8 Oct 2011

GLEN JOHNSON on LUIS SUAREZ: "He can get very frustrated..."

Glen Johnson is back in training with the Liverpool first team, which has given him plenty of opportunity to observe Luis Suarez in action. What does he think about the Uruguayan international?

In an interview with the official site, Johnson observed:

"He's a very good lad off the pitch, but [on the pitch] he can get very frustrated with himself. As everyone's seen, he's a fantastic player, and he wears his heart on his sleeve".

These comments seem to fit with the general consensus on Suarez, which is he is very competitive, and sets himself very high standards. And as we saw last weekend, Suarez's competitive nature is not just reserved for the opposition!

Johnson also revealed that his favourite full-back is Brazilian legend Cafu, and that his role model growing up was Les Ferdinand.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. What is even more frustrating for Luis Suarez is having team mates like Jamie "Hoofer" Carragher, Lucas "Anything-but-Sambal" Leiva, Dirk "Technically-limited" Kuyt, Andy "Donkey" Carroll, Jordan "Mule" Henderson etc. 

  2. We should sell Lucas fast, not creative enough...

  3. if we sell lucas we will pour goals in. Lucas does his job well. We need a player in the midfield who first looks at maintianing a solid defence instead of careering forward leaving us open. Lucas in a solid performer who has anticipated and slowed down couter attacks. his football may not get all the headlines, but he does his role well, a role that is needed in modern football. When he is on the ball he is not flustered and can pick sensible pass. He is their to allow the other creative midfileders the comfort to try things, take chances and attack knowing that he is the first line of defence.

  4. you have no idea about football, stop talking about it please, for rvery sane mans sake

  5. @Juric Pls Stay away!!!Dont write absurd comments

  6. Do the guys/girls making silly comments against Lucas, Carragher, Kuyt etc... even support Liverpool? The squad is stronger and will definately challenge for every trophy available to them this season.

    Beating Man Utd next Saturday might hopefully give some of you foolish supporters some optimism and push us closer to the top of the table. 

  7. Again, you call yourself fans? Fans of LFC don't disrespect their players and they are also some of the most knowledgeable fans. But you two are showing that you are just the opposite. Yes Jamie Carragher isn't a ball player, but he is an excellent defender with unbelievable tactical awareness, Lucas was bought originally as an attacking midfielder after winning the award for best player in the Brazilian Serie A, the youngest player to have won that award I might add, and has been converted into a defensive midfielder and is now one of the best defensive midfielders in the world. Lucas's job in the team isn't to be the creative force. When he has been given that role, he has showed what he's capable of, I point to his debut in the derby, his goal against Havant, his one-two with Stevie against Blackburn and most recently, his pass to set up Raul Meireles against Arsenal and although Raul himself didn't score, he squared it to Luis who had a simple tap-in. His role in the team is to break down the build-up play in midfield of the opposition and start the counter attacks, which he does very well. Dirk Kuyt was quoted by Johann Cruyff as "worth his weight in gold" and is technically underrated. Andy Carroll and Jordan Henderson are both young and new to the LFC way of life, but Carroll after having a quiet game in the derby, scored the winner with pretty much his only chance, that is the sign of a good striker. We have the makings of a superstar team, once we gel together completely.