21 Oct 2011

KENNY DALGLISH admits: "I don't know Jordan Henderson's best position..."

By his own admission, Liverpool midfielder Jordan Henderson prefers playing in central midfield, but since arriving at Anfield, he's been deployed on the right most of the time. Henderson is clear about his best position, but unfortunately for him, his manager, Kenny Dalglish, is not.

In his press conference yesterday at Anfield, Dalglish was asked whether he knew what Henderson's best position for Liverpool was yet. He responded:

"No, but I know what his best club is and that’s this one. We just want him to play and enjoy playing.

"He’s a talented footballer with a great future in front of him, and we’re just delighted he chose to come to Liverpool".

I wrote earlier in the season that Henderson is seemingly 'a man without a position', and it seems that Dalglish has now confirmed this.

It's still difficult to see where Henderson fits into the side right now, but if he comes in for Lucas on Saturday and plays well in a central midfield role, he may give Dalglish a selection headache in the weeks to come.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. If jordan henderson is the long term replacement for gerrard then i am happy dalglish is not treating him as a 1 trick pony. gerrard has played in every position in midfield for liverpool and has played up front. This is becasue he is flexible to the team needs and is a quality player. If jordan henderson truly wnats to be a great player then he should accept the position given and instead of saying i want to play in midfield only , take the opportunity and turn in a good performance.

  2. And right back...... i just think that there are better players that are behind Henderson in the pecking order and playing him is undermining our performances and chances of finishing as high as we can.

  3. I doubt Henderson will be put into starting squad as CM. Gerrard and Adam seem to be the most obvious choice.

  4. We need to play a 4-3-3 formation, not a 4-4-2 ....

    Let's try this out;





    Subs// Jones/Kelly/Skrtel/Spearing/Maxi/Downing/Carroll

  5. his best position is the bench, even tomorrow when lucas is suspended still no place for hendo id prefer gerrard adam in the center but kenny might play him in wings who knows but for me hes just not the type lfc needed maybe he will improve later but 20m was just too much for a player like him wasnt it? our problem is at wings even downing looks average now ,I was impressed with him in the first games but now he looks just another simple player and over rated at 20m.

  6. Jaimie KAWA crow. You havent understand Hendo's position in liverpool?? But you never will because you're far frm being a football tactician! Let me help you. First of all, study and understand the tactic employed by liverpool than you will automatically know Hendo's position. Liverpool play 4-5-1 when they are defending, that is when the opponents has possession. Here, Hendo cuts in to play 3 central mids with lucas and adams. And when attacking, especially when having large share of possession in opponents' half and opponents play compact defensively like fulham did. Then liverpool play 4-4-2 with Hendo going out on right and whoever was playing on right (Kuyt or Suarez) they move inside forward. Last season King Kenny tried to play meireles and shelvey in that role, none of them were as flexible as Hendo. Last season i didnt understand why Meireles was playing on the right but now i do. Like myself, hope by next season you will understnd the position occupied by Hendo.!! hope so.