17 Oct 2011

Liverpool FC's CHARLIE ADAM: "I’m not that type of player..."

Liverpool midfielder Charlie Adam has refuted claims that he dived against Manchester United to win the free kick that led to Steven Gerrard scoring.

In an interview with the Man United TV Channel (which was later censored for being 'inflammatory'), Phil Jones accused Adam of diving. Informed of the comments, Adam responded:

"Everyone has an opinion. I felt a touch and if I hadn’t gone down I would have been clean through on goal, so there must have been contact.

"I’m not that type of player. I felt contact when I went past Rio and that’s the way it goes. I’m not just going to go down easily. It was a foul and that was why the referee gave it".

There was definitely contact; Rio Ferdinand admitted as much after the game was finished.

Adam, who had a fantastic game against United, was also impressed by Gerrard's free kick:

"The goal was different class and that is why Stevie is one of the best players in the world".

Jaimie Kanwar

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  1. Typical Mancs acting like Moyes now. It was a foul end of and the ref is responsible for deciding what it was. FFS imagine if the beachball goal we conceded happened to them......they would still be whining about it. you can only laugh at them hahaha