9 Oct 2011

Jamie Carragher: "It's just defeating the object..."

The Press has had a field day over the last week reporting on Jamie Carragher's comments about England being 'embarrassing cheats'. Carra has now clarified his views in a further statement.

Carra has been portrayed as attacking England in the Press, but this is clearly not how his comments were intended. Liverpool's vice-captain expanded upon his views with the following:

"It's not so much about the managers they go for, or if they're good enough or not good enough. I just think that with international football, it's your country against another country, so if your're not going along those lines then it's just defeating the object.

"It's our best against France's best, or Holland's best, or whoever we're playing against. That's the whole point of international football, or it'll become like...the Premiership where we have lots of different nationalities, and that's great, and they all bring a lot to the game, but International football is your country against someone else's, and I think it should be that way"

Makes perfect sense to me.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. I'll have whatever Carra is on

  2. Laughable that clarification was needed. What Carra's saying above is exactly what I thought he was saying earlier in the week.  

  3. Is n't the reason why we have an International manager because their is n't an English manager who can match Cappello's club record because their have been no English managers at the big clubs in England for nearly twenty years (league winners)?
    Fans don't think English managers are good enough at club level for the big jobs so how are they going to be good enough for England???
    Until it changes at club level then things might improve at International level.