15 Oct 2011

An angry JOHN HENRY blasts: "It's misleading...and reprehensible"

John Henry gave Liverpool fans a glimpse of his tough, uncompromising side yesterday when he marched into a radio station unannounced to defend himself and the Boston Red box against what he described as 'misleading' accusations against the team.

Henry was driving around Boston listening to a 98.5 Sports Hub Studios radio show when he heard some claims about the Red Sox organisation that he didn't like.

Frustrated at what he perceived to inaccurate information, Liverpool's principal owner turned his car around and shot straight over to the studio to have it out with the presenters live on air.

Once on the air, Henry proceeded to passionately defend the Red Sox, and didn't mince his words in a heartening display of public loyalty and dedication to his team:

"Blaming me personally for being the person who said those things [about former manager Terry Francona], that’s why I came here. You’re misleading the public. It’s reprehensible that was written about in the first place. If it’s someone within the team, and that’s what it says in the newspaper, I’m upset about it. And I’ve been upset about it.”

Henry also said a few things that showed that when the going gets tough, he will be more than willing to publicly defend his players:

"I didn’t see one player out there who wasn’t busting his ass trying to win ball games"

He also made it clear that with his sports teams, he has total trust in his management hierarchy, which is good news for the likes of Kenny Dalglish and Ian Ayre:

“Tom (Werner) and I...have never run the Red Sox. We wouldn’t need Larry [Lucchino], and Larry wouldn’t be here if we ran the Red Sox. We have one of the best CEO’s in sports."

I think its great that Liverpool have an owner who doesn't take any crap; someone with backbone, who's willing to stand up and be counted.

I'm sure Liverpool fans can take confidence in the fact if a similar situation arose at Anfield, Henry would have the club's back.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Pity he didn't take the Loiusville Slugger to the guy at the Boston Globe when he made the Hillsboro' jibes...didnt hear too much from Mr Henry on that

  2. I think that was before his time wasnt it? Does he also need to give his thoughts on WWII???

  3. Mr Henry is not going to allow the media to make him look small. He has the balls to stand up and tell them all to go to hell.

    Thank you for saving our club from what seemed to be the end of days. Mr Henry, I salute you!

  4. Everyone in Boston assumes that the quotes Henry is contesting actually did from high up in the Sox organization and that Henry i just covering his a$$.  I wouldn't be so quick to think that he is the one has been wronged here.  Considering that the two non-players who had the most to do with the Sox last two World Series victories are being run out of town and slimed in the media on the way out I don't think Kenny and Damien Comolli should be feeling too good about what is going on in Boston.

  5. dont be a troll bro. Manny was a cancer. Be real.