12 Oct 2011

Alan Kennedy on LUCAS LEIVA: "He's a big part of Liverpool's future..."

Liverpool legend Alan Kennedy has been singing the praises of Liverpool midfielder Lucas Leiva, and believes that the Brazilian has 'come on leaps and bounds over the last couple of seasons'.

In a recent interview, Kennedy enthused:

"He [Lucas] has started off the season very well. He’s done his job, and as Kenny says, he does what he wants him to do.

"He breaks up attacks, he sets things up as well. Okay, some of his play might be sideways rather than forward but that leaves it to other players to get forward.

"I’ve got no problems with him. I think he’s come on leaps and bounds over the last couple of seasons. He’s a big part of Liverpool’s future, I’m quite sure of that.

According to OPTA stats, Lucas was the Premier League's most effective tackler last season, and he's currently top tackler again so far this season.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. You have to give it to Lucas. He has really come up leaps and bounds and worked really hard to get where he is now.

    If you look at how his career started off with running at defences and actually scoring goals to becoming a defensive midfielder who won't leave you out of his sight shows that he will do whatever it takes in order to play football.

  2. No doubt Lucas is outstanding, right now I would'nt swap him with anyone, Im just worried now gerrard is back kenny might go and bench him, that would be very wrong, playing 2 attacking midfs. like gerrard and adam with no defensive midfielder there would kill us.

  3. After how you use to slate the lad you have gone up in ten fold in my estimation after that post. 

  4. I was the first to mention Lucas's tackling stats here. Check it out in the history!!!

    One excellent thing you could do if revenues allowed on the site is to subscribe to Opta

    Expensive though.................

  5. Hi Simon - I've been considering doing that actually. Do you have any idea about ballpark cost? Can you specify exactly what type of stats you'd like to subscribe to, or do you just get a generic package?

  6. Again you talk with you ***. Please prove where I have ever slated Lucas.

    I will be waiting... 

  7. Hey everybody

    mrburt accusing me of slating Lucas WHICH I NEVER HAVE :) is the one who once wrote that he hoped that Kuyt would actually fetch an injury just to not see him on the football pitch. Remember that mrburt?

    Seriously mrburt, go and find the PROOF where I have slated Lucas Leiva.

    Enough said.

  8. You have slated him plenty and no one needs to fetch proof to know it. You should not need alan kennedy saying something aobut him to make up your mind. If you look at his career int he early days, yes he was running at defences scoring goals but that was at a much lower level. It took the brilliant foresight of Rafa Benitez to convert an attacking midfielder into a defensive one.

  9. Stop making up things and go and do some research where I have taken Lucas apart. Don't just say things to make yourself better.

    Where have I ever slated Lucas?

  10. Yes Yes eveyone is imagining things

  11. Do you remember that you guaranteed that Lucas will be dropped when Gerrard comes back, or am I making this up too?

  12. No I never guaranteed that Lucas will be dropped.

    I said that I doubt Adam will be dropped and that somebody will have to sit out. Do you want me to go cut and paste what was said?

    Do you really want me to show everybody that you talk through your ___?

  13. Lucas=best defensive mid in epl and better than any def mid in serie a eredvisie ligue 1 and bundes liga

  14. Yes please but cut and paste entire conversation.

  15. He is excellent defensive Midfilder in EPL. Adam will give way for Gerrard not Lucaas.

  16. Wow, my comment was actually supposed to be a compliment.  No worries, I will compile a dossier, will give me something to do.

  17. Yeah i did whats your point?  Kuyt at right midfield will not bring us a championship.  The only way he was being dropped previously was through injury regardless of form.  I guarantee you, we won't win the league with Kuyt and Carra as regular starters.  Their both decent players to come in and do a job but over the course of a season they can't hack it.  Of course of the two players doesn't see it that way:

    "Kenny picks the
    team, and the day will come when he stops picking me, and that'll
    probably be the day when I have to finish as I wouldn't enjoy being a
    substitute too much.

    Looks like carras gona leave and take his ball with him if he's dropped like he did for England, No 'I' in team, so much for team player huh? 

  18. also post the other players that have led in that stat so we can get some context into just how important it is to winning titles...

    imo Lucas has improved considerably this season because he is being more confident and imposing himself on games with quicker decision making on the ball. It would be pretty difficult to prove that using stats though...