24 Sept 2011

VIDEO: Liverpool 2-1 Wolves. Charlie Adam + Luis Suarez goals

In an entertaining, end-to-end game, Liverpool have beaten Wolves 2-1 at Anfield. The pressure was on in the second half with a surprisingly good Wolves team pouring forward at speed for much of the half, but Liverpool weathered the storm, and created 4 or 5 clear-cut chances along the way, which is always encouraging. Overall, a deserved, hard-fought victory.

Here are the two Liverpool goals, scored by Charlie Adam and Luis Suarez.

Adam Goal:

szólj hozzá: Liverpool 1-0 Wolverhampton

Suarez Goal:

szólj hozzá: Liverpool 2-0 Wolverhampton


  1. Why do we persist in substituting players only after the 70th minute (or thereabouts)?...remember when benitez used to do the same ...Do Liverpool only know how to play 4-4-2? ....when will kenny be a man and drop carragher and play coats...drop Henderson and play maxi rodriquez and drop Carroll and play belly or kuyt

  2. Liverpool is not a 4-4-2 team, they play mostly 4-5-1 like they did against all previous opponents except against Sunderland in the 2nd half. So Wolves was the first time they played 4-4-2 from the beginning

    Bellamy plays best on the left flank so he is a natural replacement for Downing. Unlike Downing he is not a natural English winger, instead he is an Inside Forward with a strong right foot, cuts in, attempts through balls and tries to score.Kuyt is a defensive right winger, Kuyt has a strong right foot typical of a natural right winger, but has poor crosses, so he too is fond of cutting in, but due to his foot mismatch has in reality a poor score ratio from his flank. But scores most of his goals not due to his technical ability or precision but due to his excellent positioning. This guy knows when to be where at the right time for the simple tap ins.Maxi is similar to Kuyt in every way except he is poor defensively.So the question is, does Liverpool have a natural right winger?On paper the answer is yes and its Henderson, So far I have not seen him play as a right winger, instead KD employs him mostly as a CM or Box2Box Midfielder which he sucks at. So KD finally tried playing him on the Right wing for the Wolves game and he sucks at that too. So the real answer is Liverpool has no competent traditional wingers on the right flank.What baffles me most is that why KD didn't play Kuyt for either the Spurs or the Wolves game. He would of been perfect to stop Bale and Jarvis in support of Skrtel and Kelly respectively.Whats worse Downing was played on the right flank for the Spurs game. Since he has a strong left foot, he will be forced to cut in since he would not be competent crossing from this flank. Downing sucks defensively so no help for Skrtel in the Spurs game.Why???Why???Why??? Whats in KD's mind????

  3. Good first half but we collapsed in the 2nd.

    There is nothing wrong with 4-4-2 but you need to select the right players in order for it to work. Pace and creativity down both wings would be a good start.
    I have said before that Henderson should be a sub. He should be introduced with 30mins remaining only if we have a healty lead. Dalglish is putting way too much pressure on him to produce the goods in such a short period of time which is giving our fans a chance to skin Hendo alive. Kuyt is not doing anything for us down the right accept for providing cover for the right back. His poor touch and passing does not help us at all. He always manages to get on the end of the ball in the box so why are we not using him as a striker? Maxi is pretty much a same player, to inconsistent. Maxi has 30 good minutes but then disappeares for the rest of the match. Bellamy has pace, a good touch and he can create chances so stick him down the right wing.

    Carroll did really well yesterday, got stuck in and had some chances. One or two goals and he will get some confidence to push on.

    We all know Carra is not the player he used to be but we have no other defender wich can stamp his authority so he needs to start. Skrtel is an accident waiting to happen everytime he plays and is not the right partner for Carra. Lets play Carra/Coates and see how it pans out.

    Lucas and Adam do not make a good combination. Adam needs to work on his defensive side and Lucas needs to work on his attacking side. Problem is that we cannot do without Adam at the moment, he is creating goals aswell as scoring them. It is going to be interesting to see which of these two players will make way for Gerrard. I personally would like to see Gerrard and Adam as our central midfield partnership when our captian is back to full fitness. It will be very close to what we had with Gerrard and Alonso. Lucas has done really well but there unfortunately are better defensive midfielders out there and the only reason why he is so important is because there is no competition on the bench for him when it comes to another defensive midfielder. He offers just about nothing going forward. Alot of people say that he starts many of our attacks but that is by passing the ball backwards in his own half to our defenders. What does he do in the opponents half besides making tackles and every now and then makes a forward pass? I am not trying to knock his work rate and his fearlessness but what we see now is as good as he is going to get. I actually watched a few videos of Lucas while he was at Grêmio. What the hell happened to what looked like one hell of a attacking player to one who has been given a job to make tackles? Mind boggling to be honest.

    We won the match which was vitally important espescially after losing both our previous fixtures and we looked far better than we did against Spurs. Onwards and upwards!

  4. How criminal of me not to mention Suarez. What a gem we have right there! He has so much energy, passion and natural abiltity. He scored an amazing goal and we can look forward to many more this season :)

    Another player is Martin Kelly. Perfect fit for RB. Johnson might just find it difficult to get back into the team should Kelly manage to stay fit.

  5. i'm near certain that Gerrard will replace Adam in the team and not Lucas, and rightfully so. Lucas is becoming an immense DM.  I must be honest i don't recall the likes of Makalele, Mascherano or even Cambiasso making too many surging runs or providing killer balls. I would be shocked and worried to see a CM pairing of Gerrard and Lucas, talk aobut leaving your back four exposed

  6. So you are saying Lucas does not surge forward? Maybe you should start watching matches first before saying things that clearly you do not have a clue about.

    Lucas surges forward on many occasions WITHOUT NO JOY.

    Alonso was a DM and he is still one of the best around. can surge forward, score goals, create them and is very good at winning the ball too if maybe by some chance you have forgotten about him?. Adam is very much similar to that of Alonso but Charlie will need to be a little less aggresive when it comes to challenges. Gerrard and Adam would quite honestly make the perfect partnership.

  7. I did not say he never does it read properly. I wasn't sure if you could read properly but your next sentence confirmed my suspicions of your lack of education.  It's without any joy and not "WITHOUT NO JOY" you uneducated fool.I thought I did watch the game, I must be deluded. What has Alonso got to do with this? In terms of what they try to achieve, I honestly see far more similarities between Adam and Gerrard than Adam and Alonso. My main issue with Adam/Gerrard partnership is the obvious lack of protection for the back four? It's quite sad that you resort to saying things like, did I even watch the game. I remember you vehemently defending Poulsen, Konchesky and mereiles who is not exactly setting the prem alight. Would you rather have Obi Mikel or Song or Fletcher at the club? Lucas is quality and improving all the time in  position he has only played for a few years. you are anti everything Benitez which explains your dislike of Lucas. Aside from his goals and assists, (yesterdays did not count)Adam has not been amazing and will surely lose his palce to Gerrard. There is a reason Benitez, Hodgson, adn Dalglish have all made him a definite starter. There is also a reason we did not strengthen in this department in the transfer window

  8. Please prove where defended Poulsen and Konchesky. You do like making shit up to stray away from having nothing better to say.

    Adam is much like Alonso. Adam is our provider from central midfield at the moment if you have not noticed? Alonso has something to with this beacuase I am reffering to his days at Anfield as a defensive midfielder which is now the responsibilty of Lucas and Alonso BLOWS Lucas out of the water into outer space. Lucas is good at making tackles, he also makes a hash of alot of them but when it comes to passing, goals and assists... Adam will FACT make a better partener for Gerrard.

    Prove me wrong arebee.

  9. When you playing fifa on ps3 or whatever, then Gerrard Adam might be the better combo. You cannot neglect the defensive part of the game completely.
    Writing FACT after everything you say does not make it a fact. Tell me, why have our last 3 managers all palyed him in their sides, not to mention his role for the Brazilian national side? Also why no replacement?

  10. Here is a fact my friend. 

    If Dalglish had to ask Adam to be the deeplying midfielder to cover for our defence then Adam will do that with pleasure and he will succeed by cleaning up, providing the ball, and he will still be able to chip in with the goals and assits we have already seen from Adam this season (just like Alonso did)

    Ask Lucas to become the provider i.e. Adam then you will be heading straight into a concrete wall. That is why Adam will be a much better partner for Gerrard because they both can defend, create goals and score whereas Lucas falls short by miles.

    Now ask me again why Adam is the better partner for Gerrard.

  11. It is not a matter of asking him to paly defensively. players are not able to play all positions thus the need for specialists liek Lucas and mascherano. He has yet to show anyhting that suggests he could seamlessly make the transition form attacking to defensive midfielder. Lets ask Carra to paly striker .

  12. But you are missing the whoe point of the exercise, Adam does not have to be made into a defensive midfielder. It seems asif you are blind as I said the he can be played as a deeplying midfielder as per the following...

    Although the duties of defensive midfielders are primarily defensive, some midfielders are deployed as deep-lying playmakers, due to their ability to dictate tempo from a deep position with their passing. As they are not defensive specialists... Which is exactly where Charlie Adam will fit in with Gerrrad which is the way Gerrard and Alonso played. Maybe Lucas will be the support to Gerrard and Adam who knows but I doubt Adam will be removed from the starting eleven which means somebody will have to sit out.

  13. You seem to forget that when Alonso played the position of deep lying midfielder Mascherano was in the side doing the defensive work. What you are saying involves a change in our formation. If we play 4-4-2 I have no doubt that it will be Adam making way for gerrard and not Lucas