13 Oct 2011

Government slams Liverpool FC's 'provocative' TV rights plan...

Government Sports Minister Hugh Robertson has publicly rejected Liverpool FC's call for top clubs to be able to negotiate their own overseas TV rights. He joins a growing chorus of dissenters, including fellow premier league clubsChelsea FC and Wigan, whose Chairman Dave Whelan yesterday called Ian Ayre's comments on the subject 'diabolical'.

Speaking to the BBC, Mr Robertson argued:

"It’s a provocative kite to fly. One of the strengths of the English game has been collective selling; that’s what makes our league so competitive.

"I don’t want our league, which in many ways is this country’s greatest sporting export to be like other less competitive leagues elsewhere on the continent.

"I think collective selling rights is crucial to maintaining the premier league’s primacy as a football league, and I would absolutely support its retention".

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. A few points

    - Prem league is not competitive, dominated by Man Utd, Arsenal and later by Chelski's roubles
    - It's overseas revenues that's being talked about
    - Chelsea would probably not gain significantly if proportionate sharing of overseas money happened, their foreign fanbase is miniscule compared to ours
    - Liverpool are probably aiming to unsettle Sky / Premier League, in light of recent ECJ ruling in favour of Portsmouth landlord to show Greek channels
    - Premier league is a bubble, artificially inflated by Sky's questionable strategies and by petrodollar billionaires. THAT'S  DIABOLICAL. It will burst when TV rights issue is properly resolved and Financial Fair play comes in
    - I understand the fear that a reduction in money will result in a deterioration of quality overall, but the lack of financial fair play is already skewing things massively

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