Robbie Fowler, and that's the way it should be.

"The good attitude of this team is that every player wants to play every game, and they're disappointed when they're not playing".

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Great  attitude  and is 110% work rate he is a great player

  2. 23% is a very impressive stat for a player on the wing most of the time .

    With that said stats can be misleading , for example we coulf have finished 15'th for all of those seasons & went out of both Cups in the 1'st round .

    Like it or not Kuyt has played his part in the demise of 2 very competent managers & has contributed to the pathetic attitude that has seen us happy to lose not just our Champions League status but then our European status all together .

    That attitude is disgraceful .

    Before this season we treated the League Cup like it was an inconvenience & we treated the Europa League similarly & look at where that got us !

    We were a pathetic mess before Kenny returned , we were the biggest joke in Europe & I know for a fact Barcelona fans used to fly over on Easy Jet for a cheap weekend & have a laff at us , Lucas & Kuyt in particular .

    They weren’t malicious , they were having a jolly drunken time & were just speaking freely .

    Impressive stats in a bad team like Charlie Adam can boast are impressive , impressive stats in a team that fell from 2'nd to the relegation zone in the space of 2 years using the same players if an outright disgrace & is nothing to be bringing up .... at least until he proves his true worth & helps us deliver a trophy .

    The man is 31 , a senior Dutch International , I expect stronger leadership out of a player with that pedigree  .

    As far as I'm concerned this is his last season with us .


  3. What a load of hateful bullshit. There are no other players at the club with the work ethics higher and attitude stronger than Kuyt and Lucas. You can criticise them for their mistakes, etc., but not for their work rate and attitude, that's so unfair and painful to hear, when we all know how much they love the club and how hard they work. How ungrateful can you be? 
    How can you say such disgraceful things about them? You must be one of them xenophobes (sorry, is that an unknown word for ya?? - that's when someone hates bloody foreigners, or how do you call them - wools?)
    Thank god you do not represent the majority of supporters.

  4. The demise would have nothing to do with the two previous american owners would it Brehon Law? I can tell from your article you really are a logical and rational thinker! If Kuyt was so bad, why did Rafa Benitez try and poach him at Inter Milan? I am assuming he is one of the "very competent" managers you are talking about. I would also argue against your ramblings on stats. I would argue that it is more impressive to stand out in a good team than a team geared to get the best out of Charlie Adam wouldn't you agree? Its harder to get great stats when your team is not focusing on you, and you have another 10 really good players on the pitch.

  5.  Keep yer knickers on Mrs Kuyt & try to forgive me for daring to question yer Grandsons wishy washy efforts for us over this past few years .

    Stone cold fact ov the matter is this , he is a 31 year old .

    He is neither an outstanding centre forward nor is he an outstanding Midfielder .

    I think highly of his pass n move game & compliment him regularly on the impact his impetus can give us from the bench & on this thread alone I have complimented his stats .

    I value him highly as a squad man until the end of this season but he hasnt contributed anything after the 60'th minute in any game he has started this season , at best he is a valuable reserve & at worst he is an asset that has past its sell by date .

    That could change , God knows he has been bluffing his way for us for long enough to have at least another level in his tank & either basic greed & or professional pride (LOL !) could see him up his game for another season , I cant see him sustaining any level that would justify another contract tho .

    Buh Bye Kuyt & thanks for the embarrassments & zero trophys you contributed to .

  6.  You wouldn’t be new to the game by any chance ?

    Thats not hate my deaaaa  thats men talkin about men .

    My personal feelings dont come into it & the story I told you about the Barca fans is true , they stayed in a guest house on Anfield road the whole weekend we played Wigan at home , February I think it was .

    I know the man who owns the establishment & thats how I ended up among the Barca fans & him .

    As for ungrateful ?

    Lets be clear here , this isnt yer favorite soap opera & this isnt X factor , yer vote means nothing because this isnt even a democracy , if the board think its time to release a player then all yer blubbering & emotional senseless clap trap wont stop that .

    Lucas should never have been in our 1'st team when he was 1'st used .

    That isnt Lucas's fault , its the previous managers fault . he threw him to the dogs as he done with Insua to divert criticism away from himself , Benetiz was many things but unpolitical wasnt one of them .

    Lucas has since then showed fantastic strength of character to raise his game through all the criticism to become a competent squad player , I'm in no rush to get rid of him but lets cut through the hearts & flowers , him developing on the job in our starting 11 is a major reason why we finished 7'th & then 6'th .

    In terms of him being foreign he is no better than Spearing or Lee Cattermolle at the same age & similar experience .
    JohnJo Shelvey is a much player than all of them were at the same age & that does not justify his place in English football let alone in Britains most sucessful club .

    Like I say tho he is now a competent squad man & tactically he is almost flawless  however us beastly men are horrible creatures & we never give our opponents a fair crack of the whip & with Lucas its a case of "Give a Dog a Bad Name" .

    The Barca fans never seen him play against them so they must watch either highlights of English football or they follow our games coz of Renia & Lucas was the butt of their goofy jokes after the Wigan game for at least 30 mins non stop .

    Now I'm sure you would give it a chance until the very last drop but I'm tha type O'man who doesnt need to drink a whole pint of milk before I declare it sour .

    They were potential opposition fans & they viewed us as a joke .

    We are no joke , we are LFC & even if some player makes ya feel all mushy & motherly we are gonna replace him sooner or later & if that players reputation is harming our image amongst opposition & therefore our chances of success ?

    We will be getting rid of him a lot sooner than you might like .

  7. your a D##K go support some other team you F##king clown. We dont need people like you supporting our team just F##k off

  8. Kyut, you are a true professional.

  9. who the fuck do you think you are brehon law if i coluld puch yoi i would tosspt

  10. brehon law you are a disgrace and know nothing about football  by the way who has been out top scorer last few seasons  DIRK KUYT FROM MIDFIELD 23% of goals he has scored or made in the last 6 seasons FACT  im ashamed of you

  11. brehon law you are a prick

  12. I have to admit that I am not the biggest Kuyt fan.

    He is a hard worker, has contributed plenty since he came o LFC but why he was ever converted into a defensive winger is beyond me. Most of the goals he has scored up to now has been as a striker. I still feel his best position is upfront. He always seems to get on the end of a ball in the box.

    He has not had a great season so far and I feel on the wing he is not effective at all. He cannot beat defenders, defenders have an easy time taking the ball from him, his passing is not the best and he loses the ball far to often.

    I agree with Brehon, once this season is done we might see Kuyt move on or we will start seeing less and less of the man until his contract has run up.

    He has been a great servant though.

  13.  What you have just quoted proves only that we have been Fcukin awful this past few years .

    Kuyt is struggling to sustain a level strong enough to keep a kid who has just turned 21 & only joined the club a matter of weeks ago outa the team .

    He is a con artist mocking us with bare minimum , just like Babel was , like Aurelio is , like Torres was & just like Mascherano was .

    If you dont believe me just look at how good his touch & technique is for Holland compared to when he runs about like a spaz all day long giving possession away .

    If we had'nt been robbed for so long & financed  a proper squad with genuine competition for places he wouldnt have made half the appearences he has done so far .

  14. i really agree with you mate.lucas and kut are a waste of time.can someone tell me how many trophies we had won since those two chicken without head had made to the starting 11? if some one give me thechance to play for liverpool i will do the same,or better cause i will won t stop running for two hours but what about the result? trophy less again.we need better players if we are to compete for trophies.Y N W A

  15.  Wise words mate but for the sake of the club try not to be too openly harsh .

    At worst they are good squad men now & as such are very valuable to us .

    That said , its only fair to call a spade a spade while all Rafas fans who hate the club but love Rafa & all tha losers he bought , are pointing the finger at the new signings who have only been with us weeks while there are players at our club who have a proven track record of failure & or under performance .

  16. What are you talking about?! You seem to forget who scored the goals that kept us going in the CL a few years back under Rafa - and who had his head tall and kept fighting all through the depressing last months of the Hicks/Gillet reign. Gerrard, Lucas, Kuyt, Reina, Carragher and Suarez are the type of player whose fighting spirit, character and never-say-die attitude define Liverpool Football Club.