14 Oct 2011

MASCHERANO: "It's so ugly what they are doing to him now..."

Former Liverpool FC midfielder Javier Mascherano has jumped to the defence of fellow Argentinean Carlos Tevez over what he perceives to be unfair treatment over his alleged refusal to play for Manchester City.

Mascherano, who left Anfield under a cloud, with similar accusations of refusing to play hanging over his head (ironically, against Man City), was clearly upset:

"Carlitos has done so much for Man City that I think it is so ugly what they are doing to him now. I can't believe what is going on.

"Everyone attacks him even when he can't defend himself. It's so unfair. England is a complicated place, because when something like this happens, everyone attacks you."

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Seriously, you are the most boring man in the world!

  2. Carlos Tevez... It's so ugly. 

  3. Of course, these South Americans cannot be accused of anything; least of all making life difficult for their teams! Are you having a laugh, Mr. Mascherano? We should bear in mind they have the same Personal Manager; who would NEVER engineer some kind of pay-off, would he?